Surreal pictures

Vladimir Kush is the artist of these photos.

African Sonata

surreal 1


surreal 2

surreal 3

Music of the Woods

surreal 4

Book of Books

surreal 5

Deep Sea Project

surreal 6



surreal 7


surreal 8


surreal 9


surreal 10

Departure of Winged Ship

surreal 11


surreal 12

Laser Tune Up

surreal 13


Fauna la Mancha

surreal 14

Millennium Watchman

surreal 15

Sunrise by the Ocean

surreal 16

To The Safe Haven

surreal 17

Trojan Horse

surreal 18
surreal 19

Atlas of Wander

surreal 20

Arrival of the Flower Ship

surreal 21

Still Life with Mandolin

surreal 22

Butterfly Apple

surreal 23


surreal 24

Surreal paintings of Vladimir Kush – Part II

You may be interested in Surreal paintings of Jacek Yerka also.


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118 responses to “Surreal pictures”

22 05 2007
Jose (16:41:21) :


I like the butterflies image with the islands.

Who is the author/artist?


22 05 2007
Zuza (16:46:00) :

Hello Hose! I don’t know the name of the artist. As I previously said, I receive most of the picture by email and the artist is most of the time unknown. If one of my blog’s visitors recognizes the artist, please tell me his name so I could give him credits for his work.


22 05 2007
agmon (17:44:37) :

great pictuers
like it

22 05 2007
Zatzum (18:26:53) :

According to this site, the artist is Vladimir Kush.

I like these pictures a lot.

22 05 2007
Zuza (18:33:16) :

Thank you, Zatzum. I have updated my post.

22 05 2007
Lucian Alexe (19:12:37) :

Great stuff !!!

22 05 2007
crochetanne (19:21:44) :

i like these . he is good

22 05 2007
Philippa (20:23:24) :

this is amazing!!!
i’m extremely impressed!!

22 05 2007
The Thinking Blog (22:03:19) :

These are truly inspiring artwork.. I stumbled it this morning. Now that we know who the artist is, I can blog about it as well! With a credit to you ;)

24 05 2007
Steve Savage (16:37:49) :

Usually when one hears the word “Surrealism,” the name “Salvador Dali” immediately comes to mind. As one who has been a more than 50 year admirer of Dali’s work, this admiration has now been supplanted to second place behind Vladimir Kush’s absoluely brilliant, superbly imaginative, creative, mind-soul-spirit provacative, evocative, oeuvre which stands singularly as the capstone upon the Pyramid of All Surrealistic Expression.

Steve Savage “King of the Beasts”

26 05 2007
kelly (00:22:35) :

How crazy a mind can be?!There’s no limits to the human imagination.Impressive…

28 05 2007
sheinna (09:16:30) :

I wish I knew you Vladimir Kush , you are an extremely tallented being deserving the utmost admiration.

28 05 2007
palanisamy (09:49:51) :

how some arts!, i like his creativity mind!

29 05 2007
Fred (02:12:44) :

Superb execution and creativity, but I’ll stick with Dali in first place, not only because he did it before Kush but because he used his hands and not machines.
That said, Kush is a worthy successor to Dali.

3 06 2007
Evan (09:17:02) :

Kush is a wonderful artist. He’s actually got a large exhibit in the Chalk Farm Gallery here in Santa Fe, NM. If you live near here, I’d suggest visiting it. (I think he’s also going to be attending a gala for his art on June 26th there, if anyone’s interested.)

6 06 2007
Maria (17:39:09) :

these are absolutely beautiful pictures. I love how you mixed nature with human activities. That’s the way life should be, isn’t it? instead of destroying all this beauty. . . . . . I think you depicted THAT theme well. . . . . .

6 06 2007
Ashley (22:27:59) :

i like them. i seen alot of this time of work and it is just beautiful!!! human creation mixed with natrue is wonderful!!

9 06 2007
LB (02:38:04) :

This is really interesting…it uses nature a lot in strange cool ways. Very cool!

