Cool inventions

cool inventions 4

The weight watch belt

cool inventions 24
Fati’s lips

cool inventions 9

Volkswagen Pool Table

cool inventions 2

Pet Peek

cool inventions 6
Pantone Colour Mug Range

cool inventions 4
cool inventions 5
cool inventions 7


cool inventions 8
cool inventions 10
cool inventions 14
cool inventions 5

The drinkin’ tray

Cool inventions 13
Climbing Wall Light

cool inventions 20
Stairs drawer

cool inventions 15

Titanic lamp

cool inventions 19
Book Safe


cool inventions 17
Shower Mic

cool inventions 27
cool inventions 11

cool inventions 16
cool inventions 21

The Lull lamp

cool inventions 23

Craftmade Ceiling Fans Warbirds Tiger Shark Indoor fan.

cool inventions 22

Gloves designed by Tobias Wong

cool inventions 25
Brushed Aluminium Armadillo Breadbin

cool inventions 30
cool inventions 26
PRO Thumb Wrestling

cool inventions 28

Penguin Tea Timer

1 1

Nose Pencil Sharpener

cool inventions 29

Paper Bag Vase

cool inventions 32
cool inventions 31
The Large Fish Bowl Book Ends or The Small Fish Bowl Bookends

cool inventions 33
cool inventions 35
Pacman hat

cool inventions 34
Superman hanger

cool inventions 36
cool inventions 37
Toaster Teapot

cool inventions 38
Skeleton Bones Black Halloween Socks

cool inventions 39
cool inventions 40
cool inventions 41
Sling shot pen

cool inventions 2 1

cool inventions 2 2

Fred Twist and Spout Kitchen

cool inventions 3


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243 responses to “Cool inventions”

28 09 2007
ready2spark (22:29:16) :

I HAVE to know where the straws with lips and the tray with fingers are from! I’d like to blog about these in my event planners blog. Email me at proud2bee at canada dot com

28 09 2007
Cj B (22:57:57) :

Wow, those are some really cool inventions!

28 09 2007
Laurence (23:15:38) :

Nice epics.

29 09 2007
Harakiri (00:45:12) :

I love the Pencil/Slinger gadget! I makes me wanna break some windows! :)

Like the XP window per example… :P

29 09 2007
Rock Kauser (00:47:51) :

I want one of the goldfish bowls!

29 09 2007
alex a. (00:53:35) :

HAHA i have a pair of the skeleton socks! they’re awesome.

29 09 2007
Chris (07:14:30) :

You should add what these invention names are and where they came from. Some are obvious, some are not so obvious.

29 09 2007
Will da Beast (07:28:44) :

Where do I get a Pac Man hat?

29 09 2007
Bull3t (14:06:34) :

Very cool inventions, I especially like the fish tank one – feel kind of sorry for the fish though, his bowl is small.

29 09 2007
a (16:23:15) :

i want the turntable watch…

29 09 2007
loki (22:55:56) :

Those are not cool inventions. They are really lame. A serving dish with finger groves, If you can hold something like that with out dropping it, then you should not be in the business. Or you got no coordination, then why are you holding it. Lip Straws, you got to be kidding me. Sling Shot Pen is for office jack_____. A port hole for your dog, usually dog behind a would might have issue with other give it view of what going on around them is only cause further problem, not too menchin they see in black and white, and use their noses to go about their business. That is just a few to name. Come on now people. If any of you people like those, you should be a shamed of yourself.

29 09 2007
mel (23:42:48) :

“Those are not cool inventions. They are really lame” – Loki

youwhat? theyre great! The flower light that opens and closes is genius – and the lego usb drives…inspired.

30 09 2007
loki (00:18:19) :

Actually I’m a moron. Everybody else is right. These inventions are awesome not to menchin I caunt spell.

30 09 2007
chickenwing (01:18:32) :

these are some extra cool invention i like the socks and the one with the lizard on the wall.

30 09 2007
Nihairo (03:42:58) :

I loved these inventions! I totally agree with Mel, I think the flower light was pure genius! The USB drives brought back memories, as I’ve always been a LEGO fan myself. =)

I would really like to know where you found these, I think they’re really interesting!

30 09 2007
Ken (03:43:32) :

¨usually dog behind a would might have issue with other give it view of what going on around them is only cause further problem, not too menchin they see in black and white, and use their noses to go about their business. That is just a few to name.¨

Is that supposed to be English?

30 09 2007
bw (06:25:24) :

“usually dog behind a would might have issue with other give it view …” – Loki

pardon me? what’s that gibberish supposed to mean? where on earth did you learn to speak? :)

what’s wrong with some fun? these things are great.

And I especially like the porthole for dogs. I know mine would love one.

30 09 2007
Out (08:28:04) :

loki, if you are going to make comments like you did then you really need to be correct with your facts. Otherwise you just end up looking like a retarded . Yes dogs can see colors.

And please tell us that English is not your first language. That is the only excuse for your word “menchin”. And if English is your first and/or only language then please, please, kill yourself now. You are wasting our oxygen.

30 09 2007
Kathryn (09:36:09) :

Gloves are awesome…credit artist Tobias Wong
turntable watch is amazing!

30 09 2007
Pimpdoubt (10:07:36) :

loki… some of these are fairly cool, but “a shamed..?” you should be ashamed of yourself! Admitedly several of these are most likely jokes, and several of them are kind of lame, but things like the shoes in the stairs? That is ingenious. It is people like you who put a damper upon creative society today. I’m off to go spraypaint some shit, so you can diss that too once i’m gone, if i ever stumbleupon button this site again, i’ll make sure to look at you and laugh.

