Surreal paintings of Jacek Yerka

You can buy Mind Fields and The Fantastic Art of Jacek Yerka, A Portfolio of 21 Paintings or visit the official site.
Purchasing instructions for the original art works can also be found on his site.

Jacek Yerka 1
Jacek Yerka 2

Jacek Yerka 3
Jacek Yerka 4
Jacek Yerka 5
Jacek Yerka 6


Jacek Yerka 7
Jacek Yerka 8
Jacek Yerka 9
Jacek Yerka 10
Jacek Yerka 11
Jacek Yerka 12
Jacek Yerka 13
Jacek Yerka 14

Jacek Yerka 15
Jacek Yerka 16
Jacek Yerka 17
Jacek Yerka 18
Jacek Yerka 19
Jacek Yerka 20
Jacek Yerka 21
Jacek Yerka 22
Jacek Yerka 23
Jacek Yerka 24
Jacek Yerka 25
Jacek Yerka 26
Jacek Yerka 27
Jacek Yerka 28
Jacek Yerka 29
Jacek Yerka 30
Jacek Yerka 31
Jacek Yerka 32


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83 responses to “Surreal paintings of Jacek Yerka”

2 06 2007
Audrie (21:47:03) :

I love them all. i have no idea if they are “good” or original in thought or expression but I really like them. They seem to me to be pictures of dreams and/or nightmares.

5 06 2007
blasted sea witch (03:23:24) :

pure brilliance.
the one with the swans in the maze…….

25 07 2007
Kristy (03:41:02) :

Absolutely fantastic! Superb skill & surrealness.. love it

9 10 2007
marsha (10:44:38) :

The one with the fish and the building on top of him and the gate in his mouth, that is a sad pic for sure. The fish is held captive and can’t elieve he got caught like that while taking a nap. SAD you should give him an escape route. an opening somewhere. Atleast the swans got move about a bit.

I like them, I noticed the use of clocks in several. They also have lots of water and things reaching towards the heaven. I agree with Audrie, nightmares and dreams.

15 10 2007
HappyPanda (15:52:33) :

the swans in the maze are my favorite too.

31 10 2007
Brandon (17:16:29) :

I love them all but 15, 18, and 19 are my favorites. (hold your mouse over to see the number) There are several surreal landscapes that I would like to live in, if not at least visit. Great stuff!

1 12 2007
Wayne Smallman (13:10:45) :

There’s a story being told, here.

In my mind, there’s some kind of fondness of “old ways”, with many references to an agrarian idil. While there also seems to be question mark over industry and motorcars specifically.

When I look at these paintings, I see M. C. Escher, Derek Riggs (of Iron Maiden artwork fame) and Dali, too — though I have no knowledge of the history here.

Wonderful artwork…

11 12 2007
md (10:03:50) :

Genius artwork. Congratulations to mr. Jacek Yerka. I think I’ll buy Mind Fields. I’d love to attend to one of his expositions and maybe even buy a painting or two.

22 12 2007
rondi (17:08:20) :

Love number 12! The “Big Bang Theroy”…from the emptiness, coldness of the cosmos to the beauty and peace of a planet of life.

22 12 2007
race (18:22:01) :

8, 14, 18, 26, 31. the best, if you ask me.

29 12 2007
Jo (23:14:09) :

Wonderful artwork. My favorite is the desert room with water. Are the footprints going out or in? Is this an oasis or a trap? i the water held back or is it waiting for someone to enter……?

1 01 2008
jonezz (04:47:17) :

whoa, number 4 is awesome. ive actually thought about that before

7 01 2008
Xixinaco (11:38:36) :

This is some of the most stirring, evocative, and stimulating ART that I’ve ever seen in my life. JACEK YERKA is a genious Not-Of-This-Earth. WOW!

8 01 2008
TANYA (18:31:26) :

SO SOPHISTICATED…. intricate and profound!!! NO doubt in every picture there is a specific idea or so to say intention to convey bread-and-butter issue… I’VE GOT INTO A DAZE… REALLY … and suppose you too

25 01 2008
magda (05:55:42) :

How can I buy one???