9 06 2007
BriannaLynn Geier (14:01:03) :

I loved everyone but…where are the kitty cat ones.. Hugs. BriannaLynn

10 06 2007
Bsnightsky (21:58:30) :

Amazing! My first “Stumble” trip and I find this. Thank you. Beautiful. Keep up the great selections. I hope to return, first I must learn more about Stumbling, how to use it and share. Again, it has been a true pleasure to come here.

12 06 2007
Nafis Hasan (18:00:03) :


the paintings are really beautiful…..esp the purse one…..

13 06 2007
fontainear (05:39:52) :

super fresh surrealism

14 06 2007
Elvengrace (06:24:15) :

Amazingly beautiful art work!! I have someof those pictures,but not all of them. I really love the flutterbye ones. *smilez*

15 06 2007
Labella (06:08:19) :

Hello Vladamir from Perth Western Australia! Your artwork is truly original and fresh. Your eye for perspective and color is exceptional. your ar so talented and an inspiration
Each day is a new beginning

15 06 2007
Victoria (15:09:53) :

These images are all so beautiful. I am very impressed with this website!

Victoria Raw :-) xx

16 06 2007
Ayuki (02:15:37) :

wow….thoses r freakn’ nifty!
very gorgeous!!!!

16 06 2007
coat stands (13:11:11) :


17 06 2007
stuart alderson (18:34:49) :

grade A

17 06 2007
Crespo467 (21:00:21) :

They are beatiful and very interesting…

18 06 2007
Joe (04:53:29) :

Absolutely breathtaking.

20 06 2007
Peg (07:47:29) :


20 06 2007
Melissa (20:28:24) :

Those are so beautiful.
I especially like the pear mandolin, and the Music of the Woods.

21 06 2007
tdavid (00:24:38) :

We discovered Vladimir in Hawaii back in 2002. He has a gallery in Lahina, Maui. I was looking today to see if he was still popular, and found your website. I am proud to own two originals (shown here) of The Shell and The Pearl. Both hang in the same room in our home. His technique is very precise and a close look reveals the work of a master. Go to Maui and see….

21 06 2007
rt75i (10:05:22) :

very beautiful

21 06 2007
salman manoochehri (11:33:40) :

extremely fabulous, so cool

6 07 2007
Darrell (23:37:45) :

All of your comments are correct about Vladimir. I have been an admirer of his work for a few years now and have collected 8 giclees of his and an original and they are all hanging in my house. I can ot imagine ever to part with any of them. My favorite is Nero. What is so amazing about his work is that he has developed a very unique method of painting that you see almost no brush strokes on his originals which makes it almost umpossible to distinguish an original from a giclee without going up very close and studying the piece. I met him last October at a wonderful gallery in Santa Fe called teh Chalk Farm Gallery. We spent some time talking and it is a pleasure to know this person. He is very kind and what you would imagine an artist shoudl be like; have talent beyond your imagination but still be a very kind and normal person. Talking to him is like looking at his work. He has inspired my kids to paint and has opened doors for the whole family to grow imaginatively. I hope he becomes widely known as he will have a large impact on many people with his special style and ideas.

10 07 2007
Borislav Dopudja (19:08:17) :

This is great.

15 07 2007
jacqui (19:20:31) :

Theses are wonderful pictures. i am almost in his mind with these creations. I have never heard of him until now, I am so pleased that I stumbled across them. I saw a young artist in puerto vallarta mexico do very similar work, but with aerosol paints . i brought two home with me to england and they are admired constantly. Where can one buy these ??

15 07 2007
Zuza (22:19:45) :

jacqui, there’s a link at the beginning of the post.

29 07 2007
dianne (19:02:16) :

I thought that I had lost my taste for this kind of art. I realized I was wrong

30 07 2007
aura (14:40:18) :

Abslutely amazing !!!

5 08 2007
Rachel (15:35:48) :

So pretty! Would be great to have one of the pictures blown up full poster size and just stare and dream at it for hours on end…

9 08 2007
Laura (22:44:19) :

Is his official website!

