Stupid tattoos

stupid tattoos 26

stupid tattoos 13

stupid tattoos 6

stupid tattoos 4

stupid tattoos 3

stupid tattoos 5

stupid tattoos 2

stupid tattoos 7


stupid tattoos 8
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stupid tattoos 1

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stupid tattoos 34
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79 responses to “Stupid tattoos”

23 06 2007
JD (23:41:18) :

Lmfao… The Michael Jackson one is awesome. All the others are lame :/

25 06 2007
sean (20:35:48) :

lol, i actually want that imac apple on my bottom back too :|

29 06 2007
brujeria (06:10:43) :

they are ALL great! to each her own, I say.

people get ink for different reasons…..different IS good! :)

1 07 2007
Craig (21:57:52) :

Any tattoo is a stupid tattoo. Gotta be a moron to do that to yourself.

2 07 2007
Ghaladh (02:42:59) :

I’m imagining my daughter coming to me in company of the “skull-faced” fellow… “Hi dad, this the boy I’m going to marry”… Now, the question is: “I’ll be killed by a infarct before or after sweeping the boy with my car?” :D

Hallo from Italy

20 07 2007
Jeff (00:47:14) :

Why is this titled “stupid tattoos”? Less that half of these are stupid.

26 07 2007
Jessica (21:32:45) :

Yeah i agree with craig, how do you think that tattoo would look in 30 years,

3 08 2007
Minako (21:58:09) :

Actually, I kind of thought the Mario as Buddha or whoever was kinda cute.. but for a permanent thing, naw, most of these are silly.

4 08 2007
James (14:00:48) :

There are worse things than tattoo’s I reckon; take piercings for example – “Hey, look at me, I have an open wound with a foreign object inserted in it, cool huh?”. At least tattoo’s have some artistic merit (if done well); piercings are just pathetic. Although the ‘Mr Cool Ice’ and the ‘MySpace’ tattoos have earned their wearers an eternity in the innermost circles of hell being buggered with a house brick.

30 08 2007
eRhan (12:36:55) :

hairy mermaid is the worst:)

steve-o should be here too!

19 09 2007
ghandi (04:09:48) :

its pretty easy to tell that quite a few of those are actually drawn on, not real tattoos

30 10 2007
Zuza Fun » Crazy tattoos (08:54:40) :

[...] received a lot of comments about my post Stupid tattoos, so here are some [...]

30 10 2007
Amy (19:18:52) :

There are some great tattoos and there are some that I do not get no matter what the tattoo is is it is special to the person that chose that tattoo. Thank God we live in America and we have the freedom to choose. Who gave anyone the right to say those are stupid. And who is Craig to Judge people? I love tattoos and the artistic and the uniqueness value of them.

1 11 2007
Cynthia (00:01:06) :

Actually, i love tattoos, but i dont understand what was thinking the skeleton guy… but it’s a personal choice, right?

14 12 2007
Emma (01:48:03) :

About the “skeleton guy”–I actually read on another website that his plan is to transform his whole body into a skeleton thru tattoos. He’s also gonna have muscles and maggots and stuff, too. He’s like that “cat” guy that I’m sure everyone has seen, the one that had his tongue split and all this other stuff done.

24 12 2007
GG elle (19:43:05) :

i love the pacman!!

30 12 2007
D (20:11:31) :

….I think my friend has one of these tattoos. :D I think some of these are pretty awesome. Not the myspace one, though. That one isn’t cool. But I love the Nintendo tattoos. Especially the Zelda ones.

3 01 2008
crispy (21:12:21) :

Wow, people are so concerned about others’ decisions. Who cares what anyone does to their body OR what it will look like in 30 years. Do YOU care what any of these people think about YOUR looks? Probably not. Hooray for the freedom to do what we wish to our bodies. Oh, and those nintendo tats are awesome. ;)

24 01 2008
Pestilence (01:07:03) :

Thanks for the tat pics. Keep them coming, we all need to laugh.

27 01 2008
Bill Vincent (10:10:24) :

I’ve learned never to openly insult anyone’s art, including tats. While an item of art may mean nothing to one person, or even many people, the creator or owner of that art may think it the most wonderful thing in the world, and treasure it deeply.