30 09 2007
Jester (10:34:16) :

Dear Loki,

Are you in 3rd grade? How can you legitimately argue that ALL of the inventions are stupid given the following:

1.) You gave a whopping 4 examples out of twenty some odd inventions.
2.) You had no less than 6 grammatical, spelling, or word misuse errors in your post.

Go back to English class before you come onto someone’s site and flame a good post with a bunch of retard babble.


30 09 2007
Jake (12:41:47) :

There are some very smart people out there!

The drawers built into the stairs is awesome. What a great idea… I’m blown away.

My only gripe – it doesn’t say where we can go to buy this great stuff!

30 09 2007
Carolina (13:10:55) :

Wow!!! all this things are sooo cool…! I want the tea bag penguin and the shower microphone! were can I get them? Really sool stuff!!

30 09 2007
Neece (14:52:02) :

Some of these are pure genius, and some are silly. Thanks for sharing them with us, I enjoyed them.
The tape measure belt is really funny, but the drawers in the stairs and some others are pure genius.

30 09 2007
Amie (16:16:05) :

I believe the dog “portal” thingy is actually a very useful invention. We have a privacy fence and often our dog will bark hysterically simply because she can’t see what it is on the other side. A couple of those here and there would allow her to investigate the mysterious movement beyond the great wall and satisfy her “what is, what is it, what is?” issue.

I think that the drawers in the stairs is genius. What a great way to make use of otherwise unusable space (with the exception of the not entirely un-useful “closet under the stair”). I will definitely be incorporating that design element into our next home.

30 09 2007
bossyboss (17:24:40) :

These aren’t “inventions,” they’re “design innovations;” those are two totally different concepts

And, yes, they’re awesome.

30 09 2007
Greenchills (18:45:57) :

Im not sure about the dog thingy because isnt a fence there to keep other people out? It would be a bit silly to have a 6 foot fence and then put a dirty great window in the middle don’t you think? Anyway most of these were absolutly fantastic and if I ever see a convertable VW camper i will actually break down and cry. It would be the most amazing thing ever.

Btw if you go onto the glove inventors website there’s some dodgy stuff. Example include ‘Ottomans’ and for some reason bulletproof duvets. A bit odd really.

30 09 2007
Bert (21:01:38) :

i had to look it up.
the hole in the gloves (mittens) is to hold a smoke…

duuhhhhh. lame

1 10 2007
Claire (04:21:22) :

Where can you buy those things??
I want a bunch of them.

1 10 2007
a guy (06:00:39) :

not that looking over the fence is hard, but that portal could be used to spay on neighbors…. my favorite stuff was the lamp, the lego things, the lizard light, and the dude with a SD card inside of him… hehe thats cool… but, like evryone else is sayin, WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? oh by the way loki, ur english is pretty bad, but someone told u to kill urself… i think thats a bit exagerated…

1 10 2007
Zuza (07:45:20) :

Thank you, people, for all the emails and messages with the links regarding the designers of the inventions. If you know where we can find the rest of them, please let us know.

1 10 2007
MrKnowItALL (08:43:55) :

Good stuff but 90% is pure crap!

I mean what are you going to do with this stuff make your self look silly, That’s what you will be so go a ahead and look silly!

Well the penguin tea bag dunker is pure genius I must admit.

1 10 2007
andy (11:04:06) :

I think that Loki is trying to say that if u had 2 dogs only 1 can see through the hole. Also, hands up who was a dog in a previous life?… how the hell do u know if they can see in colour and/or black and white? The whole page is like Dragons Den, these mustve been the inventions that didnt make it on lol

1 10 2007
Harsha (15:00:53) :

The tea toaster was made just for me!!…what a gadget!!

1 10 2007
RandomStumbler (15:46:36) :

Well, Andy, no matter how unintelligible the stuff is that Loki wrote, he actually only mentions two things: a). the fact that another dog behind the wooden fence (behind the “would”) might not like it if the neighbors’ dog is staring at him and b). the “fact” that dogs can only see in black and white. So he wasn’t talking about only one dog being able to look through the hole. And b). is simply wrong: dogs only lack a red cone, so their vision is similar to that of a human suffering from deuteranopia (a certain form of colorblindness), but this does not mean that they can only see in black and white. You do not need to have been a dog in a previous life (and as a rational human being, I sure as hell hope you don’t believe in the whole “previous life”-crap, by the way) in order to know this; we only have to study a dog’s eye. It’s that whole science stuff, you know…

2 10 2007
AndyIsAnIdiot (03:49:45) :

I fully agree with RandomStumbler. You, Andy, are an idiot. Congratulations!

2 10 2007
fatalus (10:20:57) :

lol, especially 1, 9, 40 =)))) i saw these things someone else, but not all.

2 10 2007
yo (10:57:38) :

hey loki

you are just ignorant really…. live a little if you can’t have some fun in your life i’m sorry. you think these inventions are serious? these people just have a fun out look on life… have you ever seen a server with a tray shaped that way…… no because it is a funny idea wow have a sense of humor but if you want to live closed minded to anything different then be my guest. by the way try having fun with life and not being so critical

2 10 2007
madeez (13:44:03) :

i just love the concept of these inventions ….evry 1 of them is very well thot of, very ispiring…..kudos to the creator!!!!

4 10 2007
Harri (08:18:40) :

These are great.
A better mousetrap or a better looking one always wins.

11 10 2007
Jerad Kaliher (09:16:54) :

Pretty neat array of inventions. I love how impractical yet fun design can be at times.

11 10 2007
Tommo (09:44:44) :

What a classic ‘notice me’ trick, Loki! I would never have thought of pretending to be illiterate to win attention – brilliant!! Or….maybe…….
…you’re not, are you??

