Meat house

Update: The chief of this creation, Jo, contacted me and was kind to provide me the recipe for The Meat House. (Thanks, Jo!)

Here it is, with his own words.

Starting to lay the walls on a bed of breadcrumbs

Building up the walls more

We decided kebab sticks would be a good addition to hold it together during the cooking

Creation of the lawn, (750g of sausage meat, seasoned with sage, and a load of food colouring)

Laying down the lawn, and starting the roof

Adding the roof, streaky bacon of course

A few more additions, some seasoning, a paprika car and a bird bath

Oven time!

100 minute later

Kebab stick removal, now everything inside is totally edible

And that’s it, meat house complete

~20 sausages
12 rashers of bacon
1kg of sausage meat
2/3 a packet of bread crumbs

meat house 1
meat house 24

meat house 25
meat house 17


meat house 16
meat house 8
meat house 15
meat house 19
meat house 14

meat house 18
meat house 20
meat house 21
meat house 28
meat house 11
meat house 12
meat house 10
meat house 27
meat house 23
meat house 13
meat house 3
meat house 4
meat house 5
meat house 7
meat house 9
meat house 6
meat house 2


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10 responses to “Meat house”

4 01 2008
Guillaume (11:44:28) :

Yerk…looks like Shrek’s house.

8 01 2008
Meathead (17:31:38) :

Hmmmm….how stoned are these guys?

9 01 2008
Foodlover (05:46:37) :


10 01 2008
Ernesto "Chuck" Guevara (23:04:16) :

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… gingermeat!

11 01 2008
Erik (01:51:01) :

please post the recipe. we have a debate going on as to what the green stuff is.

guess #1: blended meat with lots of green food coloring
guess #2: green frosting mixed with blended meat (mmm!)
guess #3: guacamole with artichoke and green food coloring

11 01 2008
schmiddy (07:01:52) :

How interesting.

11 01 2008
Zuza (10:23:56) :

Hey, Erik, you were almost right. :) The green stuff is spinach with blended meat.

19 01 2008
jonathan (00:58:23) :

no it isn’t.
the green stuff is mincemeat mixed with green food colouring.

30 01 2008
CLC (17:05:21) :

This house is amazing. I am a huge bacon and sausage enthusiast and could not be more pleased with how you put two of my favorite things to use. Is the lawn made of creamed spinach? How did the house taste? A friend of mine stumbled across a photo of the uncooked house and sent it to me and I in turn posted it on my blog thinking that he had made it – hope you don’t mind!

31 01 2008
Zuza (10:56:45) :

CLC, this is not my art and that is not spinach. At the beginning of the post you have the name of the chef and the recipe.

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