26 01 2008
annalisa (00:25:18) :

molto bello

26 01 2008
Brian (21:28:58) :

Absolutely incredible.

28 01 2008
Beverly (23:29:33) :

These are some really awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!

11 02 2008
anon (09:28:04) :

WOW! some of them seem wacky at first, but then I realize it would be pretty dang cool if it really existed!

14 02 2008
IAIN (19:52:24) :

AWESOME!!! kinda ghibli-esque

15 03 2008
huntzie (16:19:47) :

I think these painings are about humans trying to concour nature, that do you think?

24 03 2008
hesika (21:44:53) :

I love them all. Thank you so much. That are awesome paintings. Really good.

24 04 2008
LuckyLola (03:19:20) :

I had to go back and view them all again,
I had missed so much the first time.
I am drawn to the ones with the waves the most.

6 05 2008
Boris (21:46:18) :

U are a great artist! For sure! Great artists know the value of the subconscious to the art. Just as Dali did know. True art is never simply naturalistic or banal if you ‘d like to put it that way. Realism and naturalism is merely journalism and journalism is very seldom, if ever, art! A true artistic mind always reveals at least a part of our dreams and unknown parts of ourselves! At least thats my opinion. Cheers!


10 05 2008
Min (00:57:34) :

Wow! Similar to Magritte, Dali or Escher in places. The cities and towns are so charming, although made slightly eeire due to there being not a single human being an any of the pictures. Just evidence of human life.

14 05 2008
Corey (07:56:06) :

Absolutely incredible. Thank you.

14 05 2008
catzDrCatz (08:11:54) :

They’re not like Dali, twit.

14 05 2008
Trinity (10:02:50) :

Wow! Amazing!

14 05 2008
James (12:38:59) :

Thanks for bringing this guy to our attention. I’m now a massive fan.

I wonder how many other great artists there are out there that we don’t know about.



14 05 2008
BeyondRandom (14:15:15) :

Great Painting! Thanks for sharing. I really liked the 9th one down

14 05 2008
Heidi Taillefer (16:56:13) :

The swans in the maze are my favourate too

14 05 2008
Jennifer (21:39:35) :

These paintings make me want to write a million crazy stories all based off of the amazing imagination of the artist.

15 05 2008
Clint (02:20:24) :

There seems to be a hint of M.C. Escher in a lot of these. Perspective wise i suppose.

This guy is amazing, and I believe is now my favorite artist. Thank you!

15 05 2008
Lee Barry (20:15:32) :

More than odd, more than weird, a little bit of insanity in some,…………apart from the swans in the maze, which is a bit more conventional. I actually liked that one. I personally wouldn’t buy anything.
Not my cup of tea at all……. but it takes all kinds !!!!

16 05 2008
Carole Smith (12:14:40) :

Had never heard of the artist before I joined StumpleUpon – what a find! Being a fan of Escher and Dali, noted similarities – some will agree, some will disagree, doesn’t really matter – loved them all anyway! How fabulous to be so talented and creative …

28 05 2008
Cody (16:09:37) :

very cool! I love the combination of creatures and every day items, turns out awesome images!

3 06 2008
timmy (16:20:05) :

Wow it is good…:))

7 06 2008
Lorraine Allan (10:36:00) :

Amazing work, how I would love to have an imagination like that of Jacek’s!

19 06 2008
Jessica =D (22:44:18) :

Yeah man, this guy is pretty intense.
Although he has an extremely good imagination, I believe these pictures would be more “successful” if they were to have been drawn, however the talent that it takes to be able to paint such marvelous and original ideas, is one which should not be reckoned with so Good job Mr. painter! =)

29 06 2008
eaz (02:08:29) :

These are really creative! I love #’s 4, 6, 9, 10, 15, 16, and 25. The ones that look like shells are my favorites. A lot of them seem to be making environmental statements.

