Volvo Lego car

If you cannot buy the car you want, you can always try to built it. :D

volvo lego car 1

volvo lego car 2

volvo lego car 3

volvo lego car 4


volvo lego car 5

volvo lego car 6


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36 responses to “Volvo Lego car”

25 07 2007
Kristy (03:43:35) :

That is insane! how do they do that???

25 07 2007
Singularity (14:39:42) :

I think they use little blocks called lego that you can clip together to build things with…

25 07 2007
supaW (16:46:18) :

or maybe they use photoshop and a real car!

28 07 2007
Enzo (03:21:03) :

Totally fake, legos do not reflect, also there are not close ups that show any single lego piece.


28 07 2007
SilkyZ (05:08:15) :

I want to be a legoland builder. that’s the best job in the world.

and yes, it’s real legos. why would you want to make it in photoshop.

29 07 2007
timmy (09:01:17) :

ummm…. to trick people, maybe…..

30 07 2007
Reflion (00:18:13) :

Totally fake, legos do not reflect, also there are not close ups that show any single lego piece.

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course Legos reflect! Honestly…

31 07 2007
Teby (01:48:12) :

HAHAHAHAHA… Legos do not reflect… yes, you’re right… IT’S A FAKE! Hahahahaha… you’re very smart, you should enter a competition or something…

31 07 2007
sam (11:17:33) :

well…the wheels aren’t lego, nearly sure it is a fake

31 07 2007
mistermooster (12:46:03) :

I love idiots who try to impress people they’ve never met by announcing something on the net is fake when they have no clue what they’re talking about. Seriously, what would comments be like without these morons?

31 07 2007
31 07 2007
legolandfan (20:58:12) :

I don’t know if this is real or not. But if you’ve ever been to legoland you would have seen many things built like this. And yes some legos reflect. In fact I have seen a mirror made from legos. They make almost anything.

1 08 2007
Lego my legos (01:06:26) :

1) Legos have a slight sheen, especially the black ones used on the windshield.
2) Yes, the tires are not made of Legos.
3) This Volvo is built with Legos.
4) This is not Photoshopped, it’s authentic.

1 08 2007
godzillasmum (01:49:36) :

errr… hate to spoil it for you Enzo but thats not a fake… i saw it when i took my nephew there

1 08 2007
as;dlf;kjwer (07:00:16) :

it the car is completely lego except the wheels. it does not run, and it does exist.
if you want to see it go to Legoland in Carlsbad, CA. i used to live there. i have also kicked the tire.

1 08 2007
banana (23:36:38) :

this is in the Legoland park in carlsbad…all you non-believers!!! Geez! Just because you don’t live in the sunniest most dynamic forward thinking/moving state in the US, dosn’t mean you have to be so cynical!! :-)

9 08 2007
joe (06:08:25) :

i thought it was fake, too, and i am a professional photographer and do extensive photoshop work for other photographers. i think the reason anyone (who hasn’t seen it in person) would think it’s fake (including myself) is the horrible picture quality, the lack of tonal shift in the car’s surfaces, and the weird luminance/vividness and almost poorly rendered look of the car.

i say it’s an honest mistake to call “fake” and that people were a little too harsh on the nay-sayers.

13 08 2007
yew (06:27:07) :

It’s real. Have you ever been to LegoLand? That’s what some people do for a living. And Lego obviously reflects (they are shiny plastic).

15 08 2007
basia (17:36:18) :


24 08 2007
Eric Loomington (13:16:13) :

Geez… why do some people just assume everything they see on the net is fake just because you could do it in photoshop. I like how you just assume it’s fake because you could never construct one on your own, you don’t have the patience or the skill to build something so beautiful out of legos.

Obviously calling something fake without any real evidence is because you have a huge ego, you can’t do it yourself so you assume that no one else can either.

Note: You are not the centre of the universe, everything does not revolve around you, there are others who can do certain things way better than you.


11 09 2007
JOrdan White (06:40:29) :

This is a real Volvo made out of LEGO’s, i saw it in person at the 2005 Minneapolis Auto Show.

11 11 2007
alexis (06:10:06) :

how many blocks was used to build that volvo????

5 12 2007
puiu (23:57:45) :

@alexis – many,to many…but a volvo worths

12 12 2007
LegoLove (04:25:06) :

Enzo, lego most certainly DOES reflect, and obviously you have no imagination! I’m involved with a lego users group that does many group projects. Our most recent big builds for our science centre was two huge dinosaurs and before that a pyramid. You can build just about anything out of lego when you have: 1) lots of lego, 2) tonnes of time, 3) creativity

7 07 2008
legoplpl (14:05:01) :

of course its made out of lego!it says legoland california!

17 02 2009
Greeny (04:24:28) :

Its very real, I was one of the people that helped build it so to say that it is a fake is to say that I didn’t actually help build it and therefore I didn’t really exist because if I wasn’t there building it when it was being built then I must have been in another dimension. You people are idiots that dont think its real, its just lego! were not talking about a volvo made of frickin bits of plastic formed together in shapes and sizes that fit together to create narly anything your imagination can come up with are we? oh wait we are, you idiots!

6 05 2009
goaliegd (04:27:11) :

no way…

21 05 2009
mehperson (03:00:48) :

yes it is real. it is on display at Legoland, CA in Carlsbad, CA… I went there a coulple of weeks ago. its on display near the Volvo Driving School and the aiplane rides. I’ve seen it a million times and i’d say its one really amazing piece.

3 06 2009
Spankz (00:16:54) :

lol, kewl…ive nevever been to a legoland…..and umm….abt the people who call fake…..a lot of the time they just do it to piss people off :) so ppl who have nothing better to argue abt can feel better by…doing what they do….not always the best….lol.

12 06 2009
mark3 (07:06:25) :

this lego vehicle does not exist. nothing exists. it is all an illusion. i am not even here. neither is anyone else.

5 07 2009
Ricky (20:25:53) :

They were trying to say that legos don’t work together to reflect. So in the windows, you’d expect a bunch of smaller reflections, not a uniform one.

But really, I know about Legoland – I live an hour away. But I have to admit, it really DOES look fake. You could achieve a very similar effect in photoshop by just applying some pixelated filters. Is this fake? Probably not.

But on the flipside, it really IS fake. Lego cars = fake cars. xD

9 09 2009
mathew (03:08:44) :

So it’s not fake. Not a big deal. It looks like it could be but it is real. Lets just admire it and the work put into it.

10 09 2009
Strykarian (18:02:45) :

Question, do the doors open? lol, what does the interior look like?

14 12 2009
jim jones (05:55:12) :

how many legos were used?

9 03 2010
Eric Zimmerman (04:33:53) :

It’s real. why would you photoshop it? look at this link its a full house made out of lego from one of the co-hosts of Top Gear and the lego looks pretty reflective there. So why wouldn’t it be here? i’m sure they can coat it with some kind of weather stripping material that protects it and makes it reflective.

23 04 2010
lizzie (03:25:05) :

thats so cool is it at lego land rite now
its worth seeing!!

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