This is an excellent display of fun and quirky designs.

13 10 2007
nujw= (07:42:29) :

wow that’s a lot of useless crap. luckily there’s a lot of stupid people with too much money.

15 10 2007
richlinkin (18:59:17) :

Out, if you are going to make comments like you did then you really need to check your grammar. Otherwise you just end up looking like a retarded.

15 10 2007
Mark (20:45:58) :

Damn, I wonder where I can find a hollowed out book. How ingenious!

15 10 2007
papillonblue (23:31:09) :

I liked the drawers in the stairs…its a great idea! as long as you remember to close them or else running down the stairs when they are open could cause some unnessary pain…maybe if it was more like a chest…you know, lift the top instead of pull out the drawers??? just an idea….I also liked the tea bag thingy…very cute. As for the others, I viewed them soly as art with one excepting…the lamp is great!!! my kids are afraid of the dark…this type of thing could ease thier stress….very cool where can I expect this in stores???

16 10 2007
smurf (20:22:48) :

Loki does have a point… some of this stuff is a bit lame. The stairs with drawers it particularly dangerous. Imagine coming down stairs half asleep and finding out the hard way that someone left a drawer open!!!
I could sure use the “shower mic sponge” though. That one is awesome!!!

17 10 2007
Gary (21:12:48) :

I liked the idea of the drawers in the stairs until Papillonblue just came up with
a better and safer idea, way to go Pap! Also, just for thought, people usually
fine exactly what their focusing on. So smile and have fun and joy will come
your way:)

18 10 2007
Melissa (21:33:41) :

I really love all of these inventions, the drawers in the stairs one is great!

19 10 2007
Diane (12:33:03) :

I don’t think one can fully appreciate the value of each invention unless you have been in a situation where something like that is badly needed. For example, the bed with giant ruler across it would end lots of “you’re on my side!” arguments between me and the hubby. I am sure poor freezing smokers would love the mittens with the hole. Those of us with a 3-year old (that’s usually when the fears start) would be thrilled to have that flower lamp. criticism is for the lame and frightened!

20 10 2007
LegoManiac (13:21:00) :

Really, I was the biggest Lego fan when I was a kid. Now it hurts my back and knees to be on the floor looking for a fat red foury. So now I just StumbeUpon until 6 or 7 in the am. Where the heck can I get the Lego flash drive? I MUST have this!

20 10 2007
fil80000 (16:31:54) :

everything is perfect

21 10 2007
Britto B2 (00:52:54) :

hey!! those inventions r awesome!!! some of dem bring bak goood memories!!
i know i wud love to own some of them!!! keep up de good work guys!!

21 10 2007
adam (02:13:13) :

how about the tea pot toaster? electrocution in morning could have perks…

25 10 2007
anne (03:53:26) :

A lot of people made spelling, grammar, and typing errors. I am only in the 6th grade and even I wouldn’t make those kind of mistakes. When I showed my 21 year old sister, she made fun of most of you.
Congratulations! Most of you made fools of yourselves on the internet.
By the way, in my opinion, many of those inventions were amazing!

28 10 2007
Marcus (14:14:55) :

Some nifty things here. The Victorinox army knife must surely be something that’s just for display and not for sale. Do people have pockets that big?

Anyway, the Lull flower light was the winner of GI FORM, a design competition that granted the 3 designers Marianne Varmo, Heidi Buene og Audun Kollstad 15.000 Norwegian crowns.

It’s not in production yet but they have good hopes, according to the article.

28 10 2007
Zuza (14:18:05) :

Thanks a lot, Marcus! :)

29 10 2007
me (04:52:51) :

RandomStumbler, major props for decoding that and for the shut down, you know your stuff. Good job!

29 10 2007
me (04:56:36) :

oh what is the paper bag with the flowers? is there something special there that i’m missing?

29 10 2007
xarol (05:48:29) :

These ideas and inventions are very cool and I enjoyed seeing them, thank you.
Now you negative folks need to lighten up and enjoy others accomplishments instead of trash talking everything. I think Loki just made his comments to get a response from everyone. Maybe he doesn’t get any email…..just a thought.

29 10 2007
md (12:44:55) :

me, the paper bag is actually a vase :) so it tricks your home visitors into thinking that you just received those flowers. nifty!

29 10 2007
Val (16:44:21) :

Very nice…It seems that creativity really doesn’t have limits…

31 10 2007
Marcus (10:41:14) :

Visited Thinkgeek just now and saw that they ship the huge Victorinox. They actually sell these things! For just $999!

Better get those pants with pockets the size of hangars…

31 10 2007
Thomas (13:31:01) :

LULL, an award-winning product made for GiForm 2007:

As of now its just a concept. The makers is only hoping it will get to the stores soon.

2 11 2007
Leigh (17:58:49) :

I want to buy the toastertea-pot and measuring inventions… CAF!

4 11 2007
Margrét (00:10:15) :

Hey, always fun to see simple everyday things with a silly twist.
Regarding that Norweigan thingamajiggie, it doesn’t say if they’ve already made a demo lamp but they’re trying to get it produced for stores.
If my understanding of Danish got me through that text about right…

6 11 2007
oleb (21:14:29) :

Gotta love the PacMan hat!

7 11 2007
benak (17:48:03) :

I wanna know if the VW bus pool table is self leveling. Awesome (yet novelty) if it is, completely useless if it isn’t.

7 11 2007
Chris (19:17:00) :

Good designs, some quite innovative. But I’d hasten to add most of them are NOT ‘inventions’…

Big fan of the tea penguin though!

