Beautiful cows

We have needs, we play, we love, we get bored or scared and we have friends, so, please, don’t consider us just “dinner”.

beautiful cows 32

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41 responses to “Beautiful cows”

14 05 2008
Tico (19:09:30) :

I like cows. I have fed them, bred them, raised them, and ridden them. I’ve also tipped them, and if you don’t know what cow-tipping is, you’ve obviously never been a bored teenager in the midwest US. But they are dinner. They are mammals, with all that that entails, and they are also tasty when slow roasted and nicely seasoned. I did not grow up a Hindu, and did grow up understanding the food chain. While cows ARE beautiful, they are livestock whose ultimate destiny is my plate, and where I’m from PETA is an acronym for “People for the Eating of Tasty Animals”. You can be offended by that all you care to, but it will not change the fact that I will eat steak & be robust and healthy, while making fun of pale, weak, submissive, whiny vegetarians.

14 05 2008
Lindsay (23:49:12) :

I only partially agree with Tico; while I do believe that since we are animals, and animals eat other animals, cows can be thought of as food. But they are also living beings, and if they are to give us life with their bodies, we should respect them and take care of them while they are alive. No cattle farms with tiny stalls! No steroids! Happy cows give the best milk and the best meat! If we can’t give them that, then we should consider eating a little more soy for pete’s sake.

15 05 2008
Leslie (00:51:25) :

Tico, are you trying to inspire people to hate you?! Just like you, I did not grow up in the Hindu religion and I did grow up understanding the food chain. That’s why I’m going to find you and eat you. I’m a smarter animal than you so that makes me more important and it also means that I can trap you easily before killing you because you will trust me. Furthermore, I’m sure you will be a tasty dish, because, just like the livestock you enjoy, you describe yourself as “robust and healthy” as opposed to some “submissive, whiny, vegetarian” and that sounds like some worthwhile meat to me! Just kidding, I’m vegan…and you’re an idiot! :) Have a nice day!

15 05 2008
Kingcyrus (15:23:54) :

Silly people arguing over whether cows are too pleasant to be thought of merely as food. One does not need to look down on, or spite that which you consume. Hindus don’t like eating cattle because they consider them a relatively high form of life. But look at Catholics… they consider God the highest (life/existence manifest, the “I am” if you will) and they are perfectly willing to eat Him. Who said that smarter are better forms of life always consume lower? It not uncommonly happens the other way around, humans have been eaten.

I suggest a change in attitude, respecting and caring for cows doesn’t have to mean you wont eat them. Besides which, if you do eat them they literally become part of you, would you belittle that which will become you? The theologians tell us that the body is a temple, made in the image of God, thus all that goes into it has a certain sacredness, and we should treat that which will become our bodies with the same care, and dare I say it love, that we treat our bodies.

15 05 2008
Ben (18:07:56) :

“” says ‘If it hasn’t got a face, don’t eat it.

Cows look good – they look better on my plate!

18 05 2008
Cat (06:03:04) :

Oh, I won’t consider them just “diner”. I might consider them just DINNER. Unless I walk into a restaurant run by cows, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to consider them diner.

19 05 2008
HM (05:21:43) :

I am not a vegetarian, I need meat to function. I do however wish that animals used for food were treated better than they are these days. I don’t like the idea that animals are penned up in unsanitary conditions, fed antibiotics to keep from getting sick from said unsanitary conditions etc…

If something has to die for me to eat at least let it have a decent life until that point. Let it roam outside, in the sun. Let it breathe fresh air, and play, and run. Cage free/free range/cruelty free is the way to go.

Be respectful of the creature that provides nourishment for you.

