Why are bodybuilders that ugly?

This is extreme exercise and extremely ugly people. :lol:
bodybuilders 15
bodybuilders 1
bodybuilders 2
bodybuilders 3


bodybuilders 4
bodybuilders 5
bodybuilders 6
bodybuilders 7
bodybuilders 8
bodybuilders 10
bodybuilders 11
bodybuilders 12
bodybuilders 13
bodybuilders 14
bodybuilders 16
bodybuilders 17
bodybuilders 18


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33 responses to “Why are bodybuilders that ugly?”

18 04 2007
Jack (15:36:05) :

Shrunken head vs. six-pack abs… or… normal head and lots of six packs…

Hmm… I’ll take the latter thanks.

18 04 2007
Dada (20:24:01) :

We have such a narrow definition of what beautiful is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That said, frankly I am not attracted by the appearance of these people because so much of their bodies are now sinew and muscle. However, I am sure that they have some if not a lot of redeeming personal qualities.

20 04 2007
Nikky (23:29:13) :

Ick, i think it is the tanning more then the shrunken heads that get to me.

2 05 2007
mistrisevl (03:42:19) :

Wow, uh, lay off the bronzer? That is just a ridiculous amount of bronzing, tanning and blue eyeshadow.

17 07 2007
brian peppers (20:48:59) :

you are the most attractive transies i have ever been privledged to wittness
I love you

18 07 2007
ant (09:33:22) :

mmm those gals r sexy as hell and those men are so young looking, i bit pale for me tho..
lol jk these ppl are amoungst the uglyst ppl ive ever seen

19 07 2007
wiccawoman (01:45:09) :

Not my cup of tea, but if you were holding your breath and straining this hard to hold your pose, I’ll bet you wouldn’t look so pretty/handsome either. Look at number #7, his eyes are about to pop out of his head! One anuerism coming right up.

3 08 2007
Hannah (05:58:27) :

OKAY, that is creepy beyond all reson. no kiddy!! like that first lady-no afense-man woman could be perfect for micheal jackson the girly man.

4 08 2007
erin (02:03:27) :

the last ladie should get bigger underwear SCARY EWWWW GROSS EWWW EWWW EWWW EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Did I mention EWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank u for showing my comment if u do post it and if u didnt u smell like EAR WAX

8 08 2007
Fábio (02:52:02) :

Because their diet, no fat at all, so, even their faces looks like an old and dry fruit.

9 08 2007
t (19:59:05) :


11 08 2007
jayla (23:44:25) :

yuck why is there skin shiny!!!

12 08 2007
ViOletz (08:27:11) :

The only one who’s not so terrible it’s the woman in photo #10.The others are HORRIBLE!! Women have no breasts!!!!

27 08 2007
Vanessa (06:18:36) :

OMFG. DO YOU KNOW HOW DISCUSTING THAT IS. WHO THE FRIKEN LOOKS LIKE THAT. other then the people who take friken DRUGS. first if i were a guy i would never fall for a girl like that. i would go for the NORMAL girls. and second of all i would NEVER EVER EVER EVER date a guy that musclular i would die of contwarped bones. geez thats nastyyyyyyyy

lose some mucles men.


13 09 2007
Cruze (11:23:42) :

Ummm… if these are the ugliest people you have ever seen… you guy really need to get out more… than just sitting on your computer saying UGLY UGLY seriously these people are by far not the ugliest people i have seen in my life…

17 09 2007
Nicole (21:34:53) :

First, you need to be educated on the sport of bodybuilding. First, the tanning is only for the competition and allows the judges to see the muscles and definition more clearly. Yes it is dark, and yes the women must wear heavy make up as must any actress or stage performer who is under bright lights.

Second, those pictures are from shows and these athletes are at their peak-low body fat, low water retention and most defined musculature. They train to prepare for this “peak week” and must hold onto this physique through their show day. Months of training, bulking and cutting go into getting their bodies in top shape. They DO NOT look this muscular all the time, as a body fat percentage that low is not healthy or safe, and they know it.