9 11 2007
gurgle (05:48:48) :

Some of these items are cool but a few are crap built by dimwits. Anybody who actually uses tools on a regular basis will tell you the multi-tool thing is almost totally useless. It’s far too big and clumsy for most real work though geeks might find it useful for impressing other non-tool savvy geeks. Anybody with any real tool smarts would laugh at it and anybody dumb enough to buy one. Bet Presidunce George Bush owns one.

Just above the piece-o’-crap-multi-tool is what appears to be a wonderful thing for blocking the fan and making your laptop run even hotter than it normally does. Very smard, especially when laptops tend to die faster than desktops to begin with. Yep! I really want one of those !!!

The green ladder looks cool but you wouldn’t want to stand on it for any length of time. Hint to all you techno-geeks and punks… your weight would be on 1 leg which is very uncomfortable and not the best way to maintain one’s balance. The device might be useful if you wanted to simply climb up onto something and get off the ladder right away but you wouldn’t want to spend more than a minute or 2 on the ladder doing a job like painting or picking fruit. For that you would want a normal ladder. Bet Bush has 10 of them.

Hmmm, maybe I was wrong. Maybe those items were designed by smart people who realise there are zillions of dimwits who buy tools for their coolality factor rather than their usefulness.

9 11 2007
probslem (17:45:29) :

nice hot inventions for life

11 11 2007
Michelle (23:47:00) :

The VW Bus pool table is awesome!! I’d love to have that!

12 11 2007
Kurai (05:45:58) :

x3 Haha. Some of those were really cool. The penguin teaboy was awesome cuz I drink tea alot. ^_^ Very useful.

12 11 2007
Willum (22:43:24) :

OMG! I never even thought of putting drawers in stairs! It might be a little hazardous, but if you keep it to the bottom 2 that would be awesome.

13 11 2007
raddaradda (06:37:06) :

I think the pants are not given enough credit. It is rather ingenious, with the pocket tilted sideways like that. It makes it perfect for that special someone in your life to slip their hand in as you walk intertwined together.

13 11 2007
melonaide (13:51:57) :

cool. they say genius is a bit silly at times. they’re pretty inspiring. :D

14 11 2007
Anita (03:49:32) :

Great belt, I need one for may diet!!!

14 11 2007
akit (15:14:59) :

Though some of the gadgets are deemed useless, I would say that most of the inventions are just great. These are items that would truly make you smile and say to yourself, hmmm…I never thought of that!

15 11 2007
Brazilian guy (07:13:59) :

I think the flower lamp is a good piece of design but try adding a dimmer to your old lamp and you’ll avoid expending the same electricity when it’s closed than when it’s oppened.
This is what sustainable development is all about!
What’s the most important: your children’s fear of the dark or their future?
If they’re afraid look for profissional help.

15 11 2007
17 11 2007
sturdy (22:36:43) :

Very interesting. Some people has nothing to do!

20 11 2007
joe (22:10:52) :

The norwegian thingie is not out in stores.. will be if all goes according to plans

23 11 2007
timb (03:22:39) :

I wish I’d invented ALL of these

23 11 2007
Alan (08:15:20) :

Like they say, it’s the thought that counts!

23 11 2007
sophia novita (16:25:23) :

wow…cool ..really cool invention


24 11 2007
Ami (09:33:56) :

My favorites: the jeans with the sideways pocket, and the shower microphone. I’d have so much fun with that thing!

25 11 2007
Paul Young (00:08:58) :

In response to the ‘LULL’ lamp – I speak Norwegian and had a look at the Fredrikstad Blad article. Here’s the jist…

Marianne Varmo, Heidi Buene and Audun Kollstad from Fredrikstad (in SE Norway) were pleased to win top prise in the design competion ‘GI FORM’ (‘GIVE SHAPE’) run by Norwegian industrial designers. They received a Kr15,000 (about $2,500) prise for their concept lamp ‘LULL’.

The lamp opens up slowly to give out a gradually stronger light to waken up children more comfortably and naturally. It also closes slowly to promote the feeling of safety for children to fall asleep.

Having worked on the project for 6 months, hope to take it to production and have talked to a producer who wants to take their project further with the help of his firm. Varmo hopes that the lamp will be in the shops sometime in the near future.

So, at 23rd August, 2007, it’s just at the prototype stage.

25 11 2007
Elisabeth (00:43:05) :

The lamp is designed in Norway. It was a designer-contest.
It is not in production yet. But the guys, who won the designer-prize, hopes that the lamp will be in production in the nearest future!

- Norway

25 11 2007
Hi (00:53:08) :

The Lull lamp is a lamp that opens slowly in the morning and makes a comfortable waking in the morning. If someone wonders:)

25 11 2007
Norwegian person (11:53:37) :

The light that is on top of the page you asked about is made, but will not be in sale for 1.2 years..

26 11 2007
Asger (02:39:17) :

This is a comment in norwegian from the page u linked to, it says that the lamp is not yet in production but they are working on it and that it most likely will take some 1-2 years before it can be bought.
Finally it lists the eadress of one of the designers w an encouragement to write to her and she will then let u know when and where the lamp can be purchased. ([email protected])
(nice site by the way. “stumbled” on it. Im Danish by the way, danish and norwegian is quite close.. best wishes Asger)

Takk til dere om liker den!
Skrevet av: Marianne Varmo, 25-08-2007 19:26:54
Vi håper å kunne glede mange med lampen ved å få den i produksjon så raskt som mulig. Men slike ting er ikke lett å si hvor lang tid vil ta. Minimum 1-2 år tar det nok før Lull selges i butikkene. De som ønsker det kan sende meg en mail nå, så kan jeg ta kontakt når lampen kommer til salgs.
[email protected]

5 12 2007
Buddhika (15:50:49) :

These designs are awsome. Thank you

5 12 2007
Owsen (23:08:01) :

Loki, why are you still alive?!!!

