Driftwood Horses by Heather Jansch

The work of Heather Jansch started from her two passions: drawing and horses. She has a very interesting and diverse biography, many exhibitions, one book published (Heather Jansch’s Diary: A Year in the Life of…..), and another one in progress.

driftwood horses heather jansch 1

driftwood horses heather jansch 27

driftwood horses heather jansch 4

driftwood horses heather jansch 5

driftwood horses heather jansch 6


driftwood horses heather jansch 8

driftwood horses heather jansch 9

driftwood horses heather jansch 10

driftwood horses heather jansch 11

driftwood horses heather jansch 12

driftwood horses heather jansch 13

driftwood horses heather jansch 16

driftwood horses heather jansch 17

driftwood horses heather jansch 18

driftwood horses heather jansch 19

driftwood horses heather jansch 20


driftwood horses heather jansch 21

driftwood horses heather jansch 22

driftwood horses heather jansch 23

driftwood horses heather jansch 24

driftwood horses heather jansch 25

driftwood horses heather jansch 26

driftwood horses heather jansch 28

driftwood horses heather jansch 30

driftwood horses heather jansch 31

driftwood horses heather jansch 33

driftwood horses heather jansch 34

And some other animals

driftwood horses heather jansch 3

driftwood horses heather jansch 15

driftwood horses heather jansch 32

driftwood horses heather jansch 7

driftwood horses heather jansch 14


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165 responses to “Driftwood Horses by Heather Jansch”

18 09 2009
marinus (20:32:13) :

Well, this is unusual. That’s a big compliment for me: i find true originality quite rare, despite the torrents of poseurs. It’s so odd i can’t decide whether i like it or not.
It’s certainly at least a bucket of water in the face. Thanks lady.

19 09 2009
russ (00:16:44) :

very nice!

it looks like you ripped the skin off.

19 09 2009
The FireSoul (21:08:15) :

Incredible.. I love it :-)

19 09 2009
George (21:25:34) :

I am in awe. Just amazing.

19 09 2009
the atavist (22:13:41) :

absolutely beautiful!

19 09 2009
billywayne (22:17:53) :

Beautiful art. Leaves me a bit “spooky” feeling, as well. You see silhouettes of things you think are alive, but when you look closely, it is not.

19 09 2009
Travis (23:10:42) :

Wow… that’s some beautiful artwork there

19 09 2009
Marion (23:28:03) :

Love the pigs, I want one! Where did you get all the driftwood, I roam out beaches but never find nice bits like these! Thank you for the beautiful creations.

19 09 2009
schmeven (23:46:05) :

God, those are beautiful!

19 09 2009
Mr Cakey (23:47:39) :

These are amazing. Where are they?

20 09 2009
Alex (01:22:19) :

this stuff was interesting the first time I saw it just because she used a material I had never seen before, but now it’s starting to seem gimmicky. Like it’s the only thing she does and she’s just keeping at it because it gets her money.

20 09 2009
Willy (01:27:52) :

Wow, i like horses and you have made good replicas of them, congratulations ans thanks for another piece of art.

I want one, how much it cost ?

20 09 2009
cass (01:30:48) :

this is amazing! what a work of art-kudos to Heather!

20 09 2009
Jason H (02:28:18) :

Wow, this is really amazing artwork!
Seriously, this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
I really like the bear, it looks very realistic and if I ran into that at night, I think I would freak out.
This is some real talent.

20 09 2009
Joshua (05:04:13) :

Awesome Sculptures, or are they Wood models? Anyway , beautiful to say the least. Glad I had a chance to see them

20 09 2009
knightsintodreams (06:37:31) :

these are incredible~!!!
i’m so impressed, how lovely~!!!!!

20 09 2009
ron (06:59:30) :

awsome really great looking work ….my only question is how do i get one made and how much?

20 09 2009
virginia brannon gascon (08:06:56) :

you are so good ! wonderful !

20 09 2009
lynn (08:08:06) :

These are incredible! Beautiful…you’re an inspiration!!

20 09 2009
Terocon101 (08:25:24) :

Remarkable, If I wasnt falling asleep in the late a.m I’d elaborate.

20 09 2009
Mike M. (08:43:08) :

Awesome!!!…. they look so realistic. That is definitely what I call artwork!