26 02 2008
Jasmin (19:34:43) :

People usually get tat’s to get extra attention, or to be “different”. But they all end up looking the same. Sometimes I think people just don’t have enough of a personality to appeal to people so they get drawings permantly inked on them so they have something to talk about. To me it’s a fad that’s passed. I also dislike people who say dude all the time.

29 02 2008
Andrew (00:37:40) :

My first thought was “Oh, my God! Super Mario! So cool! So awesome! So totally cool and awesome!”

Then I thought: “Oh, my God. I’m a loser.” Well, that’s what I get for being a child of the ’80s.

Still. Mario is cool. Isn’t he?

12 03 2008
IMPRESSED (07:28:03) :

Hey man. These tattoos are NOT STUPID. It took someone a whole lotta work for the tattoos to looks cools are almost just like the character. Who the hell are you to judge??

12 05 2008
Hey Morons (11:03:34) :

These tattoos ARE stupid! The art is great, but the concept is stupid. ie, PacMan on your ass – who sees it? you? after you struggle in front of the mirror to get the right angle to see it in reverse? or do you do a lot of mooning? or walking around naked? otherwise it’s only your lover that sees it, and only occasionally. If you need a conversation piece that badly you may need a complete personality adjustment.
Or maybe just assisted suicide.

21 05 2008
MrAKUSA (00:50:54) :

I like the Nintendo gun tattoo that’s pretty pimp lol.

1 06 2008
kellis (23:34:17) :

I always lose respect for people when I find out they have a tattoo.

11 06 2008
Cat (21:23:01) :

That Zelda one is amazing! Great drawing, really well done and colours are fantastic.

The vegetable one is crap, Ron Burgundy one looks retarted too and the lighthouse sucks. Why go to a tattoo artist that can’t draw??

17 06 2008
Haley (00:25:20) :

A lot of these tattoos are really well done (the mario one is brilliant).

24 06 2008
Mike (01:30:59) :

I always lose respect for people when I learn that their mind is closed up tighter than a drum. I can’t believe its 2008 and people still take such an ignorant stance on something they choose not to participate in. Some of the artwork here *sucks* but there’s also some pretty impressive work, and while I may not be interested in getting liv tyler’s portrait on my leg, I still want to shake the hand of the artist.

12 07 2008
dave (22:51:27) :

okay some of you are really naive and annoying. You can’t say their tats are their arts unless they drew it on themselves. Hell I can say that the art of mona lisa is mine when i just own it if you think like that. If you drew it on yourself, I’ll respect it as art and not when someone else drew it on for you. And no, you’re ignorant because you must be really dumb in the head if you really think some of these tattoos are worth getting.

21 07 2008
Open your mind (06:25:13) :

Seriously people? Some of you can cram it. Although I personally would not want some of these tattoos on my body. tattoos are a form of art, whether or not you want to accept it as a fact. Tattoo art can be beautiful and fascinating. as can piercings. So who are you to judge somebody else for putting a work of art onto their body? I for one just got a beautiful tattoo on my back, of a Japenese cherry blossom tree. It has personal symbolic meaning to me, and I treasure it deeply, many people have different reasons for tattoos, and that should be respected, you judging somebody for a tattoo would be like me judging you for any personal choice you make. And I agree, I lose respect for somebody who has a closed mind. If you don’t want a tattoo, then don’t get one and shutup about it. The end.

24 07 2008
Ankou (17:39:17) :

Bah. I have the Linux penguin on my calf. It is an awesome tattoo, not a stupid one :P.

28 07 2008
sophie (00:53:57) :

lol the mr. cool ice guy is soooo going 2 regret that in a few years (or days) lol
ice, ice baby!

8 08 2008
me (03:56:40) :

I have to say the myspace and mr ice one is stupid as hell the Micheal Jackson one some one need to get a life and the man with the ” well balanced breakfast” on his head they are as stupid as it comes but as far a tattoos are considered I like them and have one myself and want another 1

29 09 2008
Holly (06:04:39) :

I told myself I’d never post on these kind of blog arguments, but I can’t help myself. Basically, a bunch of people posting here are being irrational and/or feel strongly that these tattoos suck. Well, people saying such things, understand that most of the people that get these tattoos know what they’re doing and are getting these tattoos as jokes which I, frankly, think is freaking terrific. If your the kind of egotistical, sarcastic, insulting person (you know the kind I mean, think fratboy) that can totally pull off say, getting a tattoo of yourself on your back, do it, because it fits your character and it’s really funny and all that jazz. As for the people whom get “dumb” tattoos because they believe in them, you can insult them until you’re blue in the face, but all that is is mean. People attack each other over their values all day long, though, so if causing unnecessary anger/depression of others is something you do, go ahead and laugh at the biker couple that got each other’s names on their chests, but also remember that couple probably really values that permanent bond of ink. And, and, and, and, for the person who said “Yeah i agree with craig, how do you think that tattoo would look in 30 years,” and the people who said similar things, while some people get drunken tattoos or other short term ink, a lot of people really plan their tattoo and make sure they want it and get a good artist whom they know and ect, ect, ect, and end up loving their tat until the day they die.