6 12 2007
da-gurl (02:21:42) :

lol there all great the jeans and the pacman are the best lol whoot whott halla

7 12 2007
Mohsin Zain (10:09:42) :

very nice innovative ideas..great thinkers…regarding Loki’s comments…well she definitely has the right to have a different opinion…but the strange thing are the harsh words..ASHAMED ??? why loki is annoyed to see such creative fun??? i think loki..calm down and enjoy your life..if u have some miseries in life ..let them go…be merry !!!!

7 12 2007
badman (21:48:19) :

this stuff sucks

11 12 2007
john doe (16:06:51) :

these are pretty stupid

11 12 2007
Hyrum (23:31:34) :

I wonder what McGiver could do with that pocket knife from hell.

19 12 2007
Alphabetix (19:18:14) :

Cool stuff. I love the doggie look out.

20 12 2007
Rebeca Barroso (18:05:24) :

Not very inventive myself so I admire people who are. Right now I am looking for a sort of “electric hand” or something that can move constantly. My father is terminally ill and he seems to be soothed when one of us is patting him or caressing his head or hand. As he goes to sleep we would like to keep the sensation having a kind of machine do it for us,thus prolonging his time of rest while we can also take a break. Do you know of any invention that could do the trick and where we can get it?

20 12 2007
xxcatmanxx (20:20:38) :

loki…lmao!! I too must be a moron! the drink tray probably isn’t for “professionals” and the finger “groves” he “menchins” would be nice to have when passing out drinks at your next cocktail party after a few yourself.

24 12 2007
Loki (04:19:13) :

Yes. I am a dapht twat.

24 12 2007
puiu (21:22:00) :

drinkin’ tray :)))) i like that

26 12 2007
Bryan (22:14:36) :

yesssss, the swiss army knife for every need haha

30 12 2007
bjørn (22:56:22) :

im norwegian, theyre trying to get it into production right now..

31 12 2007
kjell (02:32:48) :

The lamp is not in production, but a company is looking for the possibilities for producing it. Maybe it hit stores in the future.

31 12 2007
1 01 2008
Rich (13:17:39) :

Obviously, a lot of thought and effort went into collecting these cool items. Good work.

2 01 2008
loki (14:04:01) :

sory i am dislexic i am retarded im goin too kill miself now

2 01 2008
ipenguin63 (21:30:51) :

cool pretty much sums them all up!!!!

2 01 2008
SWIMMER12 (21:32:52) :

awesome invention

3 01 2008
Marky Maypo (16:49:58) :

Smurf has a good point @ the stair drawers. I originally thought they were a cool space saver, but unless you’re a compulsive door and drawer shutter they could be dangerous. Especially if you have kids or teens in the house.

3 01 2008
jeremy watson (19:00:25) :

What a beautiful thing the inquizitive mind can be whaen it is appied to everyday things. I like many of the crafts that were presented here and would probably buy a whole lot of them.

5 01 2008
Zanke (23:55:53) :

These are great pictures. Thanks for grouping these together on one website. I want t Pacman hat for next Halloween!

6 01 2008
LBL lacrosse (05:14:33) :

all these things were just true thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep on inventing!!!!!!!!!!!

6 01 2008
LBL lacrosse (05:27:15) :

the paper bag vace though make u’r flowers look sorta cheap. no hard feelings though i just don’t like it.

6 01 2008
Paul (23:25:59) :

The dog one is the best. I would buy that. Maybe my dog would stop barking if he could see what’s on the other side of the fence.

8 01 2008
super-kewl (18:51:14) :

the Shower mic looks like a super kewl gadget for the shower i always sing.

9 01 2008
Myles harris (02:14:46) :

Hey wow i love that superman hanger, its so cool! i almost burst out into tears when i saw it, I just ordered a dozen of them up and im gonna use them everyday

Thanks for this post

Love from<3<3


9 01 2008
Rico9 (20:01:49) :

Thank you,
Not only for all the great stuff in the pics, but also the great stuff in the words!
Who cares if Loki is all stressed out? and to be fair he?/she does seem to repent after a couple of mins. Focus peeps focus!
ps love the beer bottle top ashtray, love those smokes ;-)

12 01 2008
Steve (01:26:07) :

That LULL lamp might be dangerous for a child’s vision. Inconclusive studies have shown a correlation between night lights and myopia. I certainly wouldn’t want to tempt the gods by hanging a night light directly over my kid’s bed.

14 01 2008
14 01 2008
Myles harris (19:24:42) :

Im only joking, please do NOT add my msn, or i will alert my parents immedietly, i will be very mad, if you ever add my msn i will be so mad you will not know how mad i am

14 01 2008
Bob dole (19:25:43) :

hey all, i made a bottle rocket out of paper, ahaha owned!

18 01 2008
bats (08:56:31) :

bossyboss is wrong on quite a few.

i’ve seen the teabag penguin in specialty catalogues and stores, as well as the book safe, the laptop rack, thumb wrestling, nose sharpener, skeleton “reflexology” socks, and sling-shot pen.

30 01 2008
quan (15:25:39) :

All these inventions are realy cool. I cant believe i couldnt think of some of them!

23 02 2008
Adam (00:15:49) :

I want the fence thing for my dor to look out the fens besause i have a small dog and she always wants to see whats on tthe other side of the fence.
does any one know where i can get one.
i will check home depot or lowes.