11 08 2007
Patricia (10:12:17) :

There is such a great cosmopolitan simplicity in this art and it just bowls me over! I think I have found a new love within the scores of this artist’s brush and alchemy of worlds deified. I am such a novice to be speaking on the quality of this shimmering pool of beauty and unique defiance. I shall look for more.

28 08 2007
Mozez (08:13:29) :

A unique ability to put so much into so little space, without confusing the beholder.

4 09 2007
delhi (14:58:52) :

Outstanding imagination. Outstanding skills in translating what’s in his head to what’s in my head. Who cares if he uses hand, machines, horses or butterflies. Thanks for posting this Zuza.

5 09 2007
Jamie (07:52:38) :

These pictures just made my day! ‘Still Life with Mandolin’ and ‘Fauna la Mancha’ are my favourites!

5 09 2007
LK (10:40:29) :

Shell is my favorite work by Vladimir. If TDavid ever wants to sell the original, please let me know. I don’t know if I could actually afford it, but I would like to have the opportunity to buy. On second thought, it might break my heart if I could not actually afford it! A lot of his originals are sold sight unseen, or before he has even completed the painting. I believe he is one of the most collectable artists in the world today. The value of his prints, let alone his orginals, continually increase, especially once they are sold out.

7 09 2007
kev (16:43:27) :

these paintings are amazing, im pretty sure once i find the right one i am gonna get one of these tatooed onto my body.

8 09 2007
afaryd (16:35:33) :

really enjoy it, amazing!

10 09 2007
beavaman (04:39:06) :

I agree Mr. Kush is talented and gifted, but to dethrone Salvadore Dali makes me laugh.

10 09 2007
sturdy (04:45:54) :

Really like it!

12 09 2007
ranoush (08:06:37) :

very nice pictures takes you to a world of dreams.

18 09 2007
danny (18:17:48) :

great site great pictures

well done

18 09 2007
Zuza (18:20:14) :

Thanks, Danny! :D

23 09 2007
Carlos Gomes (18:23:44) :

Fantastic!!! Wonderfull this beauti pictures!

25 09 2007
kathy ann (16:27:42) :

i love your art they are amazing i will like to see more of them and do continue do what you do best

26 09 2007
bongo wongo (12:54:31) :

thank u zuza for sharing ur interest for vladimir ihave just discovered along by now.i wish i had a more moderate use of the medium and learn from this master who is different from dali who thought no great painter could be born in a land of snow.

26 09 2007
bongo wongo (12:58:17) :

thank you zuza for sharing ur interest for vladimir .some of it was never thought before.

27 09 2007
Mary Beth (08:27:32) :

These are beautiful. Many have compared him to Dali, but I also see some Magritte influence, especially in Book of Books and Still Life with Mandolin. I think Magritte had a crisper, cleaner style than Dali, but Dali is more obvious in most of the work here. There is no doubt that Mr. Kush is extremely talented. Thank you for sharing these; I would not otherwise have heard of this artist if I had not been on Stumble, and now I will be able to research him.

4 10 2007
joshstomp (07:52:55) :

i LOve the two of trees all are beautiful, but those two are magnifique!!

6 10 2007
Hazel Carrera (03:04:12) :

Thank you Ron, its nice of you to send me the artwork of Vladimir. I love it especially my daughter Natascha who loves painting. His art is exquisite. He has the majestic ideas.

7 10 2007
Jehosephat (11:50:18) :

Absolute rubbish, it’s just a bunch of kitchified Dali rip-offs. I prefer ” Crying Boy” or “Bathing Gipsy Woman” over these simply because they were originals.

20 10 2007
Dawid Michalczyk (22:35:26) :

These are beautiful paintings. My favorite is “Fauna la Mancha” Love the colors in this one.

26 10 2007
Zuza Fun » Vladimir Kush sculptures (16:26:45) :

[...] the beautiful surreal paintings of Vladimir Kush part 1 and part 2, here are the sculptures inspired by his [...]