20 10 2008
TATTLESS 4 LIFE (17:02:05) :

I wouldn’t have a permanent tattoo if you paid me. IM SERIOUS! No not even for a million bux. I’d rather be famous as the person who turned down a million bucks than the one who got a permanent scar for a million bucks. You have a tattoo? Well good for you. Live long and prosper. The carnival is in town and they are hiring…

23 10 2008
Ben (10:27:13) :

I have a tattoo of the Triforce from zelda, not because I’m a super geek, but because I used to play zelda all the time with my brother and one of my closest friends when I was younger. My tattoo symbolizes that to me, not just the game. Most tattoos are deeper than just the ink and design.

13 12 2008
Reward (01:06:40) :

while i think that a lot of these people are crazy and some even stupid I get the same reaction from my family after getting mine. IF these people have real reasons for getting some of these things permenetly etched in their skin i dont know where they pulled it from. tattoos mean a hell of a lot to me and honestly i just dont understand why you would decorate you body that way. thought is the number one thing i put into my tattoos

30 12 2008
snout (22:28:32) :

Maybe tattoos are art, and good art at that. It’s the mentality that goes behind it all that makes the person under the tattoo look kind of pathetic … “look at me. I’m different … right? Even though ten thousand other people in this town have tattoos? I’m different from them, right? I’m cool, right?” Wrong. The desire to be considered “cool” is so blatantly obvious it’s just embarrassing. People with tattoos are embarrassing to be around.

9 01 2009
Becky (01:33:10) :

i thought the apple tramp stamp was kinda hot but the others nah, not so much

16 01 2009
Emily (01:05:52) :

I am personally against tattoos. I have no clue why people must have them. My father has three and I think of him a little bit less to look up to because of them. When you are married and have children I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t want your child to get a tattoo. They hurt a lot too. Especially the ones that people have that aren’t even about a memory or something special. I guess it isn’t that bad if it’s something you feel is important. But overall, I really don’t like them.

4 02 2009
chad (23:07:23) :

Silly tattoos are fun, my friend has a T-bone steak and it’s a great conversation piece. And to those who say “what will that look like in 30 years” (jessica) What will your face look like in 30 years? I can hardly imagine looking in the mirror at a wrinkled old FACE, and be worried about some wrinkled ink on my arm…so piss off.

14 03 2009
Inked and proud (08:26:35) :

Dear “Snout”,

By making a generalized statement concerning every person in the world whom has a tattoo, you make yourself, simply, look like an uneducated fool. In fact, it is a stereotype to assume that every person gets a tattoo simply to be ‘cool’.

Pompous jackass. You would shame me if you were in my acquaintance. I hope that some day you find your better half, as you need to become a better person. And yes, I am a hypocrite for judging you as you have judged a group of people (and to everyone else jumping on the outdated “oh em gee tasteless” bandwagon of the 50s) but at least I freely admit it.

All of you who do not like tattoos, do not get them. Simple as that. Now shut up, please, and let the rest of us do what we will.

Inked and Proud.

25 03 2009
Ryan (11:07:09) :

Hey i’m Ryan i have 8 tattoos but i mean i did them rebelling against my dad and really i like them but man is it hard to get a job. i personally find tattoos attractive on females i mean come on its hot piercings too. My girlfriend has snakebites as do i and i also have a septum ring but i mean its my body i do as i please i wont be in a corporate job anyways

26 05 2009
Val (16:04:08) :

Hey Amy, If this is America and we have “the right” to choose, this is still America where we also have “the right” to think that tattoos are stupid. I will be different by not having the equivalent of a bumper sticker plastered permanently to my body. I respect my car enough not to put one on it either. On women especially they look sleazy. Let’s face it, it’s a low class thing.