27 02 2008
D (13:54:25) :

Woah, someone actually decided to take time and make those inventions………
( surprisingly)

2 03 2008
LuciusHunt (02:20:00) :

the last one is the best one…for me!

4 03 2008
Aimee Clark (15:41:41) :

I HAVE ALL OF THESE, lets update folks

15 03 2008
alexis (18:18:22) :

WOW i like the one were the light closes and opens

freackin awsome

24 03 2008
Heidi Buene (13:17:57) :

Nice to see our Lull lamp among so much cool stuff. :)

btw. for more information about the Lull lamp, please visit

24 03 2008
Zuza (13:33:08) :

Thanks so much, Heidi, for leaving a message. I updated my post with the link to your site. Good luck!

24 03 2008
Steve (18:18:46) :

Great site! Now if only they could invent some kind of filter to keep the critics out, this site would be complete

28 03 2008
Eveline (21:38:40) :

These are not so much inventions as gadgets. Some cool, some a bit lame. But it’s a nice list and I’m sure my gadget freak boyfriend would love some of these.
I feel a very expensive Christmas coming up….

9 04 2008
person (13:38:30) :

hey man ,this are cool inventions !
& to the people who think they suck, well you DOO !!

13 04 2008
anthony (09:07:07) :

hahahaha……those are cool…

22 04 2008
Rhonda (06:12:09) :

My dog would LOVE the pet peek. Very creative!


25 04 2008
tricia (00:41:55) :

Words cannot explain how badly I want those stair drawers, Pacman hat, thumb wrestling ring, and the Volkswagen pool table.

Not to “menchin” the nose pencil sharpener.

28 04 2008
ramonici (00:36:21) :

these stuff are cool. i have a S.T.A.M.P. watch;)) it’s great!!!

5 05 2008
inventions#1fan (04:04:19) :

These are sooooo cool!!!! i am going to try to invent things like this!!!!! i loved the the book safe!!!!! who ever invented this lease e mail me so i can try to buy these from you!!!!


7 05 2008
The Ultimate Bar Search Site (22:27:48) :

DAMN! These things are so awesome! That bed sheet with 0 in the middle is brilliant. I have to have one! Um, no, I think you are on my side. I’ll finally be able to prove it!

22 05 2008
anti-loki (06:29:50) :

greetings all I have decided to conter loki’s ill begotten attempts to bash said devices the appear at the top of this page. All the inventions on this site are great especially the dog window I can’t imagine a more practical idea as dogs shouldn’t have to strain to see over things nay I say they need to see right through them hence a great invention. as for lip straws how is it possible to survive in this world with out the joy and extasey that fake lips can bring. and no sling shot pens are not for qoute unquote “office jack_____” they are clearley for suave sophisticated banker types who enjoy spend their hours in joy shooting rocks at stacks of papers and signing things on a whim, wait for it … AT THE SAME TIME. OMG I ask you good people oh this string shal we stand up for this injustice that is loki I say no ban him for ever and denounce all his false teachings for they are evil
yours truley anti-loki

22 05 2008
anti-loki (06:50:32) :

ok after much thought and actually reading what I wrote I apolagize for my horrible spelling errors. please forgive me as this makes me feel a little stupid.

29 05 2008
Kaytee (22:42:44) :

I kind of feel like a geek when I say this, but-
THESE ARE AWESOME! And I would totally buy the dog porthole, but you can already see through our fence so it wouldn’t really do anything.

30 05 2008
The Ultimate Bar Search Site (16:16:09) :

You spelled apologize wrong. ;^D But I agree – the dog window is cool. But not as cool as the center-line bedsheet idea. Lip straws, kinda silly, slingshot pens, totally awesome, but let’s not forget about the nose pencil sharpener. I don’t think any kid should be without one of those. It’s nothing short of pure brilliance. I wish I had that when I was in elementary school. Oh, who am I kidding… I wish I had one right now.

4 06 2008
allTHEwordsHURTmyBRAIN (21:51:41) :

ok people. first of all………. LOKI GET A LIFE! these designs are for fun. you must have no friends!! glad thats over with.

words can not explain how much i want that lamp and those stairs!!! ( i like the idea of them opening up though , not down)

and another thing , you can make those books really easyily” take some styrofoam and make it into a block. cut it in half , then hollow it out in the middle. take the cover of an old book thats the same size , and glue it onto the fake book. there you go! my mom made one for her expensive jewelry

16 06 2008
Brisbane web designer (23:00:04) :

I love the jeans with the girlfriend friendly pocket. So simple yet so smart.

17 06 2008
swtha (23:39:13) :

When I was a kid our side fence next to the house had 2 broken slats and our dog Buddy would hang out there, standing on his back legs with his front paws and head sticking out. Our house backed to the elementary school, and for years all the kids walking by knew him. He was probably the most famous dog in the neighborhood. I love the pet portal! But why isn’t it “Dog-in-a-bubble?

20 06 2008
Bridgette (07:12:14) :

Wow this is amazing, really want a lot of those things.

23 06 2008
beadbooty (03:45:53) :

What fun! I really enjoyed looking at all of these Cool Inventions. Thanks for sharing!

24 06 2008
peggy hadden (19:06:49) :

Great stuff. I find it surprising that most of us like most of the same things. We also seem to have our own …fix it up just a little …ideas. Mine is the dog peephole. My cat would love it! Plant a tall bush in front of it so she still has privacy and I would always know where to find her.
And now for the required comment to loki. A sense of humor is a gift. Not everybody got one. It’s o.k.
And I forget who it was that gave us the recap about dogs not seeing in color. I have been taught those facts and the reasons why. I still don’t believe it!!! If God/evolution had not wanted dogs to be able to hunt pretty colored things, they wouldn’t need color to begin with! A lot easier to make everything grey than to chage one type of eyeballs!