20 09 2009
Molly V (09:52:17) :

i think they are creepy. they remind me of the body works displays where real dead bodies are stripped of their skin in various poses and then preserved. i mean of course they are impressive but if i had one of these in my yard i don’t know if i could ever sleep.

20 09 2009
Sara (10:02:54) :

I saw one of these at the museum in Pittsburgh. It was very cool.

20 09 2009
Patricia (10:20:43) :

These are truly wonderful. They look so easy somehow, yet impossible. I am awed by the art and the work that goes into these.

20 09 2009
underexposed (10:35:07) :

wow amazing work…fits great ;)
looks like muscular tissue :)

20 09 2009
Sandy Wren (14:22:16) :

They are the best pieces of original sculpture I have seen in an awfully long time. REAL ART.

20 09 2009
Ken Adair (16:14:55) :

Excellent work…just amazing.

20 09 2009
kd (19:36:24) :

omg! thats so cool!

20 09 2009
Denise (20:51:43) :

These pictures take my breath away.
They have such a sense of wonder, spirtualness (ghostly appearance), and absolute beauty! Truely unique.

20 09 2009
Chris Ronk (22:29:32) :

Wow! these are great. The drift wood is a perfect medium for the horses.
I really enjoyed this post. thanks.

21 09 2009
michaelann bewsee (00:40:41) :

Powerfuland poignant. I love driftwood and horses awe me; this artist has combined both.

21 09 2009
Vida (00:48:29) :

Debra Butterfield has been doing this for over 30 years. Same materials. Same subject matter.

21 09 2009
squidtrainer (01:28:47) :

Not original. Straight rip offs of Deborah Butterfield.

21 09 2009
Brianna Murdoch (02:52:53) :

Puts a whole new meaning to saw horse!

21 09 2009
Jim W (05:02:43) :

Please tell me you credit Deborah Butterfield at least somewhere for being an inspiration!

21 09 2009
DreDee (06:01:04) :

Incredible. I hope the ability to see them in the wood stays with you forever. You are blessed…thanks for sharing it.

21 09 2009
Marita (11:44:10) :

What magic you create. Thank you for sharing it with me. It has lifted my soul.

21 09 2009
robb (13:05:38) :

wow building this gotta take a lot of time and effort.
and it’s absolutely beautiful.

21 09 2009
Kelly (16:04:47) :

nice, I like the bear especially.

21 09 2009
Foyertopp Squeat (18:24:54) :

Deborah Butterfield is certainly wonderful and original, but this has advanced well beyond her. The movement that is so enormously engaging in Jansch’s works is the very thing Butterfield said shouldn’t be attempted. That’s why these are better: incredibly more detailed and far more courageous of the sculptor.

21 09 2009
Darby (18:46:00) :

Fantastic I really love the work

21 09 2009
Adar (21:20:09) :

beautiful work, the most wonderful woodwork i’ve seen.
you have incredible hands, and an inspiring art.

21 09 2009
Margaret (21:32:07) :

These are absolutely beautiful sculptures, showing individuality in the different horses and foals. Because someone else works in a similar medium in no way takes away from the art and creativity of another. If you check out Heather Jansch’s website you will see that she grew up in England and lives and works there now. Her profile explains the long route she took to arrive at her amazong art form and, I think, authenticates it.
Deborah Butterfield, who also does somewhat similar work, it seems, lives and works in America. Both artists should be viewed and judged on their own merrits.

22 09 2009
Ming Lien (01:19:02) :

This is truly amazing!

22 09 2009
jolynn weaster (02:17:11) :

just incredible. absolutely the most wonderful thing ive seen in a long time.
i need a herd for the back forty…these i wont have to feed

22 09 2009
Gayle (04:54:34) :

I am mesmerized by these sculptures. What an eye you have Heather for seeing the endless possibilities in a piece of wood. Others have done something similar, but you have taken it to another dimension.

22 09 2009
Rakesh (07:56:41) :

Great! Imaginative idea

22 09 2009
Honey (10:14:46) :

Those sculptures are absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing.

22 09 2009
sir jorge (19:53:59) :

those are really impressive

22 09 2009
julian (20:23:22) :

Congrats!!! really nice work, they look pretty real in their tree way. Love it!

