Super cows

Genetic engineers have created the super cow, with big muscles just like a bodybuilder. I don’t want to imagine an angry bull coming towards me!

Super cows 3
Super cows 10

Super cows 1
Super cows 2


Super cows 4
Super cows 5
Super cows 6
Super cows 7
Super cows 8
Super cows 9

Super cows 11
Super cows 12
Super cows 13
Super cows 14
Super cows 15


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32 responses to “Super cows”

13 07 2007
sean (14:48:44) :

i wonder if they still taste the same?

8 08 2007
Stephanie (07:08:19) :

I think I’d be afrade to eat it…lol. god knows what they put into the cow to make it come out like that.

12 08 2007
hannah (18:20:34) :

i think it is really ufair that they would do sum in liikme that 2 that poor cow lol i mean if it works on us then it must work on cows etc so y did they have 2 prove it XXX

16 08 2007
Mary (23:29:37) :

poor cows…some those look like big tumors on their butt.

28 08 2007
fact (06:33:09) :

Not genetically engineered people. These cows, I suppose that suffer is the word to use here, from a genetic condition affecting the pituitary gland never stopping it from telling the body to produce muscle tissue. Thus, the pictured result.

29 08 2007
Mahakali (06:43:01) :

That’s why I don’t eat meat. Have a look at the “Why are bodybuilders that ugly?” and compare…

31 08 2007
Michele (01:50:58) :

I’m turning vegan so fast! My sister got some chickens and they have such funny personalities that I can’t bear to eat birds any more. Now these pictures just put me right off eating “beef”. I wonder how much steroids we are getting second-hand?

7 09 2007
Jake (07:56:00) :

THESE COWS ARE NOT GENETICALLY ENGINEERED NOR ARE THEY ON STEROIDS. They are a breed of cattle known as Belgian Blue Breed, which have a defect in a gene that produces myostatin–a protein that normally suppresses muscle cell growth. They have been around since the 1850′s, and were actually the most common breed in Belgium at one point. They actually were bred for both their large muscle mass as well as excellent milk volume, but are now primarily bred for muscle. They are relatively new on the world market, and that is why they are generally not well known. The cattle are generally as healthy as any other cattle breed.

19 09 2007
Quintin (00:20:36) :

I have a cat problem…. where do I get some of that feed to feed some mice ;-)

28 09 2007
Dana (07:18:03) :

poor cows. they are so cute. How dare they make them look like nasty bodybuilders! People are cruel, we deserve to have them stampede over us, serves the human race right for messing with other creatures.

22 01 2008
valkarye (15:16:29) :

been selectively bred for ages, its fine……this is how we get plenty of tastey steak :) would you rather eat something else??

18 02 2008
David (02:40:34) :

Care more for selective bred bulls than you do your neighbor. Disgusting humans. Try learning more about these bulls before you post your uninformed comments. Won’t eat meat and won’t do anything to help their fellow humans either.

20 02 2008
Danaisretarded (02:23:09) :

how can you think theyre cute and nasty at the same time? besides the cows are just like that naturally, all we do is collect their sperm, so i suppose it kinda sucks for them, but they don’t know the difference, they ejaculate and we collect the sperm and use it to make more super cows. no steriods or anything. so hopefully people will stop thinking these cows are morbid test subjects and actually learn something, and figure out they are just naturally that muscular.

5 03 2008
steezy (21:42:49) :

actually i hear most of them are naturally bred and raised to be huge. the best of the best i suppose. pretty legit…

12 03 2008
jaro (03:02:34) :

how much the price for 1 pair super belgian blues cow??

i wonder to breed them my self.. it’s highly prospectus

Waiting for the answer thank you

best regards

5 04 2008
Amy Vornicova (01:07:35) :

ewwwwwwww im going to gag!! this is discusting, you people have nothing better to do but mess around with animals instead of making a diffrence in cancer or finding cures for diseases. I gess we have lost it! It just shows how Americans really are, I am discusted and ashamed that i live in such a place were they allow this type of behavior. Its no use saying anything else you people are SICK!!