29 10 2007
lejla (20:55:08) :

wow …definitely awesome!!!!

7 11 2007
james (21:31:26) :

all these pictures are done by a russian artist called Vladimir Kush, if you like his work i realy suggest you check out “purple hourse” a brilliant peice which dosnt seem to be on here.

10 11 2007
royandroy (19:41:31) :

wonderful imagination, style and technique

1 12 2007
me (09:48:54) :

OMG THESE PAINTINGS ARE DONE BY SALVADOR DALI NOT Vladimir Kush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 12 2007
Chris G (12:44:38) :

Great work!

5 12 2007
Tushar Shetty (22:25:04) :

Whoever the artist is i salute him for his great imagination and work and even you for prodiving us with such great art works thanks dude.

9 12 2007
Kinga (13:16:19) :

When I first saw this fine work of art i was certain that it’s Dali’ s work..but I was wrong…Tha artist is Vladimir Kush..He’s fantastic…

12 12 2007
turtlebead (05:28:31) :

such a gift!

12 12 2007
HBForth (12:02:51) :

I love the mandolin and the butterfly ship and the Book of Books.

16 12 2007
Pat (07:52:44) :

Utterly unlike anything I have ever seen — a mark of true creativity. And masterful execution. And all the comments are interesting, too.

23 12 2007
Kinan Jarjous (13:52:57) :

I am speechless, the art is outstanding

6 01 2008
Thomas Oliver (10:26:14) :

very Salvidor Dalli !!!

Email me if more are put up. I’ll come back

6 01 2008
Lisa Carpenter (16:11:49) :

These are truly gorgeous! Very creative and fun:)

Lisa Carpenter

12 01 2008
Aylin (02:22:51) :

Its a very beautiful work, love it enjoy it live it. I wish i could live in that world, right there in the paintings, its beautiful cant describe it…

12 01 2008
ifriend (21:16:49) :

Great, reality-bending imagery! The Arrival of the Flower Ship is my favorite!!!! I love the pink! The butterfly windmills are dreamy.

22 01 2008
pite (13:24:23) :

dali is better. these are too mushy.

24 01 2008
jeremy watson (23:39:21) :

These pictures are great. Mr. Kush is a very talented artist. I would like to purchase some of these painings to put up in an area of my house or work. They have a very intense presence

1 02 2008
Forrest (03:41:51) :

If you all like this stuff, check out a book called “Masters of Deception” by Al Seckel. Stumbled upon the book after viewing art by Ron Gonsalves in South Lake Tahoe. He lives in Canada, just showing his art in Tahoe! The entire book is dedicated to Illusion art such as you see here. Much of it is very interesting and there is quite a spectrum of it in the book. I own a print by Gonsalves and had him autograph my copy of the book. Also took the time to visit the Salvador Dali Museum in Southern Florida. Amazing to see this stuff up close and personal, versus a picture in a book or on the internet. Enjoy! P. S.- This stuff is very good, too!

2 02 2008
ruso (15:28:22) :

Vladimish Kush-he i great,i like his pictures so much,especially African sonata,Purse,To the safe heaven,Canlde,Sunrise by the ocean…..i liked all.they are amazing,incridible,beautiful
i love him

24 02 2008
Greta (21:33:53) :

Great pictures,loved it

20 03 2008
AtomicSheri (00:42:27) :

What a wonderful talent. These pictures are beautiful.

22 03 2008
Dhruv (05:53:05) :

very sweet paintings. Very light, and gentle on the mind.

25 03 2008
Greffa (03:23:05) :

it makes me think, i wish i where there, sadly that’s impossible, these pictures bring out deep feelings in me, this is my type of art!

29 03 2008
hesika (23:54:47) :

I like all of these pictures. They are all wonderful – and give something to think about. Thank your for them.

6 04 2008
Katie (09:23:53) :

I agree with Jehosephat….Valdimir took Dali’s ideas. Whats up with the painting “Departure of winged ship”? That is definetly a Dali painting…or can you spot the difference?