22 09 2009
doug l (21:11:41) :

Beautiful designs. She is very prolific too! Her work looks as if she were inspired by the horse sculptures of artists Debra Butterfield from a couple of decades ago, though these are less symbolica nd more accessible and are more about being a horse lover and less about the concept, or so it seems. but right or not, these are marvelous and hope people become more aware of horses and their magnetic appeal. The other creatures too, very jolly with a personal sense of presence. I wish her well.

23 09 2009
jonathan (00:25:23) :

These are well crafted and very beutiful… but original? No…

Deborah Butterfield has been making similar work for nearly 30 years… she’s in every major museum collection I can think of. Her work is included in most freshman level contemporary art survey courses…

23 09 2009
Becca (07:42:12) :

Wow. How incredibly intricate!

23 09 2009
danderhall (13:32:16) :

very interesting images i would love to see them

23 09 2009
Roger Dunn (22:10:27) :

Absolutely wonderful, what talent, so very original.

23 09 2009
Pat Johnson (22:49:39) :

These are incredible works of art. You have captured the essence and spirit of each animal – each appears to be alive. Keep creating…the world needs more great art! Pat

23 09 2009
Paresh (23:13:35) :

Love it!… :)

Just a silly question to everyone: How does she do it? I mean, she must chisel some wood right, or is it all as-found? :/

24 09 2009
Mindscapertoday (00:34:08) :

What great creativity and use of resources!!! Just stunning.

24 09 2009
jen R (00:53:02) :

Absolutely beautiful. I love horses and as child read the book about the Chincoteague ponies. Seeing these horses in the water reminded me of that wonderful book I read as a child.

24 09 2009
pete (01:46:03) :

I saw an original at the SF airport…Wayyyy cool, what surprise!

24 09 2009
kathie tidwell (02:09:14) :

These are just amazing! I have never seen anything like this. I would love a chance to see these in person.

24 09 2009
drew (02:27:07) :

Well, marinus, that’s an unusual comment. That’s a big compliment for me: i find true pretentiousness quite rare these days, despite the torrents of reasonable people. It’s so odd i can’t decide whether anyone actually talks this way or not.
It’s certainly at least a bucket of water in the face. Thanks buddy.

24 09 2009
Lynn (02:44:41) :

Wonderful and awe inspiring! I could tell right away that they are Arabian horses!

24 09 2009
e (03:37:40) :

amazing and wonderfully beautiful, what a talent!

24 09 2009
Karen (06:31:03) :

I came across your site and your art is beautiful! will come back and visit this site again…

24 09 2009
Gábor (09:02:30) :

Hi Girls,

This is great! I think your horses, pigs and bears are living! What a fantastic talent you’ve got! Congratulations!

24 09 2009
Francis Kernow (11:33:21) :

Always admired the Horse and Pigs at the Eden Project.

24 09 2009
Phil S. (11:38:27) :

I used to sculpt/make this sort if thing at Art College, out of bits of wood, bent wire or even old car parts, but never out of driftwood – they simply look beautiful.

Great work!

24 09 2009
Jonny (13:40:54) :

Amazing, and those last animals too. The bear looks so real :D

24 09 2009
joni schroering (15:46:23) :

Wonder-filled sculptures. Truly a marvelous sense for

24 09 2009
joni schroering (15:47:52) :

Wonderful sense of vitality. Also impressive photography. Great stuff! Thanks.

24 09 2009
Tarasview (19:39:36) :

I love these- so beautiful! I especially love the ones on the beach… it just looks like it fits so perfectly. Thank-you!

24 09 2009
Tasmania (19:48:17) :

very cool, how many driftwood horses has she made?!

24 09 2009
Sidney (20:29:22) :

I love the works of art that you have made with the driftwood. I can’t guess the hours of hard work that you have put into each horse. I’m amazed by the out come of the finished product. You are a true artist!

25 09 2009
Nora (00:38:17) :

Wow, these are BEAUTIFUL!! Absolutely amazing. I think maybe the first photo is my fave, driftwood sculptures in the water seems like a nice fit:)

25 09 2009
Ayrdale (02:59:24) :

In a world where the elitist art snob phonies wax lyrical over a pile of trash on the floor, these are works of beauty.