5 04 2008
sean (01:09:42) :


9 04 2008
Waqar (22:38:05) :

I have to say, apparently the meat tastes bad because there is no fat to add flavour, but I think these bulls and cows aren’t as bad, people are too ignorant to actually see their true brilliance, and yes, these creatures are brilliant supporting themselves with such small amounts of fat in their environments.

25 04 2008
Chris (16:12:16) :

These cows are breed to be strong they are not submited to any experiments their muscle is 100% natural. There is a gene in them that does not work so there is extreme muscle growth. Some of you people should do reaserch before you go accusing people of harm to animals.

22 05 2008
alexy (14:41:09) :

actual the animals look horrible .but i don’t belief the fact that it’not genetically tampered with.the stimulation of growth hormones or suppresion
of growth inhibiting hormones must b under influence .

10 07 2008
Yep (14:29:06) :

Poor cows…

13 07 2008
lientoo (01:25:17) :

Kesiannya lembuni! ALLAH has created the nature with beauty and grace. Cows are naturally beautiful creatures. I’m sooo against human tampering with nature. In the end, the ones who suffer are the poor cows and us. GO GREEN, GO ORGANIC!!!

29 10 2008
Scott (11:09:13) :

To answer the question we are starting to test the cows to find out if what is natural for them we can use on humans to cure muscular dystrophy. These cows are beautiful and all natural. P.S. certain steroids are not bad it’s how they are used. Medically they are used to fight illnesses all the time just ask someone with asthma.

3 12 2008
Emyr (23:53:16) :

Your going on about creatures whitch you breed for milk and food. at some point of there fantastic lives grassing in a field(you might thing boaring but they find it ‘awsume’) you come along and kill the poor creature and slauter and eat them…. Why for food?,…theres plenty of frut and veg. dimolish slater houses and buld vegtable patches and frut trees. Then MAYBEE the co2 in the air will decrease and ocsigen up because of the plants. Think on it!!!!!!

12 12 2008
Audrey (00:27:04) :

this is so goddamn cruel..anyone who argues that humans are superior to other species because we have ‘the ability to reason’ is eating their words, because we obviously can’t.

13 02 2009
ignorance (13:02:18) :

Are people that ignorant they don’t bother reading the other posts here? The initial post itself is wrong in saying these cows are genetically engineered. It’s a natural ‘defect’ in these cows… ignorance is bliss but when people don’t read what’s in front of them it’s just pure stupidity.

And as for the ‘meet is murder’ propaganda, come from a different angle. I’m a meat eater and not ashamed of that fact – however, I do find that most of the methods we have established in producing meat on a mass scale are wrong and cruel and do not benefit anyone. Thankfully people are finally waking up to this – addressing the real issues than chasing short-sighted vegetarian idealisms.

Stop winging about the cows here, stop your ignorance, and go and do something pro-active about the real problems.

28 03 2009
The Messiah (17:20:38) :

Its natural, no steroids, selective breeding to produce a stronger animal. Its normal in nature, its medicine that screws about with it allowing the weak and ill to continue living and produce weak offspring.

29 05 2009
Fun Facts (03:21:21) :

Selective breeding is NOT natural LMAO. You guys are morons. With your flawed logic everything would be natural because “it’s just human manipulating” nature in some way. GG. You fail. Learn to know what “natural” means.

21 10 2009
CDubya (08:36:38) :

P.S. I know more recently corn has been genetically altered to produce higher yields but it was selectively bred for the past 4-8 Thousand years by the Pre-columbian “Americans” Native americans, including Central and South America to even become an edible product.

6 01 2010
Raymond (02:31:18) :

I wonder who would win in a fight: a Belgian super bull or a Spanish fighting bull?

12 01 2010
belgian cowgirl (23:03:13) :

These cows are no so healthy, they can’t reproduce without the help of human being and need a caesarian section to have their calf… “double muscle white blue belgian cows”

7 02 2010
Real Fact (07:54:14) :

To those who say these cows are not genetically engineered your wrong!!!! Yes the original Belgian Blues were a natural result or cross breeding…however the ones you see in the pictures above are “modern” Belgian Blues which ARE in FACT a result of genetic engineering and most likely steroids too since practically all cows are. Not that I see anything wrong with that because food is food but fact is also fact.

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