9 07 2008
Ted Weber (22:13:38) :

absolutely awe-inspiring

11 07 2008
Amy (06:04:59) :

This art is pure genius each image has a
story being told in which holds many wonders
into who knows what

14 08 2008
thavi (04:42:13) :

more than a few of these could be a pink floyd album cover

1 09 2008
jessi (19:34:35) :


10 10 2008
ashley (18:47:56) :

heyy! i love all of these paintings! (: they seem to be dreams or nightmares…….. but i really thin that is sooooo cool ok welll i love them

26 10 2008
Brendan (09:10:27) :

very surreal. similar to that of rene magritte and vladmir kush.
I’d like to purchase one when I have enough funds :)

16 11 2008
Carolyn (08:53:45) :

It seems his fears are of housing, each painting seems to have a house going off of a waterfall or up in the air, he must have moved alot. hahahahha..
good technique

10 01 2009
sir jorge (00:09:28) :

i went to art school and i can’t even come close to doing anything like that; i’m a failure.

25 01 2009
Eduardo (00:14:47) :


7 02 2009
MELIE (19:07:11) :

All you who say this is like a nightmare/dream inspiration or theme obviously do NOT know art at all. You sit there critiquing his work (even if its positive) and thinking you know what your talking about. MOST if not ALL surreal paintings are like dream/nightmare themes. THAT’S what surrealism is!!!

The pure definition of surrealism is A 20th-century literary and artistic movement that attempts to express the workings of the subconscious and is characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter.

9 02 2009
Rob (16:43:02) :

RE: What you say may well be true, but I always thought the point of art is to enjoy it, to spark imagination and debate. You don’t need to know art to enjoy it.

14 02 2009
layla (22:47:02) :

pure genius!!
i love them all
i say he has a very vivid imagination

23 02 2009
Rosemary (21:11:50) :

very very talented i wish i could do that

12 03 2009
brittany (08:06:53) :

The very first picture looks EXACTLY like this building from a dream I had about my mom being kidnapped and brainwashed. The weird thing about that dream was that things were all very steampunk; the outside of the building appeared dilapidated, and so did much of the inside. In order to maintain control the building had these crazy twisted brass, and copper systems that measured the intensity of sound waves. My brother and I had to rescue our brainwashed mom from a maze-like building without making a sound. When we escaped we were on these extremely steampunk looking hoverboards.

Not that any of you cared about that.

20 03 2009
Piscuak (01:27:59) :

Great artist..some where in between Geronimous Bosh & Remedios Baros..Some of them look like 70′s Prog Rock Covers…All of them Great

27 04 2009
Fish (11:25:59) :


8 05 2009
Brigita (16:32:23) :

Oh,gosh,your creation is so inspired!I really liked it.

11 05 2009
phoebe (19:58:10) :

OMG, they r GREAT!& so cool! number 12 is amazing

16 05 2009
LoLo (11:54:10) :

I love these worlds you’ve created, so inspiring, I want to live in one of your paintings or call one of your houses down from the sky.

18 05 2009
LEE ADAMS (23:51:48) :

Yerka has unbelievable imagination and his talent is powerful. I envy him.

16 06 2009
Kim Dawn (02:21:31) :

This is a fantastic display of art. Thanks for the inspiration!

18 06 2009
Kesha Condez (10:27:12) :

he’s so Fantastic, I loved the way he create those… i was so inspired to paint…

16 08 2009
wendextra55 (01:37:32) :

Brilliant mind and talent..Very Dalieque

13 09 2009
blackmon (01:54:27) :

how creative, well designed, surreal and colorful that artwork makes me glad I came to your site.

20 12 2009
deniss (21:37:55) :

i’m sure most of u doesnt understand or even think about what u’r looking to. these pictures arnt “beautifuuuul” or “charmiiing”. they r stunning, like someone said up there. just like a palahniuk book… u feels that u get a punch onto ur stomach when u look at them and doesnt understand what’s the painter thinks about. i said… he complains about human wildness and selfish. and he’s right that’s all we are…

26 03 2010
Kentauros (01:57:25) :

Wow..feels like a dream.