“Truth is beauty, beauty truth…”

…and I’ll bet no forcibly extracted taxpayer dollars went into their making.

25 09 2009
Sana (04:23:17) :

@jen R Oh, thank goodness someone else has read those books!

You know, driftwood works best for horses, and this is the reason why. Look back at all the myths surrounding the birth/creation of horses, and you’ll see that they were born of wind and wave and surf, with manes and tails of sea foam and eyes wild with life. It may not be true to evolutionary form…but oh, what better birth could there be?

25 09 2009
Shannon (08:30:27) :

WOW~ I’m exhausted just THINKING about the work put into these! Thanks for sharing them with us! :D

25 09 2009
lisa schneider (08:37:03) :

Absolutely beautiful!

25 09 2009
Brett Pavlow (10:03:05) :

Those are very cool I loved it

25 09 2009
KinKStar (10:29:11) :

Simply awe-mazing! They all look so graceful and alive, which is kinda creepy, but I like ‘em!

25 09 2009
Sheri Piccone (16:33:36) :

Incredible pieces, the horses are so perfectly proportioned with there beautiful delicate feet holding them up so strongly. Must be amazing to search though all that driftwood to find the perfect piece for each part of the puzzle. I Love i your work. Where are you based and do you ever run workshops?
Best of Luck

25 09 2009
Patrice Jantorno (16:38:26) :

Are these for sale?

25 09 2009
Michelle (17:29:32) :

I have read all the comments here, and I have to disagree with the posts which say that Heather’s horses are ANYTHING like Butterfields. While Butterfield’s are nice, by comparison they are childish and immature. Heather has actually put thought and much time in making these look detailed, realistic, and alive…not Butterfield. Does it matter who did this first? Not so much. It is more about who does it best, as well as with her own eye, making them entirely different than Butterfield’s horses. Heather, I sincerely hope (from one artist to another) that you are receiving the full worth of these sculptures. If anything, the aesthetic value alone is mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing these photographs. I hope to see these amazing works of art in person one day soon.

25 09 2009
april edwards (18:17:42) :

Truelly amazing! We are a family of horse owners,and you have the composition of the body down perfect.Reflecting all the muscles.Great work..My daughter is a barrel racer and Rodeo Queen and she will be amazed as well…

25 09 2009
tbluvr (18:53:20) :

wow love them they look so real

25 09 2009
francine grimm (19:14:08) :

Thank you for adding much needed beauty to the world.

25 09 2009
M875 (20:44:00) :

People are so quick to judge someone’s artwork. If you look throughout art history, artist have been inspired by other artist and have also mimicked their techniques. We should embrace someone’s talents. This artist does some amazing things and I would challenge anyone to try to accomplish this.

25 09 2009
Elizabeth (22:24:32) :

Such powerful Art you have created. Stunning. So beautiful. I’m in complete awe…

25 09 2009
Mary Blue (22:58:57) :

Thank you for sharing.WOW

25 09 2009
Sculptor George Lucas (23:19:33) :

Amazing. They capture the essence of “horse”
And for those who declare they are a “ripoff” of Deborah Butterfield, I suggest you Google Ms Butterworth’s work and take notes- from what I see, when she works in driftwood, she tends more toward an outline of the animal -more like a 3-D line drawing. When artists work similar materials on similar subjects there are bound to be similarities. These Jansch works trot circles around those of Ms. Butterworth. George Lucas (not THAT one)

26 09 2009
ninamosha (02:18:42) :

Mesmerizing! is the word. Amazing . I love horses and this artist has captured the esscense. Thankyou for sharing the experience.

26 09 2009
TommyJ (05:15:01) :

Just wondering what sort of joinery is employed? It has to be sound as it supports her weight! Great.

26 09 2009
judi straight (07:15:29) :

Your work is really beautiful. You make them seem as if they are real. You are very talented.

26 09 2009
Neil Murphy (11:47:22) :

This talented lady truly take nothing and creates something out of it.

26 09 2009
sandra windle (17:19:33) :

You are such an amazing gifted artist. This was so interesting and different.
Continue your amazing art.

27 09 2009
Doreen (02:14:48) :

This is such beautiful artwork and made out of natural wood and so lifelike I love it.

