Pimp my bug

Insect Lab is an artist studio that customizes real insects with antique watch parts and electronic components. My only question is “Why?”.

Pimp my bug 17
Pimp my bug 23

Pimp my bug 1


Pimp my bug 2
Pimp my bug 3
Pimp my bug 4
Pimp my bug 5
Pimp my bug 6

Pimp my bug 7
Pimp my bug 8
Pimp my bug 9
Pimp my bug 10
Pimp my bug 11
Pimp my bug 12
Pimp my bug 13
Pimp my bug 14
Pimp my bug 15
Pimp my bug 16
Pimp my bug 18
Pimp my bug 19
Pimp my bug 20
Pimp my bug 21
Pimp my bug 22
Pimp my bug 24
Pimp my bug 25


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16 responses to “Pimp my bug”

22 12 2007
Cheryl72 (02:18:29) :

Beautiful!! Very original, too.

22 12 2007
kel (14:32:55) :

Aaaa don’t keep making questions… as Oscar Wilde said in “Dorian Gray”, “The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless”.
I prefer the butterflies and I guess the bugs were dead before, ok?

5 01 2008
~Chris~ (15:45:20) :

Who knew that dead bugs could look this cool?

6 01 2008
ok (01:12:58) :

bah, creepy…

18 01 2008
Xanthe (21:52:48) :

Those are lovely! Who wouldve thought to make dead bugs look like a work of art.

20 01 2008
Hayley (18:26:49) :

Do you agree with Oscar Wilde? I agree that this form of art is quite useless, but haven’t you realised how essential art is in our everyday life? all signs are art forms-how would you know which bathroom to go to if it didn’t have a girls’ sign outside?? lol. anyway, i think the idea of the watches is pretty interesting, maybe slightly eerie…

9 08 2008
Ann (06:00:23) :

OOOO KKKK !! Interesting for sure. I do like the mantis, but some body had WAY too much time on their hands!!

14 08 2008
marie (17:25:16) :

I hope these animals died naturally before being subjected to this. If that’s so,

I think they look cool.

20 08 2008
Charlene (15:32:14) :

Unique, fascinating and imaginative. Beautiful works of art that I would never wear of course. If they were affordable, I would want one. How about a raffle for one?

12 09 2008
liz (21:37:08) :

Its a bit hypocritical to expect the bugs to have died naturally unles you are one of those Buddhist monks who drinks through a strainer and sweeps in front of their feet so that they never harm any living thing. If you are one of those Buddhist monks, kudos! Love those insects, must be such delicate work to assemble all the parts. Ps don’t diss Oscar Wilde!

9 09 2009
JuanS (15:49:46) :

I am an insects fan and these guys look very nice!

14 09 2009
xKennyx (03:09:34) :

These are awesome. The scorpions are blowing my mind!

27 09 2009
T.P.S. (01:45:10) :

These are so cool. I would procure one of the butterflies if I could afford to.

12 10 2009
Tyfus (00:41:42) :

The only answer to the question posed in the last sentence: Why not?

4 11 2009
rich (21:00:27) :

@ liz….just letting you know, they’re not Buddhists who do that, they’re called Jainists, pretty similair, but not quite Buddhist.

12 02 2010
Isa (05:26:00) :

Why not indeed? They’re beautiful. Why do we need a reason to make something beautiful?

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