Mud houses

mud houses 1
Tonga Hills, near Bolgatanga, Ghana.
mud houses 2
Arge Bam, Bam, Iran

mud houses 3
Arge Bam, Bam, Iran
mud houses 4
Beehive houses near Al Hamra, Syria
mud houses 5
Wanli Changcheng – Jiayu guan


mud houses 6
Tradition house in Mahalapye, Botswana
mud houses 7
Santa Fe
mud houses 8
Saskatchewan sod house – Canada
mud houses 9
Sermentizon, Puy-de-Dôme, France
mud houses 10
Tomb of the Askias, Mali
mud houses 11
Djenné (Mali)
mud houses 12
Djinguereber Mosque, timbuktu
mud houses 13
Mali – mosque in Djenné
mud houses 14
Kibbutz Lotan, Israel
mud houses 15
Rancho de Taos New Mexico

mud houses 16
Sankore Mosque Timbuktu
mud houses 17
Obus House – Architecture of Cameroon
mud houses 18
Sa’dah, Yemen
mud houses 19
Gordon Laing House, Timbuktu
mud houses 20
Houses in Amran, Yemen
mud houses 21
Houses in Amran, Yemen
mud houses 22
Kibbutz Lotan Israel
mud houses 23
Sankore Mosque in Timbuktu


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11 responses to “Mud houses”

1 10 2008
fiona (14:43:31) :


1 10 2008
Sonic Reducer (18:51:37) :

Wow… and how are they inside? Warmy, dark?

2 10 2008
Susan (23:58:45) :

Thank you–I’ve always loved this type of architecture, but never had the opportunity to view so many varieties.

14 08 2009
Hashmatullah RASA (05:44:19) :

WOW.. The nature and beauty! The ecology and environmental friendly! I love it

2 03 2010
Mrs. Mosteller's class (20:47:26) :

We learned about mud houses in our Social Studies magazine so we wanted to see what different types there are. We were excited to see the different house styles. Does rain get in the windows?

5 01 2011
ami orellana (07:01:26) :


5 01 2011
karla vanessa german (07:05:57) :

WOW. I wouder how they made the mud houses.I just cant emagim how people can made a house of mud.That’s so coooool.

19 05 2011
kiki (22:25:50) :

I like mud houses. Those house are Cool!

14 06 2011
pryo (08:47:44) :

This is what I want, a cluster of mud houses. it seems I want to make real at my outbound camp accommodation type. it sound good, very unique and the only one at my country at Indonesia.

15 06 2011
Vishwa Vijay Dobhal (20:36:20) :

I would like to design a mudhouse in the farm house at New Delhi India

30 06 2011
uaysha (19:58:05) :

Beautiful houses are mud
And live in a matter of convenience and pleasure
I lived where I start my days are beautiful
I hope to come back and go back to live in like
Thank you for this beautiful photos

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