27 09 2009
pao juarez favila (03:25:06) :

wowwwwww is so amaziing!!!!!!! keep on doing this !!

27 09 2009
Nancy Winter (05:47:33) :

For those who see fit to slam Ms. Jansch for copying someone else’s work…have you ever heard the expression that imitation is the greatest form of flattery? It’s quite a compliment, in my opinion, that the idea came from someone else, inspired Ms. Jansch, and she took it to the extreme of her talent, which takes NOTHING away from Ms. Butterworth! Both ladies have awesome talent, in their own right, and should be thanked for sharing this incredible artwork with the rest of the world, and those of us who can only dream of having such extreme talent!!!!!!!!!!!

27 09 2009
peterp (05:54:08) :

Is this for real? I mean, you haven’t just replaced an actual horse by drift wood on screen?
These horses look so much alive! Much more than any horse sculpture I have seen…

27 09 2009
Rosaliee (06:52:50) :

wow..amazingg..i wish u sold them they would be beautiful decoratives in my house!

27 09 2009
Nico (09:07:03) :

Wow… cool…

27 09 2009
Debbie (11:14:52) :

Hey Alex: Artists have to live too. These are unique. I would buy one if I had a place to put it. She does do other work but it is clear she has a passion for horses and if that’s all she ever does it is still a gift to the rest of us who only wish they could do one artistic thing well.

27 09 2009
Dennell Ross (16:32:08) :

That is true Art it blew me away never seen nothing like that befor i love you have the gift to create something so beautiful and unique. Love it

27 09 2009
ximena (21:59:50) :

Beautiful horses, how do you select the wood?

28 09 2009
Niki (10:23:55) :

You have captured the true spirit of the horse.
Keep them coming. They are a joy to behold!

28 09 2009
alexruesch (17:52:33) :

What an eye for anatomy! I am most taken with the horses. The impression of fascia and musculature is wonderful, and I do believe there is some life of horses in that wood.

29 09 2009
mantovani (08:23:48) :

Where and how can your wonderful art be aquired ?

29 09 2009
DeeLou (08:57:29) :

Wow! These look like Thestrals from Harry Potter haha

29 09 2009
mihnea (18:47:04) :

horses feet look so real!

29 09 2009
Pat S. (20:56:24) :

Life-sized homages to one of nature’s most beautiful creatures! Fantastic!

30 09 2009
Mark (00:59:25) :

Really nice pieces of art! My compliments!


30 09 2009
Audrey Moorhouse (07:30:24) :

Absolutely wonderful! I am an artist and write about horses. They are beautiful, and belong in a museum, but perhaps outdoors in their milieu is best. Thank you, Heather.

1 10 2009
heliosmou (01:44:35) :

That said. You have a remarkable ability to show movement, which suggests life, and that’s totally Classical.

1 10 2009
Marcy (03:02:10) :

Saying that one artist copies another because they’re using the same medium to create their art is like saying Picasso and Chagall copied each other because they both did paintings of people in oils.

Love these. Put me in the camp of liking these more than Butterfield’s versions.

1 10 2009
Krystal (07:15:12) :

This is very beautiful. I am awe struck. Great work.

1 10 2009
Jim Weaver (20:44:57) :

SPEC….TAC…ULAR !!!! A true JOY to behold!!


2 10 2009
Denise (01:06:32) :

OMG!!!!! these are truly amazing thank you for sharing. I too am a lover of horse’s.. truly awsome!! great work.

2 10 2009
T.A. Paxton (19:41:44) :

This really reminds me of the meaning of awesome! From a distance I’d almost expect them to whinny. In fact if you hid a tape recorder nearby on halloween you could probably trick someone into thinking they are horse ghosts on a dim evening…

3 10 2009
Mare (15:38:22) :

These works of art are simply astonishing. Thank you for your inspired and innovative creativity!

5 10 2009
Angela (11:08:13) :

While they’re nice, but I agree they’re a rip off. I also disagree that this artist’s work captures the ‘soul’ or the spirit of the animal more than the original artist. This artist’s work is more detailed and literal; Butterfield’s work is more abstract, leaving the viewer to finish the work with their eyes and brain, rather than just giving us all the information upfront.