Third, This look is not for everyone. People with no determination, drive, or discipline won’t be able to do it. Not everyone can commit to training 7 days a week and that’s why the majority of Americans are fat, lazy slobs. Not that everyone must be a body builder to be healthy, but these athletes just take strength training to the next level. I find it extremely offensive that so many of you have made rash judgments of these athletes based on your perceived views of what “attractive” is. Everyone has their own views on that, so don’t bash these hard working athletes for their dedication to their sport anymore than you would bash a female gymnast who also doesn’t have any breasts, is extremely muscular and short. Its all a part of the sport.

You want to know what ugly is? The fat, lazy, smoker sitting on the patio of Fatburger stuffing their face, wondering why they’re fat, and not doing anything about it and then has the nerve to knock the muscular guy that walks by on his way to the gym. You don’t have to be a body builder or other physique competitor to be in shape or healthy, but don’t stereotype these folks because you don’t understand the sport.

18 09 2007
donna (06:09:49) :

in defense of bodybuilders;they hav worked very hard to get to this point.lots of resticted diets to lose fat and build muscle.they have prepared for a show thus lots of tanners so they are not “washed out” under bright lites.these guys are show ready!!

28 09 2007
Dana (08:35:37) :

I partially agree with nikky….it’s gross and creepy that they look that way (and want to mind you) But the tanning makes it so much worse….yuck!

21 03 2008
Richie (09:48:43) :

Excuse me, but if bodybuilders think they are doing it for ‘fitness’ reasons, or some kind of ‘personal challenge’, they are kidding themselves. They do it for purely vain reasons. These people are self-obessed attention seekers. I know, because, in spite of all my pleading, my wife became a body-builder herself, and it killed our marriage. Her obsessive training/diet regime took priority over everything. She ended turning lesbian – surprise surprise!!

Many of the people in these photos have clearly taken steroids (shrunken penises, no breasts).

Body-building is unhealthy and can be deadly when taken to extremes.

…and yes, these body-builders are butt-ugly (or ‘fuglies’ as we like to call them down here!)

Unless you are looking to get a gig on Amercan Gladiators, stay well away from body-building equipment.

24 05 2008
Rob (03:03:34) :

Richie – you’re kidding me. Body Building in itself is NOT unhealthy. All “Body Building” means is to build muscle. Muscle helps to burn more fat at rest, so if you’re trying to loose weight, a balanced program of cardio and some strength training will help tremendously! Not everyone who body builds wants to turn into these people. As far as your wife goes, she didn’t “turn” lesbian, she probably always was one, and it probably took your total lack of support (pleading to get her to STOP) to make her finally seal the deal in going to the “other side”. Her new partner is probably way more compassionate and supportive than you were.

PS: Glad you can see “shrunken penises” in those pictures above – perhaps you’re looking at some other photo set? As far as no breasts, I myself am not a fan of the muscled-flat chested look, but remember breasts are mostly fat so guess what goes when a female decides to body build – it doesn’t HAVE TO be the result of steroids.

24 05 2008
kyle (05:40:02) :

I have a hard time algebra

9 09 2008
fiona (15:27:23) :

:D those faces look funny on their bodies. they should train faces too :D

21 05 2009
Jacob (04:31:40) :

Wow so much stupidity here

Ugly? Yes, it’s not the bodybuilding though, these particular people are just not very good looking. A lot of bodybuilders are models. Don’t believe me? Look up Stan McQuay, Travis Wojcik and Shane Giese.
This also appears to be a “Masters” contest as most of the contestants appear quite older.

Shrunken Penises? No, there is not a steroid (or any drug that i know of) that will shrink a penis. The testes can atrophy slightly from exogenous hormone use but that is not a permanent state and can be prevented by using something known as HCG. These bodybuilders aren’t very big either, i’d say most could very well be natural… if you want to see truly big, look up Ronnie Coleman or watch a Mr. Olympia competition.

Is bodybuilding healthy? Bodybuilding has NEVER been about health, it is about creating a physique that looks like a statue chiseled out of granite. You don’t get judged on stage based on how low your cholesterol level is.

Beauty? Bodybuilding is NOT a beauty contest, the main thing the judges look for is definition, amount of muscle separation and symmetry. The tiny speedos are used to show off the striations in the glute muscles if your body fat is low enough. These people KNOW they aren’t hot stuff, they don’t care about that, they want the first place win. You can be the uglies person on earth but if you meet the above criteria you will win the show, again it’s not a beauty contest.