24 06 2008
Brisbane SEO Consultant (22:49:22) :

I like the drink tray. I wonder where else that concept of finger rests could be applied?

13 08 2008
Australian Web Directory (03:10:37) :

I just love the sheet set with the ruler. Trouble is it could be used for measuring things other than bed-space :)

5 09 2008
sydney (21:51:49) :

all nof these are awsome totally :)!!!!!!!

9 09 2008
DragonOak (06:49:01) :

I like the jeans pocket, awesome ideas here!

17 09 2008
Firefly (21:21:43) :

never knew I needed them

until now:D

20 09 2008
Jeff (04:02:55) :

I really didn’t expect to make it through a page full of other peoples inventions. That was great!

20 09 2008
RSA online (11:09:12) :

I just love the nose pencil sharpener. What a great gift for the person who has everything !

27 09 2008
zaxaca (06:53:46) :

it’s very good!!!

27 09 2008
zaxaca (06:54:21) :

ladder with shoes places is very good

20 10 2008
t-pain (22:28:06) :

i like the stairs shoes thing

20 11 2008
Peter (15:15:43) :

Awsome inventions…I like the huge multi tool

29 12 2008
ben (14:29:44) :

one of the inventions is good for a robber when he goes on a plane so that is not a very good thing to sell.

5 01 2009
Free Hugz (01:49:48) :

I SOOO want the Pacman hat, skeletion socks, and the pencil slingshot! They are AWESOME.

7 01 2009
sativa (03:21:31) :

i love these i am defetanly going to buy the dog porthole it is soooo COOL.

7 01 2009
trevor (18:12:10) :

cool that is a lot of inventions

6 02 2009
Su (22:51:20) :

…so much talent in this world!

7 02 2009
Business for Sale (03:09:36) :

That drinking tray is so cool, so simple and so practical. I’m surprised it isn’t the standard design !

A Stumble and Furl for your efforts :)

12 02 2009
John Bee (16:28:14) :

All exciting (including this typeface) except the laptop laptop which looks good, feels good but keeps your knees, legs, tables rather cosy (warm)((Hot)).

19 02 2009
Thomas (22:15:04) :

These are some cool thing,but there are alot of them seem like they would break easily.

20 02 2009
James (13:55:51) :

i’d love a pair of those jeans for my gf XD

20 03 2009
Skyla (01:32:57) :

erm ty for sharing these sooo much….I have a science fair tomarrow and i didnt know what to do intill i saw these…TYTYTYTY

25 03 2009
maderrs (17:01:02) :

hey i love these! give me an idea & write me back! love ya kayylerr!!! :):):=]=] oh yeah nice inventions! pce-out!

25 03 2009
kayler xD (17:02:06) :

i also love all the other inventions there very creative!!!!,not trying to single out the hat(; but that ones my favorite,i just think its funny and cute!!!

7 04 2009
cloe (18:10:05) :

oh, you are very funny like my friends in school

19 04 2009
Jaron (19:51:55) :

I think the Pet peek was a really cool invention so the pet just don’t have to look at the fence all the time while they are outside.

22 04 2009
shatter (03:24:03) :

I would love those funky lip straws (but i do have a thing about straws) and the paper bag vase would suit my perfect house look so well ^^

22 04 2009
shatter (03:25:16) :

Oh and… I love the pocket design on those jeans ^^ and the pacman hat is adorable. :)

5 05 2009
Chelsea Warling (20:27:03) :

LOL the sideways pocket for somebody to stick their hand into is pretty tight. Ha I want a pair. =)

19 05 2009
coco (01:15:01) :


16 06 2009
Corissa (23:56:47) :

I like the climbin wall light, and the drinkin try……..i think my sis might need the shower mic…..haha

22 06 2009
altamash (08:48:51) :

this pics are really cool .i love those inventions .hats off to those who have made those things.

30 06 2009
neal (06:13:53) :

the “halloween” socks are from the bodies mucem exhibit

11 07 2009
Benny D (02:13:13) :

Haha, i had those pantone mugs at my last work! (i am a printer though…)

25 07 2009
heeg l. (21:57:55) :

wow- i wish i could invent things that good! i am bad at inventing but i love to do it.

7 08 2009
Blondie (19:33:59) :

I think the Toaster Teapot is probably the funniest invention on here. My parents would think that it made both tea AND toasted bread. Good for a April Fools joke!

14 09 2009
chris (03:40:39) :


3 10 2009
Sadie (05:13:28) :

I love these ideas!! My favorites are the: Microphone Sponge, Book Safe, Lull Lamp, and that cool green ladder. I love the Toaster Kettle! The ultimate breakfast invention!!!!

16 10 2009
Poso+ive (01:25:03) :

Hi! I agree with most of you guys on three things: LOKI FAILS WITH A P.H.D (Joke diss…PHaileD?), These inventions are AWESOME, and I SO WISH I COULD HAVE MADE THESE! Something is questionable though? What does the toaster kettle do? I have bad graphics.

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Bacon,

23 10 2009
Fred and Friends Products › Zuza Fun (17:00:08) :

[...] If you liked those products, I’m sure you are going to like these posts also: Fred’s smart products Cool inventions [...]

7 11 2009
Cutie (21:51:20) :

I liked the lego type flashdrives.cute

21 11 2009
Amber (15:36:54) :

Awesome inventions! Where can I get that Lulla Lamp, though?