28 05 2008
JoeShmoe (20:58:20) :

Twenty bucks says that Tico being “robust and healthy” means obese with clogged arteries. You don’t have to worship cows or be a PETA nut to realize eating animals is unethical. We revolt at the idea of eating a cat or dog because we identify with them. We are around them and know they have personality and emotions. How is a cow or chicken any different? Even if you have no problem killing another creature, you should at least care about how those animals are treated. They already have a death sentence, they shouldn’t have to spend what life they have in a small cage or suffering abusive cruelty. If that still is not reason enough consider the sustainability on the amount of meat consumed. World hunger could literally be ended by eating less meat. It takes many many pounds of grain to make 1 pound of meat. Farms are no longer the quaint green pastures. They have all be overrun by super farms that pack the animals into much smaller ratio of space, so much so that the environment cannot keep up. The ground water anywhere around many pig farms is now toxic. The small spaces and selective breeding have stripped most animals of natural immune systems, so they are ripe for epidemic viral strains that could decimate them and also cross over to humans. (think bird flu) But if you are so self absorbed that all of that means nothing to you, then consider the personal benefits health benefits of not eating meat. Its proven that you will live longer, and be significantly less likely to get cancer or heart disease (the 2 biggest killers). And if you consider obesity a ‘disease’, I have yet to meet an obese vegetarian. But I do meet alot of fat, obnoxious, dumb as a brick, hicks like Tico who laugh every time they tell that sad old PETA joke for the thousandth time.

30 05 2008
steph (16:32:49) :

i think to have a good opinion on this you have to grow up on a dairy farm/work on a farm. i cannot see them as beautiful. stupid yes. beautiful, not so much. and yes we butcher on the farm. no suffering is involved and yes i enjoy eating meat. i just can’t see being a vegetarian, this is just how we are. humans enjoy meat like many other mammals. nothing against vegetarians but i personally can’t do it.

31 05 2008
Travis (04:15:56) :

To Tico

“it will not change the fact that I will eat steak & be robust and healthy, while making fun of pale, weak, submissive, whiny vegetarians”

haha….assumptions assumptions , why is it people always assume that vegetarians or vegans are pale/weak/submissive/whiny, etc.

well this vegan is far from that and my fist would probably teach you otherwise.

but me being a vegan and a person at peace with my SELF and peaceful physically towards others, i wouldn’t do that. but lets not go making assumptions that i havnt done that…but hey that was in the past when i ate meat


1 06 2008
David (17:23:09) :

Great collection of photos. I enjoyed this. Reminded me of growing up in the country. Thanks.

4 06 2008
McCow (03:59:52) :

& God said man shall rule over all of the other animals, and be fruitful, and multiply ……..

4 06 2008
Jon (23:57:16) :

Cute photos.

One of the great things about being human is that we can choose what we eat – we don’t need to rely on a handful of sources. That means that if people want to eat meat then most certainly they can. If people are uninterested or offended by the idea, well we have many ways to provide the same nutrition to those people.

Many animals are treated cruelly and I do not advocate that behavior. I think we need to treat everything on earth with respect. However, I do personally think it is foolish for someone to claim it is “unethical” to eat meat. I would challenge that person to define ethics – and I can almost guarantee that person would be wrong.

We all have a right to choose what we eat and deal with the consequences thereof.

5 06 2008
ttownbeast (01:10:20) :

I am all for the humane treatment of cattle they taste better and the meat is not stringy compared to penned up abused ones. Same for any livestock I raised and slaughtered free range chickens with my father as for the whole idea of eating another person it depends on wether there is enough rations left in the plane crash and which passenger is the fattest likely they”ll be the first to be eaten. I have even eaten dog, horse, buffalo, kangaroo, ostrich, emu, deer, and once even mistaken a kiwi bird for the fruit to its unfortunate surprise when I started peeling it.

we are by nature omnivores eating just meat or just vegetables is not healthy for our species meats provide necessary protiens for the brain which help maintain mental health and vegetables provide needed fiber for the body to maintain physical health our evolution led to this balance if all we ever did was eat meat we’d have only sharp teeth like our incisors and if all we ever ate was vegetables all our teeth would be molars

5 06 2008
Sirius Lee (05:32:49) :

“& God said man shall rule over all of the other animals, and be fruitful, and multiply ……”
I wonder if the key word here is “fruitful”? Hmm….
Whatever the reasons, biblical, cultural or biological, the fact is that the lives AND deaths of these animals are entirely in our hands (some might say PLACED in our hands if you believe in that whole man’s divine right thing). So how these animals live AND die, reflect greatly on US. Me personally, I want as little to do as possible with the meat manufacturing industry where the vilest acts are committed for profit. A single person (in the U.S.) eats 75% more meat than the average person did in the 50′s thanks to unnaturally stimulated appetites created by mass media. I wonder if the bible meant for us to keep animals in pens and continuously birthing through artificial insemination because we can’t get enough of all that yummy flesh animals can produce.