28 05 2009
nameless (22:56:50) :

Wow I was not aware that there are still so many ignorant people in the world. Honestly, didn’t your mothers teach you any manners? If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all, especially if you are ignorant and obviously lonely pathetic excuses for human beings who have nothing better to do then bitch about other people’s choices. It’s not your body or really your place to say anything, so please stop complaining.

P.S. this message comes from someone with no tattoos, believe it or not.

8 06 2009
To_Val (05:30:18) :

You’re right of course, you have complete freedom to express your out-dated, close-minded, and really just plain offensive views anywhere and any time you so desire. I mean, I would be a hypocrite if I tried to deny you your the ability to express ethnocentric views, and your logic that even a simpleton should be able to poke holes in if they so chose. So yes, enjoy your upper-class friends, and grumble about how liberals are destroying society, and how welfare is the reason the economy is crashing, just don’t be surprised when people ignore you, we’re just busy living in the real world.

17 06 2009
ashlee (05:57:26) :

these are just bad examples of tattoos…some of them are terribly done and look like prison tattoos…others are just bad ideas…but not all tattoos are bad know…just these ones…

11 08 2009
Lala (02:55:25) :

ok mayb alot of these are stupid.. but not the one with the little boy.. thats probably his son.

11 10 2009
Proletariat (11:41:12) :

I have three tattoos and I definitely want more. I don’t have them to look “cool” or to convey a certain image. I just see my skin as a blank canvas in need of some decorating, ha! I’ve always been infatuated by them as I’m sure many are. I believe it’s all a matter of perception, some like it and some don’t. The decision to get one is up to the individual. I hope that eventually all can look beyond an individual’s skin and the presumptions gathered from the stereotypes associated with a person’s image and choose not to acquaint with them for a more rational reason.

23 10 2009
Cam (17:23:18) :

To the people who say “any tattoo is stupid” or “how will that look in 30 years”, that’s why you don’t just rush out and get a pointless tattoo. You get one that has sentimental meaning to you, so when you look at in 30 years, you can be like “oh yeah, I remember why I got this”.

8 11 2009
bighairedmike (08:41:36) :

I honestly can’t believe the ignorance, narrow mindedness and sheer offensiveness of some people on here with regards to tattooing. Tattooing is an ancient art and has been done for thousands of years, for religion, for identity. I agree, some tattoo’s are stupid. However, to say every single tattoo ever done is stupid is stupid in itself.

I had my first tattoo done about 6 weeks ago (aged 18 and 3 months). Its a fully blossomed rose with two growing rosebuds either side with my Grans initials underneath. Some people may say that memorial tattoos are tacky or you can pay your respects in many other ways than a tattoo and i accept that but this is something i wanted to do, for myself, not for anybody else. When i was 4 years old i lived with my Gran and Grandad for 6 months, only seeing my parents intermitently, and at that age there needs to be somebody to teach you values, right from wrong and, in essence, how to be a decent human being and my Gran was the person that instilled morals, faith and love into me, and the most painful of all was to never break a promise to anybody. I was closer to her at that age (and continued to be up until she died) than most members of my family. We would sit together for hours, just talking or looking out into the garden in silence, with the occasional coment about how beautiful the roses were.

On my 17th birthday she had a stoke and died two days later. I never got to see her on my birthday but i saw her the day before and the last words i said to her were “I’ll see you later”. I never got to do that and it ripped me apart, especially as that was me breaking a promise to her, one of the most important people in my life.

If i want to get a permanent reminder about how much of ana amazing person she was and how much i owe her for making me the person i am then who are you to deny me that or call me stupid for it?

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any. We dont care and we wont shout it about. All I ask is that people dont judge me because of something deeply personal. I didnt get it done on impulse, i spent a year and a quarter designing, thinking, printing and looking at the tattoo i was going to get. If that to you is a stupid thing then that is up to you. Just dont insult me for it.

13 01 2010
yep (14:32:23) :

LOVES the super mario ones!

14 01 2010
InnerReflects TheOutter (10:48:16) :

I disagree with the people that say “don’t judge”, because first of all… to judge is human nature (everyone does it), it is a way to discern between something making you feel good or bad, hot or cold, if you feel safe or in danger, etc… So the notion of asking someone not to judge is ridiculous!
It’s simply a way to formulate an opinion, and everyone has the right to express their opinion, just like anybody can freely ink their bodies until there’s not more pores to fill in (free will).