5 10 2009
DR (21:35:15) :

Saying that one artist copies another because they’re using the same medium to create their art is like saying Picasso and Chagall copied each other because they both did paintings of people in oils.

Love these. Put me in the camp of liking these more than Butterfield’s versions.

12 10 2009
jacqui (21:16:49) :

woww, these are beautiful. just amazing

13 10 2009
Zen Moments (23:16:58) :

How Heather Jansch first had the idea to make horses from driftwood, is described in this inspiring story: http://www.zenmoments.org/the-beginning/

13 10 2009
ArtyNess (23:44:02) :

You can find answers to lots of questions about Heather Jansch’s work here, on her website: http://www.heatherjansch.com/students-qa.php

14 10 2009
Ellie (02:03:42) :


14 10 2009
angel (04:10:31) :

your hands who have built these incredible works of art, you are blessed.

14 10 2009
wendy p ramsden (12:53:38) :

Wow, wonderful wish I could do that but I appreciated your art.

15 10 2009
SuperJeweler (02:15:01) :

These are incredible, almost surreal. I’m glad you showed the shots of you in the creation process are just as incredible. Just … wow.

15 10 2009
Digital Dojo (04:35:13) :

very cool.. absolutely beautiful!!!

17 10 2009
ivonne (02:46:20) :

congratulations for your work you capture the perfect expresion of the animal in a wonderfull material like the wood.

18 10 2009
unkown (20:29:54) :

Tese are amazing I really love th bear

7 11 2009
snowcdh (00:49:32) :

Sorry, but these are definitely NOT original… You see these a lot in the NW, by several different “artists”.

8 11 2009
Susie (02:07:25) :

Oh, my!!!

These are perfectly stunning and wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

What a creative gift you have… and I’m so glad it’s been sharing with others this way.

If only I were rich…………………………… sigh

9 11 2009
aron dumas (10:07:30) :

truly original art!!! i have loved and dabbled in driftwood ever since summer camp as a kid. what you have done deserves great merit.
hats of to ya! art is life.

30 12 2009
Vicki (23:14:46) :

Wow! Just wow!

24 01 2010
Lilian (22:49:27) :

Very clever idea.
Absolutely wonderful!

30 01 2010
Earl (02:45:01) :


7 02 2010
sam (23:29:19) :

thats so amazing
i want one :D

8 02 2010
dutchboy (01:31:58) :

wow! the forms are very realistic

8 05 2010
Disavra (06:19:13) :

Your artwork is in one word beautiful. Nature is in complete with horses especially.

Best wishes!

31 05 2010
Dee (16:57:32) :

Absolutely beautiful, cannot imagine the work that is involved but this artist has defined the movement and vitality of one of the most noble and obliging creatures know to man or woman – how wondeful to celebrate them in such a spectacular way !

9 06 2010
Winsom (15:23:17) :

AWESOME!!.thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork.

9 11 2010
Krissie (14:37:03) :

I haven’t read all of the comments but I read enough to reinforce my feelings that the world of art is damned by petty snobbery. Why can’t some people accept what they see for what it is? I love horses and I have always found wood to be attractive and what I see when I look at these creations is something quite beautiful and clever and inspiring. Full credit to the artist for producing something that brings pleasure to many eyes. There are many who use oils or many who use charcoal or any number of different materials – should they all be labelled as copycats? Grow up people, art for most of us mere mortals is something we at least find attractive, but then again some of you no doubt would prefer to look at a pile of bricks or maybe a untidy bed. Each to their own!

5 04 2011
Jan (23:50:27) :

These are really awesome. That is amazing how the artist gets just the right pieces of wood (etc.) and puts them together to look so much like animal that she is doing. Very fantastic!

7 04 2011
Sue Maki (20:51:00) :

Your work is amazing. I come from a long line of talented people, but this is AWESOME. My hat is off to you.

8 04 2011
Cathyrn (23:05:21) :

how can you contact this lady if you wish to purchase one of these unique horses?

3 05 2011
Loretta (02:34:12) :

I was sent a showing of her work to my e-mail by a friend and i’m so greatful she did. Jan has an amazing eye for detail. I almost expected them to come out of the pictures and come up and eat out of your hand. The world is a better place with you in it. You saw something that not everyone can see. I look forward to see what she does in the coming years. Keep up the good work!

