Apple art

apple art 1

apple art 2

apple art 3


apple art 4

apple art 5

apple art 6


apple art 7

apple art 8


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4 responses to “Apple art”

24 08 2007
junaid (05:16:24) :

wow lots of hard work and perfection great work

23 09 2009
Annette (23:59:00) :

This was an awesome addition to my apple unit in my classroom. Many of our children don’t even know that there are more than red apples in this world.
You are very creative and I am amazed with your work! I know this was time consuming and a great deal of hard work.

1 10 2009
heliosmou (01:47:29) :

Very nice ….

16 11 2010
kat (20:26:01) :

a new spin on apples thats for sure, but what happened to the apples afterwards?did they get eaten, just rot, or get composted?

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