5 06 2008
Reality (09:17:57) :

when it all comes down to it, cows dieing in cages and not living a happy life being free does not affect any of you. it will never effect you. the only thing that is effecting you is the chemical imbalanced affections you have with cows. theres still 3rd world people living all there lives worse off then these heifers chewing cud ever do.

… just saying the worlds gunna end they same way no matter what, so why do you care about cows?

6 06 2008
Ciaochowbella (04:33:32) :

& God said man shall rule over all of the other animals, and be fruitful, and multiply ……..

God said “dominion” which means caretaker, NOT ruler. We are supposed to care for this planet, not rule it. Why do you think your doctor is called “domino”….it’s not because he’s white and covered with spots. He’s supposed to care for you. That’s the part we as humans forget. Sure, we can eat animals, but we shouldn’t treat them badly before we do. We should keep them clean, healthy and happy.

Happy cows produce better meat and milk…..ask any REAL farmer who actually interacts with his animals.

12 06 2008
A Reader (11:31:53) :

This is a lovely collection of pictures in service of a good cause.

Why eat these nice cows, when we can be perfectly healthy and happy not doing so? It makes me sad to look into their eyes and know that there are people who want to slaughter and roast them. :-(

14 06 2008
booger (04:28:28) :

i don’t have an educated, religious, or moral opinion about eating beef…i love a good cheeseburger, i know we have incisors for a reason….but it just not seem to be the right thing to do (for me) anymore.

17 06 2008
Ken (16:32:05) :

Wonderful photographs. Incidentally, Cow Tipping has nothing to do with age or boredom level, it is directly related to being an arse-hole.

24 06 2008
E. Michael Martin (03:12:15) :

Some of the strongest people in the world were vegetarians.

Eating animals is bad for the economy. It creates tremendous waste, and it isn’t sustainable.


25 06 2008
Dan (11:16:08) :

I’m living in Korea right now and they have cats and dogs as pets and then when they get old enough they eat them. I tried dog soup just the other day and it was really delicious! Two weeks ago I was in Japan and I ate a horse. Not the whole thing of course, but it was raw and very tasty. Tonight I am having a live octopus, again, I like the way it struggles when your ripping off it’s rubbery legs. I also don’t care if I live another 10 years when I’m ninety, my goal in life is to enjoy it and be happy. Meat tastes good, marijuana makes me high, and I like fishing. Eating grass is cool if thats your thing, good for you if you like tofu. JoeShmoe should do what makes him happy and not be so preachy, lead by example if you think your so holy and mind your own business otherwise.

25 06 2008
Dan (11:18:16) :

Also, all you hippies realize that these cows would probably have rather existed than not at all, and if you are arguing for a vegan diet you know how many cows there would be around to take pictures with beautiful girls with…? ZERO 0 zip nada, no more cows

28 06 2008
vortec (22:45:39) :

hey Tico if you REALLY grew up around cows you would know better than to think you could go cow tipping……..cows are kinda mean when you push them over, or when they feel threatened like someone walking up to them that they dont easily recognize, im sure youd be dead………..unless you grew up around braindead cows. props to the amazing cow pics love cows and respect people who do and do not eat them. :)

9 08 2008
A (05:42:21) :

Reading all these brain-dead comments makes me realize it doesn’t matter what you eat – morons will be morons.

6 12 2008
Animalia_Libero (05:50:28) :

Many of the comments here are very sad. Cows are livestock? You people do know that cows existed before they were domesticated in farming, right? Cows are deserving of respect and compassion as much as any dog or cat. Simply because some people decided to domesticate them for slaughter rather than companionship does not mean those people were correct.

Not only is farming cows for beef, veal, and dairy cruel, but it is an inefficient food source as well as a huge environmental pollution problem. Basically, if you care about animals, your own health, or the planet, you should not be consuming cow products- or any animal products for that matter.