Besides if you are type of person that uses the phrases such as “be open minded” and “that’s old kind of thinking” -those are also deceiving phrases and they’re fallacious. Not because it is 2010, one should just drop their values: some things should always be held sacred and true until the end of time! because if you don’t believe in something and stand for it, then you might as well fall for anything!

So it is my opinion to say, that if you have learned to respect the temple of your soul and spirit, and have accepted that you body belongs to your creator and it is not really yours because you did not create a single hair in it, then in turn you will also have learned to respect your human body.

2 02 2010
Typo (07:09:52) :

Tatoos are cool i wanna get one of a darkmark on my arm…

3 02 2010
thetruth777 (00:01:16) :

wow, i think i will invest in tattoo removal businesses now.

11 02 2010
chris (19:56:44) :

I am with some of the other people on this site. Who proclaimed you to be the judge of what is and what is not a good tattoo. it is a personal choice and personal reflection of ones self. some of the tattoos i agree are extream and i myself would not get, but i am not that individual.i have a mario themed piece on my arm and it says young hearts live free. its something i want to have my whole life even as im old. I would not want to be judged for my choices and I would not judge anyone else on this site for theres. A lot of the tattoos you put on here are video game and pop culture related. why does that make it a stupid tattoo? because it is not as long standing as a koi fish or a dragon. i have a collection of tattoos from straight edge tatts to science fiction and video game related because I relate to these things. I dont have a koi or a dragon or samuri cause i know little of the culture. I am posting this for the people who have to see that the tattoo that they love that for who knows could represent a significant time in thier life or got for friend who passed away. dont be so quick to judge. I know if someone posted my tattoos on a ” stupid ” tattoo website I would feel pretty bad considering anyone viewing it would not know me and why i got these tattoos in the first place. So if you see these and think they are stupid then fine! just be glad they are not on your body! and you dont have to worry about it !

12 02 2010
Georgina (05:59:00) :

I thought the link and ipod apple on lower back were cool. The super Mario arm sleeve was cute to.Mj was the worst,so was the mermaid and the hamburger. But yea i didnt think all of these were that dum,most of them are from video games or lord of the rings or something. well its thats rude to say that who ever has piercings is dum, so i guess people in like Africa or stranded island countries are dum because its part of their culture to pierce themselves.=_= hmmm So i guess me getting a pikachu tattoo on my foot is a no go huh? too bad im getting it anyway

15 02 2010
Catandthefiddle (04:54:45) :

Most of these are not stupid. I personally would get most of these on myself (except perhaps an apple one), but it’s these people’s choice to get them. The “Mr. Cool Ice” one however, now that’s just ugly.

11 03 2010
Inkeddd (07:12:08) :

A majority of these tattoos are plain terrible, but that doesnt mean you can group EVERYONE with a tattoo with those people. I have three tattoos, and I am a female, but I dont you could call me “sleezy” as Val said. Two of my tattoos are actually literary tattoos, and I didnt get them to be “cool.” (Since when did reading a book make you cool anyhow? haha) I got them because those books mean more to me than anything. While I find it irritating people can still be so narrow-minded, it really isn’t a big deal that some of you dont like people with tattoos… I would never associate with people who seem to wear blinders anyways.

18 03 2010
Robbie (14:39:36) :

Everyone commenting so far has it wrong…let me start by saying that I have plenty of tattoos. None of them have any special meaning: I got them to look cool. Girls love them. The Chrysler building in New York looks cool because of all the ornamental details. The Seagram’s building looks lame because it is just a box. I hide my tattoos when I have to (I am a professional). Most of the people who claim they don’t like tattoos seem to have some moral problem with them. These people are fools. There are also those who claim all the tattoos on this site are “dumb” or “ugly”. Most of these people probably just have bad taste. Some of these tattoos are great.

13 04 2010
Mike (02:14:54) :

I Want a tattoo but not a stupid one like the ones up there. Lol

22 04 2010
Rich (18:36:25) :

if you have a lean body – tattoos make you look better

if you have a fat body – tattoos make you look worse

thats just the reality -

2 05 2010
Korelynn (04:24:40) :

Impulsive tattoos are not the brightest and are very likely regrettable, but to say that anyone and everyone that’s gotten a tattoo must be unintelligent is rather stupid in itself. The majority of tattoos are well thought out and planned and the person knows what they’re getting into. And, as has already been pointed out, the question of what will it look like when you’re old is kind of pointless considering a tattoo is going to be the least of your physical appearance worries. Everyone looks bad/worse when they’re old; I really don’t see how a tattoo is going to hurt things.

