Cat sleeping positions

Cats sleeping positions 10
Cats sleeping positions 2

Cats sleeping positions 3
Cats sleeping positions 4
Cats sleeping positions 5
Cats sleeping positions 6


Cats sleeping positions 7
Cats sleeping positions 8
Cats sleeping positions 9
Cats sleeping positions 1
Cats sleeping positions 11
Cats sleeping positions 12
Cats sleeping positions 13
Cats sleeping positions 14

Cats sleeping positions 15
Cats sleeping positions 16
Cats sleeping positions 17
Cats sleeping positions 18
Cats sleeping positions 19
Cats sleeping positions 20
Cats sleeping positions 21
Cats sleeping positions 22
Cats sleeping positions 23


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71 responses to “Cat sleeping positions”

9 08 2007
Tygerwolfe (00:51:42) :

Lol! The first one is the winner. :P

9 08 2007
Dizzley (08:18:09) :

LOL indeed :D

I’ve seen a lot of these variations in my cats. How do they do that? One of my cats once fell asleep on the turntable cover of my hifi during a rocking party! I had to move him to change the LP!

9 08 2007
a person in a white room (17:50:46) :

I luv cats very very much. my fave is the third to last the one with the cat and dog lying on the floor near each other!

10 08 2007
bob (11:03:35) :

like that was so freakin cute man

10 08 2007
coani (15:53:03) :

the first one & the cat in the box were totally the best ^-^
wish I could sleep like a cat… ;)

10 08 2007
Steve (16:31:43) :

Great pics! I need to get a decent shot of my cat sometime. She’ll sprawl out on her back and curl her front paws up in front of her face.

13 08 2007
Mmm (05:16:47) :

My cat sleeps anywhere, he’ll even sleep in a flowerpot when he feels like it, rolled up like a ball in there.

14 08 2007
nina (19:18:32) :

i love cats i just love them….they’re adorable…i once had a cat that likes to sleep on the keyboard lool can you imagine how cute he looked when ever i want to use the computer i had to wake him up and movie him can imagine how he felt ..probably angry and annoyed..lool..just love the pictures..pleez whenever you have more of these pic please tell me about them..

15 08 2007
sarona (11:35:24) :

i loved the photos!

c how cute cats r :)

16 08 2007
Mary (23:15:32) :

so cute cats, i love them.

17 08 2007
Lizzie (23:00:52) :

lol no.19 (kitty with teddy) FTW.

19 08 2007
JeanGrey (12:29:31) :

the first picture is my favorite! If only my mom would allow me to have one but pets are not allowed in this house and I can’t do anything about it…. grrr

19 08 2007
Flo (17:29:27) :

Cats are perfect creatures. From the most distinguished pedigreed kitty to the everyday tabby, there isn’t one that doesn’t move my heart.

19 08 2007
redfox (19:55:41) :

They are all too cute! Thanks guys, I have 3 and are all special.

20 08 2007
hoppasaurus (05:19:33) :

Yeay! Very cool! And I can totally relate. I found one of my cats asleep in the open clothes dryer. I was tempted to turn it on for hilarity’s sake, but nah. I just put a dryer sheet on her and laughed.

20 08 2007
Ruthann Southam (23:59:24) :

Your pictures of the cats were absolutely adorable.

21 08 2007
lolaone (10:17:45) :

I kept on picking “my favorite” and when the next pic came up I’d think or maybe this one. I absolutely love cats! My cat has slept in many of these positions too. I love this site.

21 08 2007
jad aboul hosn (11:48:49) :

yes i love it it is very funy hahaha!!! hay does any one know where i can find more of this i love kittens i have one in the house
he is just like the pic

21 08 2007
Vanessa (15:12:23) :

LOL I love the first one and the last couple but the rest were great too. Thanks for sharing them they’re adorable

21 08 2007
me (21:49:16) :

hiy these cats are soooooooooooooooooooo cute!:)

21 08 2007
kaytii (22:15:16) :

i love the one sleeping in the box.. how can it sleep like that? lol

22 08 2007
Kara (09:18:34) :

Thanks for the smile. I can never get enough cute cat sleeping pictures!

24 08 2007
Embroidery Designs Shop (11:36:12) :

Absolutely adorable thanks for sharing.

24 08 2007
Isabella (21:31:15) :

Awwww! SO CUTE!!! I love cats. Such funny animals. Great companions too. There isn’t a cat in the world I wouldn’t want. Yay kitties!

25 08 2007
Barb (04:57:16) :

they are all so adorable.I guess I like the 2 cats standing on the commode

29 08 2007
sxsingle7 (05:59:11) :

i love it !

29 08 2007
Amy (07:27:08) :

Very cute pics. But I won’t let my cats get near the dryer. My first cat Tabitha was killed in our dryer by my cousin. Horrid way to go. And I have heard of many similar stories. Not so cute. Not to be a downer on these otherwise great shots!!

31 08 2007
Kíra (16:42:47) :

Thanks for the smile. I can never get enough cute cat sleeping pictures! LOL!

31 08 2007
Elizabeth (21:55:32) :

My Favorite is the cat sleeping in the box

1 09 2007
Jenny White (20:07:23) :

1st Picture it took me a minute to realise it was lying on a dog. Not only that, the dog looks rather ferocious. Looks like a Rottweiler or similar. Just goes to show that most animals will get on with one another.

2 09 2007
kalia (10:13:05) :

i love cats and this pictures of cats very cute

6 09 2007
Stella Pederson (06:47:47) :


11 09 2007
Cooooool Marina (15:45:30) :

Wonderful, awesome and very cute do you have more

14 09 2007
Carol B (00:00:37) :

I found thise pics so cute,i’ll be saving them to look at in the future.