1 03 2009
Moooo (20:05:27) :

For those quoting the Bible and calling each other “wrong” for not quoting it “right”: you are aware that there are MANY translations and copies of it, all using different words (same goes with all religious books…..explanation for the religious wars?). So, what the Bible says depends upon who printed it.

As for people railing against Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat-eaters: how about a little love for your average person? Those who don’t eat meat claim (not all though) that they are peace-loving, etc. And yet, they are some of the more hostile on this site (not to say that those of us who eat meat can’t be hostile, we can be) and other places while demonstrating. However, I will say that it would be nice to have the animals have better living conditions. Some of them are atrocious. But, expanding areas for more room for the animals can cause bigger issues (including cost). But then again, not doing so is bad for the animals. AHHHH!!!! Too much at one time! My solution: we need to stop eating so much meat! Yes, we are supposed to eat meat, that’s what we’re intended to do and we are healthiest while eating some meat. Emphasis on the word some. From what I’ve read, we’re only supposed to have something like 1/3 or so (or 1/4) of our plate be meat. So yes, eat meat, but we’re not supposed to eat it in the quantities we do. If we stop eating so much, farmers would produce less animals for consumption, thus resulting in more room and better living conditions for those who are are around for consumption.

As far as cringing when people suggest eating “non-traditional animals” (i.e. not cows, chickens or pigs), I can see why people do that. I know I do. But then I think that that’s just the culture for some. They eat what they have available to them. I don’t eat horses or dogs, but I don’t look down on those who do. I could eat a cow I raised, (pretty sure of it anyway) as long as I knew the whole time it was being raised for that purpose. And I would make sure it had a good life before being slaughtered.

3 03 2009
Ren (03:21:00) :

well heres my say
as for eating meat well yes i do but then we were meant to eat a little meat as others have said. In moderation like everything else, as for not eating a dog or a cat well certain culteres do indeed do this because it is what is available. I beleave as some others do that when you take animal into yourself (eating it) that you take part of it’s essence into you. So yes i would consider eating a favored animal, because then you would have a peice of them with you forever. isent that why certain cultures used to eat their dead? To have mom, dad, grandma with you forever? think of this next time you sit in front of those cute cows. Their life was not in vain they died to give of themselves to you. So that you could go on living. a great and wonderful sacrafice. Dont we all contemplate the scenario of being stuck in a frozen cave and having the only option of having to eat somebody there?
Yes the living conditions are horrible for some, but this keeps getting better due to people (like us) who will not stand for it. So for my two cents i would like to say how bout just saying a quick prayer in thanks to that cow for giving it’s life so that we may go on living healthy, and hey while your at it say a prayer for the chickens, pigs, ostrich or what ever else you may be eating as well. I like to think i take some of the best of these creatures these creatures with me wherever i go. Weird i know.

3 03 2009
Modisgodismod (21:32:01) :

Trolls trolling trolls. Seriously, sometimes the best thing to do, is just let the troll say what he has to, then never respond to him. Because I doubt Tico read anything below his post.

8 03 2009
Marshall (01:14:19) :

Just some information for Tico and those who think “I will eat steak & be robust and healthy, while making fun of pale, weak, submissive, whiny vegetarians.”

The most powerful animals in the world are all vegetarians. Human beings are “designed”/”evolved” to be starch eaters and those who regularly eat meat tend to develop various ailments and tend towards obesity, diabetes and numerous cancers, not to mention subjecting themselves to various aggressive pathogenic bacteria and “prions”, the proteins that cause Mad Cow disease.

Marshall ~ “a whiny vegetarian”

8 03 2009
Amber (05:54:41) :

I completely agree with lindsay.

12 03 2009
this guy (18:42:38) :

Not to bring up the past, but I think Tico made the best point, and I doubt he really cares if any of us “Real” people hate him, because after all, this is only the internet. How many of us can really say we aren’t just Virtual Intelligence programs in some computer mainframe making all vegetarians look bad?

6 06 2009
Phil E. Drifter (02:54:03) :

They look delicious.

6 06 2009
Potsos (11:13:01) :

If you choose not to eat meat because you find it revolting, don’t enjoy the taste or even think it’s morally bankrupt, that’s fine. But like religion and taste in music, these are matters of opinion and choice — there is no universak truth. It is neither right nor wrong to consume meat.

