Thailand tiger temple

Thailand’s Tiger Temple is the place where you can meet some friendly tigers… or that’s what they say.  I’m sure you saw the documentary on Animal Planet, but I’m not sure if you saw the reports about animal cruelty.

Thailand tiger temple 1

Thailand tiger temple 2


Thailand tiger temple 3

Thailand tiger temple 4

Thailand tiger temple 5

Thailand tiger temple 6

Thailand tiger temple 7

Thailand tiger temple 8


Thailand tiger temple 9

Thailand tiger temple 10


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17 responses to “Thailand tiger temple”

24 05 2008
Bill (12:09:03) :

Wow, That looks really awesome but I think I still would be a little concerned around a beast that size.

6 06 2008
MrAKUSA (00:53:40) :

You just have to be a beast it’s size lol. So Bill you’re gonna let a bunch of woman show you up?

14 06 2008
Mrs Pat D Goodwin (23:53:06) :

i love the way that these pampered cats are lapping up the attention. :)

25 07 2008
brennan (21:41:50) :

These cats are not AT ALL pampered! They are mistreated and sit in the sun all day! They say they are using the money earned from this to make a sanctuary for the tigers but it is not happening. These cats are terribly unhealthy. I have done lots of research on this place and have many friends who have been there. I will not go myself. You shouldnt eaither, BOYCOTT THE TIGER TEMPLE!

10 08 2008
Wasafan (19:45:30) :

It’s fun until a Tiger chomps one of the visitors.

Tigers are not pets, they are wild animals. Why do people keep trying to domesticate animals that can’t be tamed?

Someone will get killed. Count on it.

11 08 2008
Helio (11:46:34) :

I am sure they are at least well fed. Otherwise, they would be eating the humans instead of getting belly rubs from them.

12 08 2008
aaron (06:14:22) :

i think they give the cats ecstasy

13 08 2008
drr (06:00:21) :

Pretty risky.. any cat can turn on you if you pet them the wrong time and place.

14 08 2008
Greg (04:34:34) :

This is sad. What’s the point of doing this? Just a way for these people to pump up their ego by petting a giant tranquilized cat and getting a photo to show off to their friends that they were able to get that close, like they really accomplished something. It seems so strange to me, people’s attitudes towards animals like they’re above them and don’t deserve respect. No creature or entity deserves to be kept against it’s will. Then again I guess this country’s known for it’s sex trade, including children, so why should I expect mercy for tigers.

19 08 2008
Tsering (08:16:38) :

Every species has a right to live its life in a natural way. We humans do not have any right to control or subjugate lives other than oneself. Those Buddhist monks should to praying every day to achieve enlightenment or nirvana for themselves and for all the sentient beings. Why are they sucking tourist money from controlling and exploiting some helpless sentient beings?

Care for the Wild International’s Report was in depth and well researched. Everyone especially every Buddhist should be very concerned about this cruel act by our Buddhist monks. You will find the report at

Exploitation of other sentient beings for personal gain is a huge sin. Lord Buddha sacrificed his body to feed a hungry tigress. He didn’t exploit the tigress to feed himself. Please learn from our teacher, the Almighty

22 10 2008
Lee Perkins (02:03:58) :

I have to say, i’m not all that comfortable about treating these magnificent creatures like pets either but i would love to be able to see a tiger that close. The sad fact of the matter, however badly or well they’re being treated, is that without this place those tigers would most likely be dead.

10 12 2008
confusion (08:01:23) :

I just read the animal cruelty report, and it seems to me that the chief concern is that what’s going on here is illegal. About this I could not care less. As far as actual care of the animals, there does appear to be a bit of mistreatment. However it doesn’t look to go far beyond measures taken to train any domestic animal. I think it’s a bit hypocritical of the animal lovers posting here fuming about the stifling of these majestic creatures; how many of you have lost sleep about the plight of the common housecat? They are getting more or less the same treatment. Measures used here are likely employed in zoos throughout the world.

1 05 2009
Lola (16:40:56) :

If these tigers were in the wild they would have less chance of survival with all those poachers around. The tigers need to be kept in captivity at the moment so the gene pool doesn’t get so small countries will need to resort to inbreding. Tigers are beautiful creatures and since some of our kind are killing them the rest of us need to do what we can to save this species. Keeping them in captivity is the best we can do for now.
The tigers in the pictures look healthy and are obviously well fed or else the people patting them would all be lunch.

13 11 2010
Martin (03:24:30) :

I like the idea that the temple wants to take care of the tigers. They did in 1999 when they started, but nowedays it’s also because of the money. I don’t like to see tigers when they are treatend like a pet. That’s not their nature.

And Greg (14/8/08..yes long time ago) I don’t agree with your statement. Yes, a lot of people want to do a lot for money to survive and some to get rich, but most of the people are so respectful to everything that lives. Europe and America aren’t that good for animals either. Lab animals, hunting etc…

I really like Thailand and their people, but yes I don’t like zoo animals. It’s against their nature.

21 08 2011
Zorgon (19:45:17) :

funny to hear about people talking about wild animals like tigers shouldnt be captive like pets for human enjoyment….hmmm..Dont you know that ALL animals are wild???!!!! Do you think your dog, horse, or cat are made to be pets for our enjoyment?! come on guys!
Horses are kept in a small place, feed and then taken out for a spin when humans want them too, except I dont see anyone trying to liberate those horses huh?
Guess why?
Cause we in the west knows best?!
But as soon as something happens in asia it is all bad ofcourse…

3 05 2013
Kayles (16:16:08) :

Whilst on Honeymoon in Thailand we had the opportunity to visit this place…We did not.

The sorry fact is that many of the animals in these ‘sanctuaries’ are badly mistreated and that goes for the elephants and the monkeys too. I did visit The Elephant Nature park whilst there which was recommended to me by an American lady who was over there working for the charity Save the Elephants. She gave me the low down on all the other animal sanctuaries in the Chaing Mai area and after what I heard there was no way that I would support these cruel endeavors with my cash. Tiger Kingdom is particularly bad; cutting the cats tendons so that they cannot get their claws out, beating them to ‘break their spirit’ and make them submissive to humans and drugging them.

Really people it’s about common sense…if you can’t stroke a wild one then you can’t stroke a captive one.

12 05 2013
Anne Evans (14:42:47) :

If the tigers are being mistreated, then it is horrific. However, if the tigers were rescued as cubs and can no longer survive in the wild is it truly that terrible to look after them? I want to emphasize the point that even if the tigers are not able to survive in the wild they should be well looked after and kept in prime condition. Being able to pet the tigers like house cats doesn’t seem right and animals should never be traded and mistreated for tourist pleasure.

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