The most beautiful in the World

The most beautiful girl in the World, Fatima from Morrocco

the most beautiful in the world 3

The most beautiful bridge in the World, Japan

the most beautiful in the world 6

The most beautiful waterfall in the World Niagra Falls, U.S. & Canada

the most beautiful in the world 5


The most beautiful house in the World, Situated in Barcelona , Spain Owned by the famous footballer, Ronaldhino.

the most beautiful in the world 1

The most beautiful city in the World, Vancouver, Canada

the most beautiful in the world 2


The most beautiful horse in the World, Arabian

the most beautiful in the world 7

The most beautiful plant in the World, it is shaped like a water bubble

the most beautiful in the world 8

The most beautiful eyes in the World, from Afghanistan

the most beautiful in the world 4


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36 responses to “The most beautiful in the World”

17 02 2009
bob saget (22:05:19) :

some things i agree with but beauty is in the eye of the beholder , prettiest eyes ? come on. also the prettiest girl ? hardly

18 02 2009
Dee (01:20:42) :

I don’t think the plant shaped like a water bubble is real. I couldn’t find refrences to it anywhere. Otherwise the rest of the pics are beautiful!

18 02 2009
Allison (04:49:16) :

That is a soap bubble on that plant.
The last girl’s eyes are AMAZING.

19 02 2009
nancy spungen (01:49:50) :

these are debatable..

21 02 2009
Greeny (11:49:54) :

I agree with Vancouver, its amazing!

22 02 2009
Titus (07:17:30) :

that horse is very strange looking… not sure i would call it “beautiful” though. definitely not the “most beautiful” in my opinion

22 02 2009
brit (08:49:20) :

to me, the most beautiful horse in the world would be free.

22 02 2009
azalea (11:45:56) :

Vancouver’s not so beautiful when you’re stuck in that rush hour traffic.

22 03 2009
kekek (02:59:59) :

some day I’ll be there :)
so amazing

28 03 2009
kathy (02:08:02) :

I like the fact that it is subjective. Makes you think about what you’ve seen that is as or more beautiful.

17 04 2009
Rasa (17:55:05) :

What beautiful eye. I am from afghanistan as well. I have a beutiful but not as
beautiful as hers. Candylak. Jan.

25 04 2009
lari. philippines (01:49:40) :

i like the house of the football player.. amazing next to my home..

3 06 2009
sfsdf (19:24:32) :

weel, she is a beatiful girl,indeed, no doubt about it, but the photographer needs to take a woldwide ride and look more babies.

19 10 2009
Aristol (18:36:43) :

i am not sure ronaldinho’s house is the most beautiful.There are other houses.
The girl’s eyes are great

4 11 2009
Diana (12:07:49) :

i real like the house, waaw i will tel izy to build da same house.

5 11 2009
diversity_id (09:40:15) :

I agreed those pictures above are beautiful. I like beautiful & amazing picture of nature

10 07 2010
wiria.bravehost (10:51:20) :

wow, that’s amazing! and also beautiful …

27 07 2010
duca (18:04:55) :

very nice i like it

13 08 2010
Tatyana (12:03:33) :

I agree about the eyes, but seriously? Some of you really need to learn how to type. You appear very ignorant because you cannot properly use the English language (I’m referring to people who grew up speaking it, of course). You make me afraid for this country.

15 10 2010
Linsey (13:51:52) :

Tatyana – I do think you are very opinionated – this is a world wide site and so not all people are English speaking – at least they are trying, have you spoken another language fluently? Don’t turn on those who try. You are nonsensical!!

2 12 2010
Sfjl (04:36:17) :

they are soooo beautiful

16 06 2011
Bibi (15:28:28) :

The Girl’s eye’s is awesome. I love it!!! I hope my house is same as Cristiano Ronaldo’s house….I think his house is better than Taj Mahal….:-) hahaha just for fun….

18 06 2011
prasad (11:27:57) :

i enjoyed it

25 06 2011
i dont know (13:42:52) :

i agree that the house and the city are aweesoooommmeeee and the baby is cute .Everything is great

27 06 2011
ayesh (23:12:19) :

this plant is awesome….

1 07 2011
Hina Tayyab (02:11:26) :

Niagra Fall….I wish to spend some memorable moments there!!!! Language should not matter dear….it matters only how its been expressed/conveyed and how the people understand that. Exceptional Architectural work for this beautiful bridge….Great WORK.

House is beautiful but I can better comment if interior has also been showed ((((

3 08 2011
maximo (04:35:09) :

All things are beautiful since the one who created these in the first place is God, possessing infinite in wisdom and beauty. Praise be to God.

11 08 2011
sweety (19:26:49) :

the last girl eye’s are awesome

24 09 2011
tool (21:05:42) :

i like the horse but i think the eyes would look pretty on me instead!

6 11 2011
Kanal (06:33:09) :

if the girl had straight hair and light brown eye colour then she would look just like me!
that is the only different thing in our face
i say her eye’s are beautiful

11 11 2011
jbs (19:33:58) :

ugly eyes, yuck

13 11 2011
Stacey (03:56:22) :

I also researched the bubble plant. I really hoped I would find something on wiki and discover it was real. Alas, I think it is a fake. The little girl’s eyes are piercingly beautiful. I am somewhat of a grammar nazi, but seriously people – chill out. It always amazes me when I read comments how mean people are when they are able to remain faceless anonymous. We’re all just trying to live our lives. Be kind to each other.



27 11 2011
abdi (08:57:14) :

i liked these all beutifull pictures

16 12 2011
danny (00:33:04) :

Awesome stuff and her eyes are so pretty I love that plant its so amazing and that peron who said ugly eyes yuck something must be wrong with your eyes

11 03 2012
wendy (08:09:41) :

it is only a matter of opinion, but i wonder if the little girls eyes are work the work of computer and air brushing

24 03 2013
Jawad khan (09:38:55) :

i like this all most beutifull pictures

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