15 09 2007
Jem (11:43:33) :

These pets r well cute!!

18 09 2007
sarah (04:39:57) :

they are ALL adorable :)

18 09 2007
sarah (04:44:45) :

but the 2 i like the best are the picture with the kittie’s tounge sticking out and the one where the kitty is covered up in the bed like a human ;)

20 09 2007
nickx (13:04:30) :

i realy love cats so much… thanx ice d’best tlga hehe…

27 09 2007
PANDAPAM (17:35:16) :


28 09 2007
Dana (07:34:20) :

adorable. Those crazy things could sleep anywhere at any time. I love em.

8 10 2007
mary (01:46:42) :

Oh how I miss my cat who became ill last year and had to be put to sleep. He was a silver grey tabby and lived all his 9 lives including once going absent for 3 weeks. He came home one Sunday afternoon and I couldn’t believe it was him. I think he had been locked in somewhere.

10 10 2007
FxChange (05:49:14) :

I never seen cats with gray paws!

10 10 2007
Kelmo (16:05:56) :

The cat in the box is funny but they are all sweet. My cat sleeps with his bum in the air with his chin flat on the floor have to get a photo of it.

15 10 2007
Lauen (09:35:09) :


No they are soo cute the one in the bed can sleep with me anytime. So cute i just want to squeeze them all!

28 10 2007
minimiley (16:29:29) :

omg these cats r SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO uber cute!!

31 10 2007
kailey (00:19:27) :

all of the cats are cuite

18 11 2007
wightgirl (01:53:41) :


28 01 2008
nadia (04:25:37) :

I loved my pictures on my desk top.People would say thats so cute!

28 01 2008
nadia (04:28:25) :

my mom would always say that she wanted to stare at the pictures all day be cause they were soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

17 03 2008
Chunklets (21:30:20) :

I’m rather partial to the one with its tongue sticking out!

30 03 2008
tonette (10:16:48) :

I luv em! Just can’t get enough of these kind of pictures.

My cat “Gracey Girl” & I are always together! Know matter where I go……Gracey’s right there!! She’s a gray tabby cat….& iluv her!

Thanks! U got great pictures here!!

27 06 2008
catsfriend (10:04:06) :

Outasight pix of outasight cats Lool lol Big thanks

15 07 2008
Adam (16:39:55) :

i hope people look in their wash and dryers first before turning them on!!!!!

30 08 2008
D (14:24:44) :

The one in the cardboard box looks astonishingly like my cat – i always suspected he led a double life! LOL

6 09 2008
JD (04:45:11) :

I’m a dog person (allergic to cats) but these are all really cute!

7 09 2008
Jayne (05:17:02) :

Great pix — that cat in the box looks like one of mine. Gotta love ‘em :)

10 09 2008
Slick (02:12:00) :

So VERY cute! I have two that just make my day, everyday. I was a staunch dog person (still love ‘em) but my little kitties have stolen my heart. Thanks for the great pics…

11 09 2008
Sarah (20:35:12) :

awwwww i luv cats i have two kittens who sleep whereever they can fit like on the modem or printer to my computer or rite on top of me

11 09 2008
Amethyst Stars (23:14:14) :

I am a dog person and they have their own funny sleeping positions. But I love cat sleeping pictures. These pictures are awesome, absolutely awesome and just sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could looke at them forever. :) Precious.

12 09 2008
Laura (18:41:45) :

Absolutely adorable and precious, every one of them!! Am very thankful for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 09 2008
Bangkok (15:30:16) :

I love them….so cute…Thanks for making big big smile

6 10 2008
Ashley (02:15:13) :

Miss my British Shorthairs, Blue and EO. Blue always slept between my legs. After Blue passed EO somehow knew, then began sleeping with me. EO never liked being an indoor cat. When I moved temporarly into an apartment, I had to bring him home to my Mother, so he could explore his beloved village.

One day I hope to own a cat again. Maybe a rescue kitty will win my heart!

14 10 2008
molly (13:56:34) :

hey are so cute i am a number 1 cats lover

5 01 2009
Brandon Callahan (22:42:21) :

the cute ness of a lifetime i am getting one for chrismas !!!!!!!!!! i am getting 20 kittens for chrismas .

10 03 2009
Kleb (19:38:21) :

I like the one in the box. He looks like he has a lot of personality and that he’s sleeping well. XD

16 04 2009
Hannah (20:20:13) :

Lol, verry cutee :D i love the one in the box, it looked like my nans old cat, but unfortunatley she passed away, :( , But Lol at all of the pics hehe :P

7 07 2009
nabigha (09:09:09) :

hy… I love cats too much,very cute and parooooo

17 12 2009
Schmem (05:40:52) :

I love cats! I am doing a Science Fair project on how cats sleep. Love the pics!!


2 02 2010
ROBERT BAUCOM (23:19:52) :

Cat persons such as myself will immediately recognize this picture was taken looking down.
All I have to do is place an empty box on the floor and my feline friend, Scooter, gets into it.
It gets a little trying when you are planning to pack something up.
I have a friend whose wife was mainly responsible for getting the animal shelter in Haltom City, TX. (Thankful citizens named after her) He say’s, “I don’t go in there any more. I want to take ALL the cats home.”
Crusty Ole Guy

11 02 2011
Kris (05:22:11) :

Lov’em all! We have 4 adorable cats: Smokey(7), Abby(6), Cody(3) & Reggie(1). They are our world. We rescued them at different times from the cruel Minnesota weather. How can some monsters just let them fend for themselves? I’m printing these photos, they really cheered me up.

11 03 2011
barbara nelsonzuk (03:06:06) :

loved no. 19, he looks just like my little boy…oh heck. i loved them all…

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