Extremely long nails

Need a back scratch? :P

longest nails 19

longest nails 20

longest nails 3
longest nails 4

longest nails 1

longest nails 5

longest nails 2


longest nails 6
longest nails 7
longest nails 8
longest nails 9
longest nails 10
longest nails 11
longest nails 12
longest nails 13
longest nails 14
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longest nails 21

longest nails 22
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33 responses to “Extremely long nails”

7 07 2007
anarkissed (03:40:28) :

Just how idle do these women have to be to grow such long nails? Would you need servants and lots of money? I break my nails any time they get longer than the tips of my fingers!

7 07 2007
HiPPo88 (05:17:40) :

Why do all the women look trashy????
Does it come with the long nails??

15 07 2007
Evangeline (03:21:02) :

what if you gotta go pee? HOw In the world would you unzip your pants? IMPOOSIBLAI! yes. forget it

27 07 2007
Melody (21:13:39) :

I use to work at a casino in Mesquite, Nv. as a security officer and a women (looking alot like that blonde with the outrageous nails) was in the casino and we straight up asked her how the hell do you wipe your ass or even go to the bathroom with those suckers and she said she has someone she hired and pays to do it. I don’t mind seeing really nice manicured nails but that is rediculous, what is the point of them being that long except that they get alot of stares and people whispering behind their backs.

29 07 2007
leviathan666 (02:29:18) :

I guess it is safe to assume that women with extremely long nails cannot get through the day on their own. I mean, how do they get dressed?

5 08 2007
Nick (01:12:43) :

How do they wipe their asses?

11 08 2007
YuriTora (19:53:43) :

There’s a lady who works at my hairdressing place with nails about the length of the brunette doing the split, and it’s AMAZING to watch her cut hair with them. They’re natural and she’s one of the best girls in the place as far as getting your hair cut.

17 08 2007
Magic (12:59:29) :

Alot of the women have really nice long nails, others look a little gross…but i congratulate them all for have the dedication.–Im working on mine.

22 08 2007
Eightoate (05:06:19) :

These woman freak my out, Especially the naked hairy chick with the red nails. Some people just take thinks to far. to each his/her own I guess

28 09 2007
Dana (07:43:52) :

all i can say is that’s meesed up. why go through the hassle to have something unatractive?

29 09 2007
stormz (17:33:55) :

well several people beat me to the punch.. how do they wipe there arses??..lol idle hands do make for interesting and bizarre characters..

1 10 2007
Wibi (15:20:49) :

Sick, gross, filthy claws, YUCH!

16 12 2007
kerry walsh (06:13:37) :

I would like thank the woman who took so much care in growing there nails so long,the comments above come from young small minds.

22 04 2008
yass (19:55:26) :

who can actually like nails that long???

2 05 2008
Manco (07:12:08) :

I like them this long its wery erotic.

10 05 2008
christhell (17:08:38) :

i think long nails are great as long as they maintain them nicely. im working to get mine as long as possible too.

20 05 2008
dave (00:44:32) :

i like long nails and i get very turned on by long nails i wish i could find the women of my dreams with these kind of nails the longer the better for me

21 05 2008
Tiger_Eyed_Lady (01:54:39) :

Just to clear some things up for “ignorant” people. My aunt is from Puerto-Rico, and she has extremely long nails. She is not “trashy”, she doesn’t even wear makeup and she is not “idle”. She does all her own housework, which amazes me. I asked her once how she washes her drinking glasses and she said that she just puts the scrubby down into the glass and then puts her nails down onto the scrubby and she swirls the scrubby around. So, there are many different ways to handle normal daily household work with nails like these posted above. Please people try to think before you just make such ignorant comments.

4 08 2008
jeff (08:46:10) :

i love long nails…….some of these are definitely too long though i have to admit. i’m always asking my wife to grow hers out……there is really only one real reason men like long nails….. and it’s because there is nothing like a great back scratch with great nails……like i said though most of these pics are way too long….there are a few though that were not .

20 01 2009
Ice (15:26:36) :

What makes me wonder is what do these women work with?! Do they ever wash under the nails? How do they dress, go to the bathroom, use a computer?
Are these women, in their own eyes, ugly, and therefore wants to be pretty by having long nails? In my opinion they fail miserably. I DO like long nails, but the pretty ones and not crooked and bent nails.
I’ve only had 7mm long nails but that is because I work as an Archaeologist and can’t have longer nails.

15 05 2009
pearl barker (19:36:18) :

my name is pearl, and i love my long nails
i have nails that are just over 2 inches i paint them and draw things on them. i have no problem working. i groom pets i have been growing them about 5 years and been running my grooming business 10 years. the only things i have problems with are small buttens and zippers and picking up needles and doing up ear rings and necklaces but i use forceps for things like that. i work on the computer 4 hours a day and cook. clean have a garden, and even pulled the rug out of my living room. yes i have broken them but it’s nothing to fix then a little crazy glue and silk rap and there good to go. i also look after 19 pets dogs cats and exotics. i keep them clean by scrubbing them with tooth past and brush. my choice of color is hot pink with black flames on the ends. this is the second time my nails have been this long … last time i went for surgery and a nurse thought they were fake and ripped them off. i was not very happy with her. now for wiping my ass well no problem just use a little more paper is all lol some may think they are gross but each to there own. just keep it to yourself i may not like something about that person but i don’t say anything. why do i grow them well because I CAN lol

9 06 2009
dutchman (06:20:43) :

Wow, nails over 2 inches ! We don’t see nails of the length in Holland. I admire any woman who has the courage to let them grow so long. Does it look trashy No, not al all. It is just wonderful, and I worship any woman with such long nails.