29 03 2010
jaun (05:53:07) :

u seen 1 u seen em all.

14 04 2010
Tatha (21:11:39) :

WOW! that’s all I can say. Stunning worlds created by this amazing artist. I wish I can visit and just stay forever.

23 04 2010
Marion (18:03:15) :

Why have I never seen these before!! I love them.. The sort of art that I could stare at for hours and never get bored. Where can I find more?? I NEED to see full size versions.

30 04 2010
Andrew (08:10:12) :

i don’t think i could pick a favorite but for some reason that last one just blew me away. it’s brilliantly subtle, for lack of a better word.

1 07 2010

TODAY , jULY 1, 2010 I saw the paintings of JACEK YERKA. He did my year…wowwwwwww .This is some of the most stirring, evocative, and stimulating ART that I’ve ever seen in my life. JACEK YERKA is a genius Not-Of-This-Earth. WOW!
SO SOPHISTICATED…. intricate and profound!!! NO doubt in every picture there is a specific idea or so to say intention to convey bread-and-butter issue… I’VE GOT INTO A DAZE… REALLY … and suppose you too
WOW! some of them seem wacky at first, but then I realize it would be pretty dang cool if it really existed! He deserve this comments and more, more. Sincerely: J. TOMAS CAPISTRAN

8 08 2010
sunriseme (18:44:13) :

these pictures are unique and special

22 08 2010
Anna (14:29:37) :

All of them are amazing but I love number 20 the most…

15 09 2010
Kias (13:16:33) :

Thanks for this incredible visionary art!

28 09 2010
Gizco (00:03:25) :

I love the 1st and the 29th, these are some of the craziest surreal paintings i’ve ever seen! Its like deja-vue (pretty sure i spelt that wrong, but its like looking at my own dreams.) I always seem to disscover something new every time I look at each painting. Like #1 i didn’t realize the little fires or that it was on an island for so long..

30 08 2011
Ann (00:33:23) :

Love your creations… they are unique!

1 09 2011
Hayley (00:38:42) :

I’m studying Yerka with my 8-9 year old class. This is the first time I’ve seen any Yerka’s work, but what an absolute fantastic artist to look at! The kids (and me..!) will love this topic; who wouldn’t, with the opportunity to escape from reality?!

We’ll also be reading the story ‘Rebecca’s World’ by Terry Nation. These works of art don’t seem too far apart from the world Nation creates :) A fun few weeks ahead, I think!

27 09 2011
Jessica (22:59:12) :

Some of these paintings invoke haunting ancestoral memories. Looking at some of these images, don’t you get the eerie feeling that you’ve been there before? It takes a special kind of genius to tap into the collective subconscious like that. Truly amazing.

30 09 2011
zoej (08:43:03) :

the word “surreal” obviously implies dreamlike… so without restating the evident as so many of you have already proven capable of doing, I will say that these paintings blend civilization with nature; neither seems to dominate the other (i’m not sure if the arrival of complex society or modernity is portrayed as unfortunate or of any other negative connotation), but to me they simply coexist. the utilization of clocks implies a struggle with time that the haste of human nature hath brought upon the exponentially elongated evolution of nature.

23 01 2012
carol (07:56:14) :

Wow! I love love love…. the attention to details is amazing….. Keep it up!

6 02 2012
christian (21:39:58) :

wow….. i really love it all

19 02 2012
CaptiveR (13:48:18) :

This is an amazing collection of some of Jaceks work. Dream interpretations for sure and maybe even coming close to an inter-dimensional aspect, between having the sub-conscious mind actually travel into, and out of, parts of parallel worlds and aspects of the Talos or Loki realm which overlaps our own reality. Some paintings seem to depict the convergence of everthing that is, that was and that can be…

10 08 2012
sareena (16:29:52) :

seriously ur artwork surprised me it was superb sumthing unique i like it

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