15 04 2008
amit verma (09:16:37) :

Truly remarkable paintings. Great thoughts Vladimir Kush!

26 04 2008
willow (21:35:21) :

Hello all,

I May Not Be a Wizz At Art But These Pics Are Lovely!!

Spesh The First One With The Elephants!!

18 05 2008
rocio (19:21:51) :

hi! i’m from Argentina! This pictures are AMAZING!
i think that it’s a great form of expresion and freedom. I love arts
congratulations to artist of this pictures, they’re beautiful!!!!

20 05 2008
Alice Reynolds (18:56:49) :

i find this work rather a turn on. The bright colours remind me of my boyfriends face. This is a inspiration for us all.

25 05 2008
Dina (14:29:31) :

Wow! Very, very creative, indeed.

4 06 2008
Beetle (15:14:59) :

I’ve crapped better art than this.

28 06 2008
richard (00:02:58) :

wow what superb mind was behind all of this. This is amazing artwork.

14 07 2008
Brittany Huff (05:29:25) :

these are amazing i love it so creative and beautiful awsome and i give alot Alot of props

26 07 2008
Vedetta (05:14:09) :

Gorgeous. Creativity at its best.

27 07 2008
shevy65 (11:19:18) :

Oh My-y-y
After the day Ive had — to stumble upon this —
Thank you :)

8 08 2008
Gianni (10:39:53) :

Fantastic images, creativity at its best. Sunrise by the Ocean is my favorite…

24 08 2008
peter (12:01:22) :

love them all.!!!!!!!

19 09 2008
silvervista (11:06:33) :

Just beautiful!

24 09 2008
botsman (23:09:24) :

Hi,i´m from Croatia, beautiful art, so creativ. Who now which technic use Mr.Kush.

14 10 2008
D M Duhaime (03:43:19) :

Beautiful work! Love the colors you use and the way you incorporate two items to make a third! Very creative!

29 10 2008
Chiyo (18:28:26) :

This is sooo awesome !!!!! i need to do a school project on surreal photos and these are really inspiring!!!!

6 01 2009
Feanando (21:35:50) :

Just wonderful. Congratulations!

28 05 2009
Surreal paintings of Vladimir Kush › Zuza Fun (07:49:03) :

[...] Vladimir Kush is the artist behind these photos and you can see the first part of his work at Surreal pictures. [...]

22 06 2009
sakshi (16:31:21) :

the pics are marvellous and i have never seen such pictures anywhere.and the work done is really creative.well done!congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 06 2009
tanya (16:34:10) :

hey,though it is said that “BEAUTY lies in the eyes of the beholder”,bt here all beholders will agree rhat they are extremely marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 11 2009
Realistic Pencil Drawings (09:19:14) :

I’ve seen a lot of Vladimir’s work before. He’s awesome!! Nice post :)

2 03 2010
joel (21:06:30) :


2 06 2011
Claes (16:07:31) :

rlllly cooollioo

8 08 2011
Ria (11:30:35) :

This is beautiful…You have a beautiful way of looking at things.

21 08 2011
Nina (18:12:27) :

You know, you can’t see many of his paintings online, but there is this one artist called Tony Meeuwissen, and he does very similar surreal paintings, I think they’re quite similar. So for instance, he did this one painting of a daddy long legs pushing a pram with a baby in it. And he too did a lute made out of a pear. But yeh, if you like Vladimir Kush, I think you’d like Tony Meeuwissen.

21 02 2012
Szep (17:38:12) :

Wow, beautiful paintings, this guy knows that the world is not what it looks like, its what you can imagine, so image the world is a disk, the world is a disk. When you imagine infinity, maybe were on the surfacing of philosophie. But at least as closer you look to the litttle things as bigger you can se the big things, enjoy it n keep on smilin :)

23 02 2012
Chloe (21:19:47) :

Some of these pics are wierd!! :)

8 10 2012
ro (21:29:16) :

hi, i was wondering if someone could tell me when vladimir kush’s painting “Pillow book” was painted. Thanks

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