23 07 2009
PRIYA (09:43:14) :

I m Hindu, in Hindus cow is a gift of the gods to the human race ,is symbolic of Earth itself. the cow represents the Divine Mother that sustains all human beings and brings them up as her very own our religion we consider her goddess she is the mother of the gods.
and as Marshall said “The most powerful animals in the world are all vegetarians” and that’s true.
one thing i want to make clear to everyone as a science student that every living being that have a nervous system can feel the pain. We kill animals for eating purpose. Do u ever imagine how much pain that animal has when it was being killed?
No we never think about it we only see the decorated dinner plates with that meat !!!!

10 10 2009
Mia (10:51:00) :


9 03 2010
Roketto (02:02:54) :

Oh wow, troll overload.

I’m an omnivore. I like rare steak, as well as just about any other fleshy animal capable of being eaten.

I find that most vegetarians I’ve talked to in real life are pleasant to be around, if a tad hard to accommodate.

However, on the Internet, suddenly nobody has any inhibitions, & people air their pet peeves like it actually means something to the other party.

Guess what? You are NOT going to change anyone else’s opinion. Get off it.

Religion is the worst possible excuse for behaving in an ill-mannered way to other people. Eating habits may not be a matter of choice in some circumstances. Cows are nice, but the fact remains that I have never seen a truly clean, housebroken cow, & that is why they are not more popular as companion animals, rather than food animals. An animal’s ability to adapt to a human-dictated lifestyle is key to their inherent ability to survive & propagate alongside humans. Dogs did it. Cats did it. To some extent, some species of bird, pig, etc. can do it. Until you show me a cow that can use a litterbox, or tell its human it needs to go outside to dump a cow-patty, I will continue to regard it as a nice creature, but not something worthy of not eating. Dirt makes all the difference.

Merely my 2 cents, which will probably be flamed/howled down by the vegetarian crowd.

9 03 2010
Tess (09:18:04) :

Well I stumbled across this page and it is simply a coincidence that I am vegetarian. And I agree that humans, in the natural course of life, eat meat. Yes, they eat these comic and amiable cows and I see nothing wrong with that. EXCEPT that humans are no longer in their natural state because we take these cows and keep them penned and force fed in cruel ways, merely because we enjoy bountiful steaks. They have been over-bred and overstocked so as this plentiful business has become incredibly cruel.

If we lived in a more moderate world, I would eat meat and enjoy it. Unfortunately there are people who stuff their faces every chance they get and eat enough for a dozen people.

The cows are incredibly cute. And I felt no guilt in looking at these pictures. In fact I didn’t even think of the eternal veggie vs meat eater debate until I saw the comments

27 05 2010
Cassie (03:50:10) :

I love these pics!! I’m not a vegaterian but I personally don’t eat Beef because while I was young I saw a episode on tv about slauter house and I personally didn’t like what I saw. So therefore I don’t eat beef. I personally think everybody is untitled to their opinion but I think it’s wrong to talk down on there choices of what they eat.

13 10 2010
Initforthecows (02:47:04) :

I am a vegan and a Buddhist living in the united states and I am appalled at all the anger I have seen here over some really beautiful pictures. Tico says something mean cause he is unevolved and suddenly we are all angry. I say he should not be allowed to pass on his aggression. Those who are vegan/vegetarian you are a little more evolved than most. Those of you who eat meat but say it is wrong to hurt or torture your food, way to go by your next life you should be vegetarian. All the others who argue over religion and morality, try to grow up a bit. We should love each other. And be more tolerant of those who don’t know any better. This life is a school, some are teachers, most are students, some are masters. Study everyone grow and learn.

15 10 2011
WinterSonata (07:49:07) :

I love cows. They are actually benefactors of people in some countries in which cows are used in farming for rice growing. Besides, there are many positive things about cows. Cows have feelings. One of my people tell me that cows actually cry before they die. I cannot tolerate people who slaughtered or abused or neglect cows. You can call me Hinduism or whatever, but It’s a simple humanity and having the mind set of wanting every one and every living be free as each and everyone like myself is trying to be free from misery, troubles, sadness, suffering, and abuse.

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