20 12 2009
Wesley (01:23:31) :

i am inventing things like that and this was really inspiring… alot

4 01 2010
hei (06:11:11) :

that belt was really helpful and cute…i will try to make one..=)

6 01 2010
Bob (23:44:30) :

They are so cool are they real

26 01 2010
chrissy (22:02:09) :

love it mydog would so stop barking lol

28 01 2010
bob (18:13:41) :

this stuff is prettty cool if you ask meee

30 01 2010
Konstantin (20:02:45) :

These are great inventions!

No one heed any attention to Loki’s comment above – the fact that he uses the alias Loki makes it obvious in itself that he is here for no other reason than to mess with people. Loki is the Norse trickster god.

I think that the penguin timer is great! I sat here drinking my tea and found it interesting. Also the bread bin is very attractive.

Konstantin Chertkov

9 02 2010
Shantae (04:32:52) :

These pics are awesome

10 02 2010
S A M A N T H A(: (21:58:33) :

The Stairs thing is awesome…
I woud totally use it for evil and pull them out in the middle of the night…
but im a beast that way(:

22 02 2010
daali (05:16:14) :

cool is something never seen before!!! congratulations

23 02 2010
poo bum (13:32:33) :


23 02 2010
emily (14:49:20) :


i wish i could invent likt that!!

TY for all them


23 02 2010
emily (14:50:18) :

btw go away loki

where’d u get the idea they are lame???????

4 04 2010
Coastal Cottages (03:28:15) :

The stair case drawer is genius

7 04 2010
victoria (01:42:58) :

those are so cool! i love the nose sharpener and the cool fur chair thing also the lip straws! awesome!

8 04 2010
jl36 (16:23:54) :

these inventions are awsome!!

13 04 2010
rachii** (21:11:57) :

loving theese :D i so want the volkswagon pool table it rocks :P

29 04 2010
Unanymous (21:09:26) :

awesome inventions <3 the one that has a whole bunch of blades and junk in that pocket knife

5 05 2010
kimi (19:16:53) :

i like the tea penguin and the lego hard drive

8 07 2010
chinnu (18:27:45) :

my friend is like that climbing wall light ha.ha…….ha……………..hahahaho..

20 07 2010
sabeksniper (20:35:31) :

it’s amazing loooooooooooooooool

26 07 2010
fatabomba (08:02:05) :

i love these inventions they are so cool absolute ingenious i wish i came up with them myself. we got to invent something for school but i don’t think it’ll be as good as these. :)

3 08 2010
Epic Faliure (09:16:51) :

I love them!!

12 08 2010
me (11:18:32) :

Everything is awesome !!! I love the stairs drawer and the shower mic

9 10 2010
T. E. Samad (03:58:16) :

One of the things that i like about these inventions is their simplicity. I particularly like the green ladder.

18 10 2010
Sinadins (02:52:31) :

Some of them are pretty cool, but I also have to say a lot are really unoriginal and just have no use.

27 10 2010
grayson (16:43:19) :


5 11 2010
Crystal (01:40:56) :

Andy get a life!

You realize that people can do research and studies on theses things right?

28 04 2011
katie (18:10:20) :

this is an amazing website!!!!!!

9 05 2011
rena white (20:15:01) :


18 06 2011
boosy (02:50:04) :

loki u r right,,, these rabbish things r useless loooool

29 09 2011
Fuka (04:55:10) :

this worked. the first one

6 12 2011
nonya (11:30:22) :


15 12 2011
dave (20:31:25) :

that is so cool but weird

27 12 2011
annamma monisha (14:26:10) :

the cool inventions are really wonderful and amazing, i am suprised how people find such things so cool and funny..????

22 01 2012
my cats r called bug and peppa (06:03:23) :


BTW excellent inventions >.<

26 01 2012
julia (04:07:30) :

i have that nose sharpener!

27 01 2012
Paige (03:52:47) :


13 02 2012
devon (18:31:34) :

These are some weird inventions…

13 02 2012
devon (18:32:07) :

But they are stupid..

17 02 2012
swah (16:51:20) :

cool ideas

5 03 2012
janie (03:49:59) :

half of these things have already been invented

15 03 2012
Taz (01:39:49) :

Really simple! I love them and intend on developing something similar.

3 05 2012
Myra (23:16:17) :


9 05 2012
Andrew (06:27:22) :

Fun ideas….I guess. If I were the inventors, I would deffinetely not be quiting my day job anytime soon.

favorite: flower lamp
Least favorite: straw lips – sorry….but that one WAS bad :)

9 05 2012
Andrew (06:29:54) :

oh and….I didn’t get the “impatience” one??

26 09 2012
olipolie18 (23:45:44) :

wow thats a lot of inventions cool

7 10 2012
QueenAmie (03:31:55) :

For all you ppl that said these products are stupid or lame, I’m just wondering why you looked at all of them, went to the bottom of the page and left a comment? If they were that insignificant, then why did you waste your time? Why spend time looking at the page and leaving a negative comment when you could have just exited the page. Grow up.

29 11 2012
Anonymous banana (17:59:37) :

Inspiring! The nose pencil sharpener made me come up with an idea: if you had a red pencil but wanted a blue pencil you could put your pencil into the blue hole and it would twist the red lead out and put a blue lead in etc….

13 02 2013
Zoe (22:05:06) :

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world!!!!! I cannot belive people can think of that…. My school has an invention night and I am required to make something. I wish i could think of that.

1 04 2013
Menie (04:48:46) :

All ideas are pure genius. My dad is a designer. The stair case with a droor was a good way to hide things from robbers. But you soon might for get about where your stuff is. Until someone tells you or you trip on it. But there all great.

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