5 05 2011
Roxanne (22:05:46) :

I am truly stunned with the beauty, the lifelike quality, the movement of your horses. You have an amazing talent and your love of these magnificent creatures is evident in your creations. I especially like the pictures of your creatures interacting with each other. AMAZING, AWESOME, INSPIRING, SPIRITUAL. Thank you so much.

12 05 2011
Sandy King (17:04:44) :

Wow, you are so talented! I have loved horses all my life and have even had the pleasure of owning one and working at various stables over the years. Amazing!

29 05 2011
Pam (08:33:18) :

wow so amazing just love your work Heather….I would love to buy a couple and have them in my garden :)

28 07 2011
Ricki (11:35:20) :

I can’t get around how extremely similar Jansch and Butterfield’s work is if there is no homage to or comment on Butterfield’s original sculptures or something akin to them. It’s not the same as using charcoal as many others do- it’s the same as using charcoal and creating a series of supposedly fresh, creative drawings of the same object as someone else. It’s just too close. Which doesn’t mean these pieces are not beautifully crafted, but not so creative.

3 09 2011
Arline (02:27:51) :

You are truly gifted! To be able to use driftwood to make such beautiful horses from it is extremely impressive. Where can they be purchased — if that is possible?

11 10 2011
Oakleaf (18:33:09) :

I first saw these a couple of years ago, and loved them.
Reading all the comments, it is clear how jealous some people are..but there is nothing ”new” in art or literature… everyone tends to glean ideas from others, no matter what the medium.
These horses are wonderful, but may not last long outdoors..England has old wood structures, follies &c made from stumps and old bits of timber, and when these decay, they look even better! I would think that these horses are very expensive, and this is maybe where the envy comes in? Banksy the graffiti artist copied the great French stencil artists, and so it goes on…Banksy is a multi millionaire now, I imagine, and local graffiti artists grumble and gripe-Banksy was lucky, and pushed the boundaries.

19 10 2011
Emma (22:07:02) :

How do you manage to get so much detail from the wood? How long does it take you to find the exact piece for each model? It’s just amazing I could look at these all day long…where exactly can they be purchased if possible?

1 11 2011
Gwenda (11:59:27) :

I think I may have back one of these in the Cup! They’re impressive!

29 11 2011
claire (04:30:38) :

i love love love love them i might get one how much?


27 12 2011
Mike Folsom (23:03:45) :

Deborah Butterfield’s stuff is also very good, but it is not the same. This is not a rip-off; all art is derivative in at least some ways. We make art from our own lives and from what we observe in the lives of others. That is, fundamentally, all we have, and then we extend and elaborate with imagination and creativity, which Heather has done. In Spades!

Heather, ignore the critics. Your work is splendid.

20 01 2012
melissa (22:43:29) :

Just finding these and they are amazing!!! I looked at Butterfield’s and there is simply NO COMPARISON! Credit is due if Butterfield originated the “idea” of driftwood sculptures of horses, but just as with every great inspiration, someone is bound to tweek and create an even more wonderful piece of art … Kudos to both!

14 02 2012
Gillian Hardy (18:48:17) :

Saw your wonderful horse sculptures on ‘Flog It’ this afternoon. I think that they are absolutely fantastic.

17 02 2012
siobhan (15:10:06) :

Iam humbly and trully amazed by these creations. I am not an “art” expert but those horses I found really moving. I am going to have a look at the other artists she is supposed to have “copied” but all I can say is that I cannot believe anyone could capture the essence and spirit of the animal better than she does!

7 04 2012
misti (00:14:32) :

My mom would love a horse done like this, it’s so awesome.

10 07 2012
KC (13:38:24) :

Absolutely breath-taking!! It is like seeing the musculature of the horses in a most beauty-full way!!

31 12 2012
LH (21:01:19) :

Absolutely AMAZING!!!! They are so beautiful!
Yes, I’ve seen similar work by other artists, but none were as realistic, graceful, and as full of personality as these.

13 02 2013
Daphne (11:22:08) :

I have been fascinated with your sculptures for quite some time. I dream of owning one someday. What a gift you have to be able to see the kind of beauty the driftwood horses would become. They are wonderful thank you for putting beauty in the world using resources already available.

Daphne Dean

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