16 08 2009
robin (15:16:16) :

hy i’m from groningen netherlands and my nails are currently 6 inches =15.5 cm long about. i had them grown since 1998 until they reached a length of 6 to 7 inches, my pinky finger was at longest 23 cm = 9 inches.
and yes they did curve, my righthand straight inwards-with a closed fist my nails pass by my wrists and stick up next to it. and my left hand curved rotating left an could thus be laid along my wrist.
in 2004 they were torn off in a an act of rape against me, and now i’m trying to let them grow afgain. in the meantime i have them now fake. of my own legth
i have been used to them so much i couldn’t do anything at the first days i left the hospital. so thats why they are fake now.
and no i’m not trashy, i am my own shop owner in fantasy and fashion, with clothing, makeup, furniture, games, gardening etc. i even am a 23 year experienced nail artist.
for those fools how i wipe my ass??: i use toilet paper.
yes somethings i do different than others, like typing on the pc (i can do it with my nails, knuckels but mostly with a pencil-80 hits a minute)
lifting large stuff(like boxes and refrigirators is indeed more difficult and could cost me a nail, but men are always handy in this, they always offer it to do it for you so why try y’rself.
and anything else i can do myself, including picking things up, ye learn the tricks of the trade. in those years.
i can’t and won’t ever do without at least.
people should stop putting their own limited mind on others and starting to look beyond their own capabilities. anybody can learn and act to things like long nails and get used to them, but people mostly prefer thinking in stereotypes than respecting others and trying to imaging to do it themselves.
a leprous person can also still act normally and they have often no fingers at all.
think beyond the box and act like it
respect that is what counts

17 10 2009
Brittney (17:11:19) :

Well when it’s your natural nails, you’re just used to it, I have very long nails and when you’re just doing your daily routine while your nails are growing, you’re able to work with them, it’s like they’re not even there since they’re a part of your body. I know how to get dressed and everything with my nails, I don’t have a problem. I also type with them, so whenever they break, I really don’t know how to work with my fingers, it feels and gets weird. However, if they person is wearing fake nails, then I don’t know how they work them since they’re not used to them the first time. The worst thing about growing your real nails long, is when they break, they hurt like hell and they tear off your flesh underneath, it happens to me a lot, I hate it.

31 01 2010
haya (02:33:54) :


29 06 2010
stanton (17:30:14) :

Geez, why do people have to pass such snide and tactless comments? Women who grow long nails have every right to do it, AND they should be respected as any other women would want to be respected. And in my opinion, women with long nails are as feminine than women with short nails. Infact I find women with some nail length tend to be more feminine. To all the ladies out there ho posess long nails, keep growing them, because you are bucking the boring trend of short nails, and you want to be unique for yourself and not be one of the boring millions with short nails.
If any long nailed lady would like to correspond with me, i would be happy to.

29 06 2010
edgie (17:33:10) :

Only things that are gross to me are women with VERY short nails (where you can still see the fingerafter the end of the nail, and wear nail polish, and worse, chipped nail polish. That is gross. 99% of the women I have seen who have long to very nails have beautifully maintained, immaculately loved nails!! How many short nailed women even bother to clean their nails. Short nails are boring, period!

28 11 2010
Lovely (12:50:42) :

Is it hard to do things? Not on an ignorant way. But I got my nails done for prom and was literally handicap for the next two weeks. I had to take it off after then. How does one open doors, lock locks, text, etc?

13 01 2011
Amy (06:02:51) :

Beautiful! I envy these woman, their nails are amazing. Mine grow just past the finger, and that’s it >.< XD

14 06 2011
roza (17:03:45) :

i wanna know how to grow my nails even just half that tall of their nails…plzz anyone replay….i have a wedding next month and my nails are too short :(:(:(

27 09 2011
Brittany (09:52:20) :

Nasty! Having nails that long is just plain nasty. You really would have to hire someone to wipe you after going to the bathroom. That’s just so sad. I bet those women can’t work for a living due to their ridiculous nails. Gross.

12 02 2012
Rachel (03:19:49) :

I’m a young female from the states and would love for my nails to be about as long as the one’s in the 9th picture down. Having longer nails isn’t gross as long as you take care of them as these women obviously have. Proper nail care is not easy so I greatly respect these women for being able to get them this long.

25 05 2012
Dorothy (21:51:59) :

First allow me to say they wipe their ass like you do with tissue! Second idle isn’t the case it’s like grown in hair depending on how you care for it they will grow. If you really want to know how your nails grow, grow them out you will find out that natural nails past a certain point will not look how women are programmed to think. Fake nails are plastic and therefore look straight & even but your own nails may grow that way until a certain point. If they bend & curve you embrace it because it’s like accepting your own flaw & embracing it.

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