Gain some weight with a fast-food salad

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You’re on diet and you just want a salad for lunch to cut back those calories. Well, think before you buy from a fast-food restaurant. The salads have more calories and fats than the so called “calories bombs”, the sandwiches. Look at the next pictures and you will see for yourself.

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7 responses to “Gain some weight with a fast-food salad”

20 06 2007
jerry (20:54:30) :

Who has just a burger? I take mine with fries and a soda, you should add the calories on those as well. This seems kinda silly to me

7 09 2007
palindrome (22:48:17) :

Portion size! If you just compare the weights of both items, the salads are considerably larger. Also, does salad info include dressing?

8 09 2007
Zuza (08:34:13) :

Hello, Palindrome! I think the portion of a salad and the portion of a sandwich are both made to satisfy your hunger. A smaller salad would not be enough.

And, yes the salad dressing is included. Sorry for missing that information in the first post.

28 09 2007
Dana (07:19:54) :

it’s salad, coming from McDonalds, come on people, it’s still fast food, what would you expect.

14 02 2009
Jessica (02:14:39) :

I’ve had the salads before and I usually end up splitting them into two portions and eating the second the next day. I can easily go through two burgers however in one sitting.

Note: those delicious crispy noodles they add to them are horrendous for you. And the almonds/nuts would be good except that they’re all salted.

Frankly if you want to eat healthy make it at home and eat there or bring it with you. It’ll cost less too!

31 12 2009
Craig (08:56:56) :

How can you mess up a salad?
It’s a salad!

11 07 2011
KD (20:16:10) :

I, too, love the misdirection with the picture sizes versus how much food you’re actually getting. I can eat two double cheeseburgers in one sitting — easy.

But the McDonald’s salad there has over twice as much FOOD as a single burger, and is only 30 calories more, with ranch dressing (terribly high-cal unless you go for the light or fat free version) included.

All of the salads have better calorie/mass ratios except the taco salad, which is still just ordinary taco stuff in a different form and a little bit of lettuce anyway.

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