Those are not facts. It definitely depends on the type and placement of the tattoo. Those are horrid generalizations.

5 05 2010
Dave (01:26:59) :

If you want to get a tattoo, for whatever reason, that’s your choice and I support it. That said, however, the cold, hard fact is that there are some in society (I am one) who will look at you differently. Some of those people are the ones you’ll need to convince to give you a job. You don’t have to respect their position, agree with them, like them or impress them. You may thumb your nose at them and all of society. That’s your choice. It’s also their choice to hire someone else. They’re your consequences, bought and paid for. You’ve chosen not to accept their conventions and they have exactly the same right to choose not to accept yours.

21 06 2010
Leemur (05:26:06) :

I loved most of these because even if it’s something completely idiotic, most of them took a lot of work, thought, time, and money. Like the head/ body one. That’s actually really funny. However, no props to people who just got tattoos that were both crappy and lame. Like the flaming anchor.

3 07 2010
Blahblah (10:14:07) :

I understand if someone has a tat like , in the loving memory of mom. I can respect that. When I was younger I wanted to get a tattoo that says Israel Air Force. I love the air force lol

5 07 2010
ambam (10:28:40) :

the apple power button thing is trashy!!!!
the ron burgundy one is badass though

9 07 2010
dan (05:25:33) :

Lmfal! I think all of these are simpley amazing! Ahhhh i think everyone has the right to express themselves and i love tattoos soooo i think these are awesome! ♥-dan

1 12 2010
inked up (16:50:13) :

i have 10 tattoos and idc what anyone thinks. if i need to go to an interview, i can hide them. theyre never visible unless i want them to be, so whoever said were embarassing, im going to act civilized, become friends with you, then show you i have tattoos just for the sake of proving you wrong. suck it and have a nice day =)

ps. nearly all of those tattoos up there are pretty neat

8 04 2011
Cassie (05:59:46) :

I have a penguin tattoo :( it’s cute!

29 05 2011
Sharayah (05:02:13) :

Some of these are brilliant! Then again, some aren’t so great. That being said, some people need to get over the fact that not everyone loves tattoos and that there are some very, very stupid people out there that get very, very stupid tattoos. I’m a strong believer in getting tattoos that you’ll love til the day you die, but ultimately, people need to do things that make them happy.

4 08 2011
Bill Gibbons (20:45:23) :

The world is full of stupid people.

12 08 2011
cblack (05:05:30) :

The anti-tattoo people always seem to use the same silly argument: “you’re gonna regret it when you’re old”. Well, let me ask you this: how many grandpas / grandmas do you know who rue the day they got their tattoo?

Me? Never met one.

31 08 2011
Lauren (01:40:01) :

I got excited about the BASIC one (/head, body), but of course that’s because I’m a nerd. Also, there’s nothing wrong with tattoos. If they’re willing to live with them, then that’s them. No one is stupid for making that decision. Take me for example: I’ve got a very small, tasteful music note on my inner wrist that I could cover with a band-aid if necessary, and a treble bass heart on the top of my foot that is easily covered with shoes. How is it stupid for me to have that? It’s something I will always love. These may be a lot more eccentric, but they have reasons for getting them, and they may not have any reason for wanting to cover them up. So who cares what anyone else thinks. As long as it’s something they think they can live with. /2cents.

31 08 2011
Lauren (01:41:25) :

Oh and also, I thought a lot of these were cool. Some, questionable. But I wouldn’t call the majority of them stupid. Just saying.

25 10 2011
adam (10:38:32) :

theres some good ones and some bad ones but the person got it for a personal reason i dont get it but whatever. i love the one of the m&m about to get eaten. i want a triforce tattoo. i would never regret getting any tattoo i decide on. i would wear it with pride till the day i die

30 10 2011
hairbrush (20:59:02) :

i suppose half the people were drunk when they got these

10 02 2012
Holy Diver (02:30:03) :

People will get tattoos of anything these days for the mere pride of “getting inked.” If you’re going to get a permanent modification on your body, at least make sure it’ll mean something to you forever.

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