The tan. It’s not a normal tan, it’s weeks of tanning, combined with a spray tan, combined with a coat of “paint” that washes off after showering. It looks hideous but the contests are held under bright fluorescent lighting and if you aren’t extremely dark, your hard work will not show at all. The oil makes the muscles stand out more under the lights as well.

Please educate yourselves a bit, outside of the show these people look nothing like this year round.

31 07 2009
Harley Quinn (09:24:40) :

I don’t even see the need for the clothes. It doesn’t look like either gender has anything underneath it ;D Ken dolls..

The third guy is way too pale as well. He needs another lathering of streaky bronzer, pronto!

15 03 2010
lola (03:11:54) :

okay so these people are not attractive in the least and i do understand they work very hard but really ????…. after a certain point it’s unhealthy looking to the point were i feel bad just looking at them …..

28 06 2010
ambam (00:52:14) :

some of the women look like they are paking more than the men eeeeeeeek

18 11 2010
Michiel (17:12:03) :

People should stop trying to justify these people. If they are ugly, they are ugly, no compromising. You don’t need to know anything about the sport to know you find a person ugly. The thing is, why would you want to consciously do this to yourself if you know it will make you a ugly cave troll? Try and justify that!
I find them ugly and I’m not talking about their faces, but I think such pronounced muscles and vanes are ugly. Body fat makes you pretty too. Having some muscle shaping is nice and all, but having the skin being wrapped around the muscles and vanes are way to suggestive about the inner works of a human body, which I find disgusting. Skin and body fat, of which not to much, are the basics of human aesthetics.
Talking about stupidity now Jacob, everyone already takes into account what you told, however why the hell would the work of a body-builder ever influence your opinion about looks? You take it out of context.
I don’t care the why or how of a body-builder, I just know I find it atrocious to look at.

20 11 2010
Kristen (02:22:04) :

The thing that bothers me, really, is the extreme over-bronzing. The guy who looks like he’s wearing blackface…that’s just silly.

24 07 2011
Britt (08:04:53) :

Many of them look like they could be potentially attractive if they were normal, could be being the key word. You know, simple balanced diet, around 2000 cals, fit, but not this fit, OR TAN and look attractive, but all that bulk on their shoulders and legs, chest, is repulsive really.

24 10 2011
tracy toulis (02:32:08) :

Ugly, and for the record BBing is unhealthy, a number of bbers have died from this fucked up sport

2 12 2011
ken masters (08:34:11) :

A bodybuilder without Steroids is like the earth without water. Muscle mass just keeps breaking down more than rebuilding itself in a very slow manner & hence results in people looking like the pictures above. All the hard work they put in just keeps breaking down more muscle and results in malnutrition & the inability of the body to function accurately…..these people may be really hard working and very organized but its really not worth the effort. The efforts could be re-directed to something else and these people would be very successful no doubt about that & i muss confess i my self am a little of a health freak but god all mighty these people are ugly!!!

8 01 2012
Jean (04:28:47) :

I guess it’s all a preference. I wonder what the average person would look if put side by side with bodybuilders? My guess is that if these bodybuilders are “ugly” it wouldn’t say much for the average men!

8 07 2013
Scott In Vermont (16:06:22) :

Bodybuilding (as opposed to healthy, non-OCD progressive resistance training) is not healthy. Period. Is anorexia a sign of mental health? How is this different? Just another manifestation of body dysmorphic disorder. I’ve been a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast for thirty years. These people are not well, mentally or physically. Do they work hard? Of course. Is the hard work inspired by healthy motivations towards healthy goals? Hell no. Long term, the stress this sort of training puts body destroys it. We did not evolve for this activity. Of course progressive resistance training has a place as part of a fitness regimen (increased basal metabolic rate, healthier muscle-fat ratio, correcting mechanical imbalances, etc.). But bodybuilding is not fitness. An unhealthy psyche takes a potentially healthful activity and distorts it to an unhealthy extreme. Regarding ugly, everyone gets their own definition. What I see when I see bodybuilders are tormented souls wasting mountains of effort seeking solutions to internal issues through unhealthy external vices…human suffering (which to me, is ugly). These people need help, not scorn.

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